Todd Akin Says Government Betrays Americans to Terrorists

Republican cites Benghazi controversy in his concession speech for Missouri Senate.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Todd Akin Says Government Betrays Americans to Terrorists
You don't we believe that life liberty the pursuit of happiness come from almighty god not an almighty government. Okay. I also believe that our creator made us one people there is one. The class of this country. Americans. Also believe that the source of America's great strength. Is our faith and -- loving god who allow those courageous people the freedom to pursue the unique dreams that each of them have. And we believe that the constitution is not a list of suggestions. We believe that ordinary people built America we believe. You built that. -- tell Americans it won't work. -- can't be done that you better get out of the way because we specialize. In those kinds of things in America. We believe that. The world -- safer when America's strong strong comparisons hope -- people around the world. Feared pirates. And the basis -- nominees or earthquakes. We -- the great hall full of medicine and food. Flying the stars and stripes. You know field governments -- allies we believe that our government always -- the truth. We also believe it's inexcusable. -- -- Fellow Americans to terrorists. Where they could -- been rescued. Okay. Washington DC's. First question should not be what's politically expedient but what is right. Washington doesn't need more money it needs more courage. -- faced tough challenges. And -- abroad. But it's -- these kinds of times in the past that Americans have looked to god and found courage. To do the right thing. -- -- -- is a time when Lincoln's advisors warned that it was political suicide. And yet he issued the emancipation proclamation. When -- Reagan's. Advisors urged caution. Yet the courage to -- And to demand mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this walls. I believe. Are reports that as long as we have the courage to stand for what's right -- what's good even when it's very difficult to do. This republic. We'll continue to bring -- to the world. And truly be that shining city. On the hill god bless you god bless America.

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{"id":17659812,"title":"Todd Akin Says Government Betrays Americans to Terrorists","duration":"3:00","description":"Republican cites Benghazi controversy in his concession speech for Missouri Senate.","url":"/Politics/video/todd-akin-says-government-betrays-americans-to-terrorists-17659812","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}