Tom Steyer joined ABC News Live to discuss his debate performance

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer tells ABC News Live it's time to "break the corporate stranglehold" on the country.
4:12 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Tom Steyer joined ABC News Live to discuss his debate performance
You know I'd I wanted a chance to introduce myself to American's I want a chance to give them some sense. Of why I'm running for president what I stand for him. And a little bit about who I and I thought that was a great chance for me and I loved it. You were very forcefully got to go good good air time and there did you ever done anything like this before in your life stood up on stage in this well I think that for three hours have you met my Brothers took. Air time is hard to get a life until now. They got and I have to say before you to the substance Twitter is blowing up right now over your time. Lot of people fascinated. You're tired. There are sent means that you get you can look at the means on this on the Scotch brands that there is there I've got that bad for an hour now funny. And that blitzer C there was it if fascinating conversation today. On this issue taxing the wealthy. And in you raise your hands and I'm a billionaire the only billionaire on this stage and I'm all for it. Is attacking the rich do you support that look. If you look at what's happened over the last forty years and the money has been. Distributed amongst Americans in a shockingly unjust and inequitable way totally undemocratic. So is it attacking that you know they have been at that corporations have bought this government that's like kept trying to say tonight. We have a broken government. The corporations have been jacket and so there's been a huge income redistribution. To the rich so when people say are you attack which no. What we really need to do is to stand up for working people. We've been taken advantage of for forty years and the result has been something that's shockingly unfair and really reflects. The government that has stopped working of by and for the people how much. Support the Bernie. You know war and then. Well tax and I proposed a wealth tax a year ago exact so thankful I know they're all different. But I think there's something else going on here look all the people on that stage. Want pretty much the same stuff if you were listening they might. Argue about the best way to get health care for everybody and to drive down costs. They made argue about which green new deal and by the way no when asked about climate but they would've. They can they can argue about exactly how much they wanna support Rosie rader in what way but everybody in that state pretty much wants the same stuff. The question is. Everything America wants that same stuff to why are we getting it. Why and that that's my point the reason I started running for president. Was that I kept hearing that debate. And think no one telling the American people the truth which is. Until we break the corporate stranglehold on our democracy. We ain't getting that. Equity and so even gun violence it's like did you hear that debate we've been they've been having that debate for twenty years without mentioning that the gun manufacturers owned the congress. Where do you fall on that to date that we saw that'll work half with with the mayor us out then. Let it go exactly Janette Howard I'm not and a source is voluntary. I thought about it I'm for voluntary buybacks there's a whole bunch of reasons why I think that will be faster. And more efficient and keep us safer so I've thought about it a lot. You know. That I really do think that that argument is kinda missing the point because neither is happening. He responds to them seems notebooks will not voluntarily give the guns. Well it you know. It depends what you're talking. Because people talk about gun violence and may mean a bunch of different things you know they mean the mass shootings reduction over 330 this year. They mean domestic violence and they mean the kind of violence in communities that make people scared to walk the streets. But they also means suicides 60% of gun related deaths are suicides. So when we talk about how it's going to work it's different for each one. So I've also said idea and the sale of assault rifles assault weapons. And I also register every assault weapon. So that there it's a whole program and I believe actually it will make us safer faster. Talks are thank you so much congratulations on your first of a great having you on a.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer tells ABC News Live it's time to \"break the corporate stranglehold\" on the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66309505","title":"Tom Steyer joined ABC News Live to discuss his debate performance","url":"/Politics/video/tom-steyer-joined-abc-news-live-discuss-debate-66309505"}