Tom Llamas on VP 'Proxy Warfare' and Mike Pence's Future

ABC News' Tom Llamas says Pence will have to explain Trump's tax revelations and walk back their past disagreements.
5:49 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Tom Llamas on VP 'Proxy Warfare' and Mike Pence's Future
Another person is there is ABC's Sonya Thomas. Whose. Be covering count campaign for quite awhile now time with us. There is down there again I'd I just have one stipulation this interview Els he's not gonna ask you about the Whig Party or Millard Fillmore right IF FB IV. Well we hope you've been voted up on Taft because that is. Got a lot of arcana. In our questions and a lot of time on flights Ronald reading. So so. How big a deal do you think it is it is debate in and it what's the view within teen prom is this. If tonight's debate consequential given the polling that shows the public overwhelming overwhelmingly believes. He lost the first debate. You know historically you wanna a comfortable with the bar when it comes to expectations. In these big events whether you big speech a debate even an election you'll return about things like that. But the true campaign before Donald Trump when it was forced ever presidential debate against Hillary Clinton there were caught in the Babe Ruth of debates. An overwhelming majority of registered voters who saw the debate say Hillary Clinton won. So now we talk about governor Mike Pence of what we're hearing from the trump campaign is one that we're gonna see a feisty Mike Pence which is an interesting word he used his Mike Pence at did you see them. Throughout this entire campaign sort of been the trump whisper he sort of had a kind of think some of the things that trump is said and he's very mild mannered. A very nice guy he does like to use strong language an effective speaker don't get me wrong but he's definitely. Not feisty so it's Anderson they're using that language also he's been telling people are leases aides have how much he's been preparing. He's got the policy books you know those big binders at trump said he wasn't using. He's been doing the mock debates. Governor Scott Walker from Wisconsin of course has been plain Tim Kaine in those debates. And that's also something it from didn't do he refused to the mock debates whether kind of sit around a circle some of his aides and close friends and you question and answer periods and from what we understand trump is still doing that for the next presidential debate. We do know that the top campaign aides wanted to cut introduced the town hall format to Tropicana practice the week that looks to get trumpet ammo before his debate outside. Hey Tom we know to some degree that BP debates are really elect proxy warfare right that. They kinda kept ignore the things that they have said before and really just make the case for their candidate but in instances where pants and trump have differed. And there are few. What do we know about how he's prepared to handle some of those differences in making the K experts can't. Yeah I think if anything if we do see that I think pants will be question about his record. When it comes to gay marriage when it comes to gay rights. He's been accused by some of being homophobic and and I think that's something that he knows may come up in his today. That being said you know came we know is a very strong Catholic. But from from what we understand that may come up and that's something that. That he will have to defend some of its policies ought to stand up for that that he fought against Sobel seat that becomes part of this debate as well but I agree with you. I think hence if anything will be trying to defend Donald Trump. I'm sure his tax the tax she's Donald Trump has been talking about for the last week that front New York Times story pits is gonna have to explain to people. Why Donald Trump essentially took a 900 million dollar loss which is a giant number it's hard to even understand. And somehow because he lost night but are billion dollars he was able then to possibly not pay federal income tax. For the next eighteen years but legally you can do that to to wrap your head around that part for the average voter I think who. You know 900000 dollars a lot of money nine. Thousand dollars a lot of money to try to wrap your head around that number either way even really to do anything legal. It's still tough story to sell the some people. It's not Kemp could go home again. You know you look at the poll numbers in terms relatives reelection campaigns governor he's not doing so well at the thought of what you've left to rot in terms of politics. It's incredible question could you you may ask yourself why would someone jewel in Donald Trump. Who it especially at that point when he joined the campaign was so when we are high would do in the general election race. Still as governor Mike Pence upped his profile the question is yes. People know who governor Mike Pence is tonight tens of millions of people will be watching this vice presidential debate and he'll now be at the the forefront of some of the highest name recognition when it comes to people in the Republican Party. That being said he's had to defend Donald Trump's record. Which is an ultra right. Very conservative. Anti immigrant. You know all all all types of policies that maybe he he may not officially have wanted to run on including of the building of the wall with a Muslim band as well. Things that he was not to think Donald Trump on during the primaries but he's had a sort of walked back and accept. And sort of kind of community that from tent when it comes those issues so lousy it's a great question if he does not become vice president if they don't win this election what happens to him going forward. But you also think he'd also doesn't win this there are going to be so only Republican voters who turned out were so angry who were still behind Donald Trump. I remembered truck. Destroyed every single Republican primary candidate in it in his in his way we talk about Florida from what every single county in Florida except senator Barbara we've just county. So all those troll voters are gonna have to go somewhere. And it heads is making a political calculation he may be thinking in four years maybe those from voters come to me and I ran for president again if he does away it only problem our. Heartache peoples that I. I don't keep on it Els he reeled the an economy very few questions about the league party this time but just be ready for next time right there. I was brushing up also Wikipedia looking up Millard Fillmore was like a pet idol this guy's of them was fat restaurant review that would immediately. There are on the live for at and arm over it he tell you it.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas says Pence will have to explain Trump's tax revelations and walk back their past disagreements.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42571400","title":"Tom Llamas on VP 'Proxy Warfare' and Mike Pence's Future","url":"/Politics/video/tom-llamas-vp-proxy-warfare-mike-pences-future-42571400"}