Tom Llamas on How Trump is Preparing for the Next Debate

ABC News' Tom Llamas reports from the spin room at the vice presidential debate.
6:07 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Tom Llamas on How Trump is Preparing for the Next Debate
ABC's on the Imus is also an energy tonight Kevin for a campaign for many many months now. Tom what what do you hear from team from. And as we've been saying that the instead analysis on on FaceBook and other social media platforms. A lot of the pundits with whom we've been speaking tonight seems to run and they're guys favor. As I would imagine you're hearing a certain amount of pleasure from team count. I am Kellyanne Conway comes campaign manager when we did she spoke with from time by the phone and at trump was very very excited something that he's. Making clear on Twitter as well saying it was clear that governor Mike Pence won that debate but. Kelly and call we also makes it clear that this debate is not likely to move the needle with voters an aide to vice presidential debate it's unclear how many people watch this debate as a viewer. You know I I was actually at a watch this and law portions of it for stored more for Good Morning America. As a viewer this is a tough debates people watched all of this it was so many constant into eruptions. The moderator school indicated several times throughout this. So it's unclear how this'll put the race but team trump. Definitely happy with governor Mike Pence and also woke up what I'd like to make you know there are people advising Donald Trump in his debates. You know they're gonna bring governor Chris Christina to help out this town hall format because they believe Krista did so well during the primaries with the town hall but they should really also look to governor Mike Pence a mean. Governments kept his cool he was attacked and out. This debate. On according constantly interrupted. And he never lost his cool and that's exactly what happened adults don't in the first debate. From the get go when Hillary Clinton mentioned that loan from his father you could tell that bother Donald Trump and then throughout that first debate. Every time Clinton he hit trump went something personal it affected him in that affected his performance. If you look at parents was attacked about this debate he maintained his cool. At the end he finally sort of had a moment with that abortion issue where he was able to point out at Tim Haines. A position on abortion has evolved over the years as somebody who was firmly pro choice to then changing his voting record over the years now they just senator. Tom I asked Cecilia this earlier and I'm curious to get your take on it the next time Donald Trump. Takes the debate stage will be Sunday night we're gonna have live streaming coverage here as well and that. Where's Tom will be joining us for his analysis as well but I'm curious what you're hearing about how he's preparing. If he is already for that debate just a few days away now especially given his performance in the last one in which there weren't exactly rave reviews. Well I can tell you this day have a public schedule right at it put out there and make sure they're supporters. Undecided voters know where to see them where to watch the events and then there's a schedule obviously they beat the talk to people about that they're thinking about states going they're thinking about doing certain cities. It looks like this schedule maybe changing it looks like the schedule may be clearing. For possibly Thursday Friday he has event still scheduled for Saturday but it's unclear that'll happen and the reason why that's important because if they're clearing the schedule. It needs don't from the going to be doing some debate prep now is top campaign advisors. Didn't tell us you know sources that we trust told us that. Cultural was prepared last time it was more of an issue of execution in preparation. But he didn't prepare as much as see Hillary Clinton did as even a still running mate governor Mike Pence who was said to have the binders. Who took the time off who did the mock debates we do know that that would elevated to a mock debate. We do you know that they want him to kind of sit in a town hall format that kind of emulate what that would look like so we can get comfortable with that he used it during those questions but also. Firing back which attacked. You meant to the preparations go through as general Martha Raddatz will be one of the co moderator for the debate. And we all know that she's not one that's gonna let. Faulty information supplied without some look at correctly. Any idea what the team is planning on doing for a bat. Yell out it's a great question I gotta tell you are heavy on assuming I just because it's the home team but I am really. Looking forward to that debate I'm really looking forward. To Martha being one of the co moderator because of the type of journalists use in the types of questions she asked and also the knowledge yet for being in the field so I think that's gonna be of great debate. That being said I think Trump's biggest challenge. From watching him from questioning him from getting into with him from from getting called names by him when you asking the tough question. His biggest issue is his biggest one these debates and we support of the cameras that we ask the tough question. They perceive to be criticism or wasted attacked directly like Hillary Clinton did so successfully in that first debate. Is whether he can maintain is cool. Temperament comes up all the time he says he is the best temperament to be president. But time and time again when he is pressed when he's criticized publicly. He does not keep his cool and I think that's something they're gonna work on because he had the answers according to a sources. In the first debate he had the policies he had the plans he just wasn't able to express them because he got caught up. He got flustered and he got into the infighting and the personal tax and that took away from his performance so if they are preparing a that they are pulling down on issues. They're going to be talking about that and and I would think if this team is as good they say they are. They know that Martha knows foreign policy inside and out she's been on the battle lines and she's not going to be able. To just kind of be waved off. Or you know you've she's going to be able to that it took just weeks been. I'm he's getting some firm answers at some firm plans that makes sense so I'm sure. Trump's team will at least make that aware that that listen mark is a serious operators who gonna make sure we're ready for her. All right that is agencies Tommy Thomas live for us at longwood university in farm bill Virginia town thanks so much. Evidently revote mark rat him and around the block. For the rest of my butterfly with her yes it's just isn't not because she's biases because she's a journalist. And as Tom says she's been there and we've seen her time and time again don't know. I've seen it. I've experienced I've talked to people so this spends not quite work right now.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas reports from the spin room at the vice presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575950","title":"Tom Llamas on How Trump is Preparing for the Next Debate","url":"/Politics/video/tom-llamas-trump-preparing-debate-42575950"}