Tom Perez reacts to impeachment hearings post-Democratic debate

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez talks to ABC News Live at the fifth Democratic debate about the week of impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump.
3:07 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Tom Perez reacts to impeachment hearings post-Democratic debate
Do you put country over party your party over country. If you look at Watergate in the Watergate era. The first two years of the investigation. Republicans where rock solid behind Richard Nixon and then finally as they understood the facts and as these facts emerged. They understood. That this president and head abuse his power. And Howard Baker. A Republican senator from Tennessee came forward and said you know what. This isn't right in you have to go and as Ken Starr said today. Not exactly someone I'd quote with a regularity. Maybe it's time for some Republicans. Tentative. Goal over the White House and have a conversation with the president because it's abundantly clear that. This president use his authority and I don't think it's and Democrats. Two. Have to persuade Republicans I think it's the facts and the duty you have as someone has taken an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of the United States up. I hope that people will have that same understanding that Howard Baker head because. This isn't about right vs left this is about right vs wrong it is wrong to condition. A meeting at the White House and foreign aid. And digging up dirt dirt that doesn't exist. On your political opponent. And chairman I would ask you about until recent use moderates making gains in some of these early voting states completely make a that. And we haven't they build them. And we have a greater array of candidates who are talking about. The issues that matter most they were to which are about health care and we're talking about how to make the economy work for everyone how to make sure farmers get a fair shake because this president has really. Screwed farmers. With his reckless policies and where we're at like mile nine of the marathon and Natalie how long way to go and and what I love about it as we've got that. I think this what the deep field has done. Is that there's so many. And enthusiasm. And what that translates do is turn out we saw that in Kentucky and Louisiana most recently in Virginia this month. And that energy I'm I am certain there's going to be record turnout in Iowa I'm certain that we'll be record turnout. In these early states and then it will continue because NM NM equally certain that once we have a nominee. People come together on him or her because. Everybody understands that everyone on that stage tonight was infinitely better and we'll be infinitely better president than our current occupant. I want to ask you know that debate altercations are the same for December and January tell us what they're going to be for February. Well we've only announce the debate qualification surge in differed December. And we're currently evaluating what January and February will be and as soon as we. A figure that out we'll let you know Gasol and the Susan figured out we'll let you know you can't Brett is so much every minute.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez talks to ABC News Live at the fifth Democratic debate about the week of impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67188485","title":"Tom Perez reacts to impeachment hearings post-Democratic debate","url":"/Politics/video/tom-perez-reacts-impeachment-hearings-post-democratic-debate-67188485"}