Tom Steyer addresses ideological divide in Democratic Party

Steyer call out the ideological differences currently dividing the party and the choice it may be facing between “a Democratic socialist or somebody with a long history of being a Republican".
4:04 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for Tom Steyer addresses ideological divide in Democratic Party
Yet we do we have is times are here where this he just came off the debate stage how do you feel that night. Look I thought it was a great chance to distinguish it look I think there's something not in the democratic primary which is this. We're coming down the place where the press wants to believe there were either going to be pushing for a socialist. It was somebody who's been a traditional Republicans. And that we're taking a real risk here that we're gonna real thing in doing so we could split the party reelect I'll talk. And so when things I was trying to say is wow. You know there are other alternatives that actually. There are people like me or progressive Democrats have been fighting corporations for years and getting things done is outsider who actually. Represents the Democratic Party. You know in seriously and can pull people together as if we all show up in November we win and we don't we don't. At different points of the debate tonight's Eagles and it. Barry Sanders severe risky nominee might not be able to beach front of people said that Mayor Bloomberg the nearest you know I was under the bid was dead and settled for so. Who do you think is more risky and and is not very you really think that some Democrats just can't went. I didn't say they can't win I think there's a difference between 1010 risk. I think that the real question here is we need a big turnout across the board and we need to pull together hold Democrats. That means you know across racial and geographic. And also philosophical. Lights. And it's very clear that if we take take somebody who believes. In democratic socialism and I think that is something just like someone with a Republican dot com review people in the party. We're gonna have to be convinced. To go along a. We're heading heading in the South Carolina we didn't have that integrate showing in Nevada you've spent a lot of money a lot of time here in South Carolina. How old how do you think you have to do in order to each. Your campaign. Look I think I'm at right now I'm in third place in South Carolina that's at all the polls say and I know I'm trying to get out there and see as many people and move up to first place that's my goal. If you don't meet expectations Karina reconsider your campaign was just bridges essentially. Look I think I'm gonna go in the super Super Tuesday with a lot of momentum from South Carolina and that's my strategy but what if you don't do well. News came and went downhill or her things I've always thought it's never. Answer condition questions that you don't and I what do you do if tomorrow there's a bomb dropped you know New York City I don't know. That is not what I expect to happen tomorrow and inspected on the Internet expected to 1000 what is think heat your strategy here already feels a pocketed. Your prospects. Because I think I'm talking from some 65%. I'm trying to talk directly to the African Americans and Latinos and and the person is talking about reparations and the pistons think he's talking directly about the issues here he's not shying away from restaurants other people trying to follow me into that. That's driving him from being gentle about it. I can run that day issue privatized prisons and and went after you on that tonight. That's Manning a lot of South Carolina in the south Carolinians will take pretty personally. They were a lot of them really against the idea of privatizing prisons. You owned a business they did back. Jack didn't installed in the business that did. And I sold it fifteen years ago because I decided it was wrong and I've worked against me for fifteen years. So action that was something we think I was making them Clinton actually wrote the crime bill. Can put hundreds of thousands of black and Latinos in jail that's the reason that we incarcerate people at seven times the rate of other countries. So actually I didn't work I did make a mistake I collected it and I've done for decades. Not only working together in private prisons in my home state but also working together with the kind of harsh sentencing for Joseph Biden has been for. Also working to build the banks specifically. To support African Americans Latinos and women want to put. I have a long history of recuperation just. My mom is hanging all your flyers and mailboxes in doing that. When the new senate back to you my mom says she gets a fire almost every single day sometimes. Recyclable paper ladies and makes sense he has any more money than any other candidate in that state.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Steyer call out the ideological differences currently dividing the party and the choice it may be facing between “a Democratic socialist or somebody with a long history of being a Republican\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69221637","title":"Tom Steyer addresses ideological divide in Democratic Party","url":"/Politics/video/tom-steyer-addresses-ideological-divide-democratic-party-69221637"}