Top 10 Political Moments of 2016

ABC News' Ryan Struyk and Katherine Faulders take us through the top ten moments of 2016.
23:40 | 01/02/17

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Transcript for Top 10 Political Moments of 2016
Everybody maybe you've captured trawlers going by your home and start drew is. Have a great time on the second day of the new era that argument might seventeenth and it makes it California. There yet Opel. The question that's asked that we increase the year on the political feel. It's certainly. We're diving in the points and a team that really militants back but we wanted to paused for a minute and kind of take a look back. 26 officer Ryan had in our top ten and it I have to tell you it was hard. We couldn't do five and then we'll probably could about a hundred to honestly probably could have that a hundred so it took why don't figure these out but. Number ten. Are ready to watch right now and your husband number ten for the first we want to go over is actually from our ABC news today Bryant never hear. We have sought is still a number ten especially market rubio he was a robot repeated the same line lap work forward with an even if they came. Right after the Iowa Caucuses. Marco Rubio took third place there with trying to kind of gone for this momentum and New Hampshire this supposed to note that lives and and I'll kind of fell apart and debate. Let's take a we want to save our friends at time magazine put together a compilation. This fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country. Let's this public this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what he's doing. He is trying to change this country he wants America to become more like the rest of the world. The bottom line this notion that Barack Obama definitely feeling is just not there is he nothing here. I think this notion I think this is an important point we have to understand what we're going through here. We are not facing president doesn't know what he's doing he knows what he's doing that's why he's done the things he's down. Yeah we have a president that passed obamacare and stimulus all the damages done to America is deliberate. If we're gonna get get it and without laughing obviously is Tucker is risking their fire back and that really became the third of robot route. Exactly in the opponents believe thieves on the net and Kristi Donald Trump also criticized them and the New Hampshire rolled around. Marco Rubio definitely did not have the performance he wanted and you know really stopped him run for the nominee and why it's so let's go to number nine. Brian bringing back Mitt Romney former Republican presidential candidate. And pregnant sit up there and in. It is back to Mitt Romney's speech on March there. Where he called trump a con man a fake a phony and a fraud. Don't work but it. It did not this is really unprecedented moment in American politics here where. The previous nominees of a party Mitt Romney intervened in a current. Kind for the nomination and just completely back as the front runnerup apart. And as you know Donald Trump fired back on the campaign against Mitt Romney a lot. August and even the statement Romney was just batted third secretaries if he. When outs and met with trump I think twice. I'm went out to dinner. With him you saw the two together it looked like they were becoming friends and no longer furloughs however. That's right and have to kind of really public display. You know disgust. You know. The eventual nominee of the party. It didn't Portland. Oregon for Mitt Romney so we are moving on to number if Ryan is the big one. That's when a lot of conflict. In some areas the campaign mostly oh on the democratic side we keep me. It's. In this isn't a lot of what we're talking about Donald Trump and Russian as you know the US it's a community says that. The Russians are behind hacking DNC database leaving it. And it has Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta so what what weeks did here really what the last month of the campaign. Did a massive amounts of job that this personal emails and and wouldn't see it. That's what we'll be slugging kind of intimate conversation that were happening in Hillary Clinton's campaign that inner circle. Everything their criticisms about the candidates some emails from Hillary Clinton herself. You know there weren't any kind of major bombshells but the weight that WikiLeaks released these stolen emails over the course of the last month of the campaign. Really kind of created this drip drip drip up backed back. I constantly have the inside these kind of minor revelations have seen it did really fuel law the Hillary Clinton you know there and sought emails. In in the WikiLeaks dump about the DNC showing up the party was splintered about Bernie Sanders it criticism. Even staff criticism of their looking at credit and it really led to the demise of W Othman salt of the chair of the DNC. Earlier in the campaign and led to some pretty major criticisms about the way they handled their primary. Our rates are gonna go out number seven bringing back Bernie Sanders here. What is the slaughter them. Earning his surprise. Win in Michigan in. In you know a lot about this went obviously with a big. Upset for Hillary Clinton and really kept. Bernie Sanders going especially at a time when Clinton wanted to move forward into the general election troubles already the presumptive nominees. Moving forward talk a little bit about burning there noble. You know Clinton had this kind of major. Us stretch of victories in the primary fund marks one. And then we moved to the Michigan primary pretty much immediately after that Bernie Sanders needed something. A miracle factually in order to remain even somewhat competitive about profit. And he got it's really unexpected surprise win in Michigan a pretty major state that statement should be really crucial in the general election. And it really haven't Dave have a rationality and his supporters some you know much needed enthusiastic drag that primary out. But like what you what you Thad it really. Prevented Hillary Clinton from launching into a general election. And really alarmed about primary for several months. Are but for the rest except at a Republican Convention in it was part picking an amendment from the they think I am even I about the air. There's so many a lot of drama. Here this is the gives a speech at the Republican Convention after dropping out he tells. People about their can't say he does not indoors. Donald Trump it's a huge spectacle any you viewers there were out the convention we were on the war. Trump was not happy he walked in the back. That's right I remember sitting there Catherine you're in the all of the arena he asserted yeah we're watching Ted Cruz and folks we're going to you were on the floor near near his wife was on the floor. And I remember one of our co workers the next three days Bryant Bryant but to your right and I turned and there. Donald Trump that in the nominee the presumptive nominee with walking down the back staircase in the middle of this speech from a thankfully the runner up it was really unbelievable. You're watching tankers they think he's getting from Watson Makinen Heidi cruise and his father crews. Escorted out because of security reasons that Anchorage daily from Virginia but. There is. And on endorsement and we are and Ryan it had is that. Cruises can't former campaign manager Jennifer would call a bombing at a port. And at the time. And and you know we're church. Of the good earth the weather is holding its plant or not it's W to beat her acting. Crews used at that time vote your conscience. Of them them. I'm significant. Republican Convention because what kind of rallying cry of them elegant who were still holding out hope to block. And it's being added with this crew had endorsed him. And each crew. In that would be back. And hearing from. The pain. And and the cars. Because. Criticized as why even accused his father being involved in the assassination of JFK and so crews with not backing down he ultimately it. Or. Our way out a lot of them audited are about you can bet and Ryan. Number five. Ego this. Clinton them. Oh yeah. Help at that point and then happened. At which is attending an morrow India. So. This kind of of video emerged after Hillary Clinton laughed at from 9/11 at bat a little early nobody know knew where she had gone. Are her aides that first thing that you dehydrated and overheated and that this video emerged of her getting into her van where say that minute and and it later came out that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia back and told NE YNN continued on the campaign trail and just kind of raise some question about. About her health and you know her heard. Closure. Let's say it an idiot from our friends over at CNN. This this one is not. From the historic funding giving him. The oh. My and that video. Not only mean everything he set out her he dehydrated or that he didn't later learning that she had them again. It was a significant about it was that tried to contact her house previously an inking him that momentum to continue to attack her stamina. During his rally economic and that's right now the land on the campaign trail but I have the feminine to be president she announcement. And he continued you'll leave that really until the file campaign. All right number four this is another Hillary Clinton won this was her basket of deplorable. Line right Ryan. We're play this audio for you this. Fred there. Yet. He grossly. General and state. You can put. Half of trump supporters and when asked it is deplorable. Right. The racy as sex is on the phone bank bandit there. A llama all day you name it. But down another gasket if people are people feel the government and Clinton and the economy. So while we're watching that video we had kind of that's relevant ads pop up on the behind in her and that kind of I got showed how much. This kind of insult on trump supporters really became a rallying cry. It really dead and being out campaigned her and I went out from he used it after that it in every speech were just the past Arnold. Degree. At the end of the day it wasn't because throughout last dogs that all of a sudden act trump rallies all of that. Think that you can buy but there was but inserts people wearing it deplorable me shirts so at the end of the day at. Did not go over to opt for her and he continued use that. For the remaining advocate. I think we approach our final three now we have a couple honorable mentions we mentioned at the beginning that we couldn't fit them all and the so here are just a couple of our. A couple of our paper from him but didn't make. That. Right theory. Signal a whole ticket agent slap them but. He read a satellite Carly Fiorina. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and that phased in. Republican candidate have a lot of staged its students that's right wandering what a permanent and she with a presidential candidate. The Kerr and ended up falling down outlet of her big guys on injured crack. But back and winced in the event where she was announced. Ted Cruz is running kind of hail Mary effort to block problem for Indiana. She took a tumble off the stage about events as well though right that solid stretch for her. Not good for miss hearing there so and then I think it. We're going over the particulate we have a lot of kids with the agency. At Ben Carson. At our debate did not did not hear his name and without releasing an unit was seen at the end of slavery but ensuring that this unit mall I'm now was just standing there while the other candidates behind but I didn't hear that. Acadia to get your comment now lapping up but we delivered yeah. What are the pilot and as well when Jeb Bush on the campaign trail in New Hampshire really trying to make a big push there. It did not get any applaud Obama and can apply on line and end up telling an audience to leave clock. Not and fortunate that I'm especially in New Hampshire the Stanley spent a lot of time. That's right that would that would cut one you can win and oh and that of course Bernie Sanders. New nickname actually soundscan social media for about today. I'm Bernard Sanders. After Burton lane and off the podium. One in the bats. Perfectly fades there I mean you can't make it it was pretty but we can make up. First. Bring back and read half the text on the lap amendment that's right three jobs in the libertarian candidate isn't supposed to be Kimberly. You know promising year for third party payments. And or we did and headed for a that's right on MSNBC live. And I don't know. What was. There was that and of course Everett is. A triumph over. That's right rubio. I think that bounce from smoking. And and and then there was the debate ever. I think an annex notes that a number three on three IRA is the big one in isn't. Do you Donald Trump Access Hollywood 2005 taped but with Billy that's right Ryan and then this planet. Will live video for you and talk about significant. Don't. And some people. You know what I'm. So that was. President and the ball like Mike moment. When downtrodden got to get ready for active I would hate and the Washington Post on but. Breaking this story in releasing this video it lets them for you some pretty. Raunchy kind of graphic audio and that when I play here right now break by but you've probably seen online hand that ended up being a major crisis for Trump's campaign just a month. It didn't mean that that video was extremely significant a lot of coursing that let them and that there are a lot of minutes so we thought were the moment. For Donald Trump's campaign to those south did. This video was. It he was losing Republican support he was supposed to attend a rally in Michigan Paul Ryan back Mike Pence was supposed to go in his place backed out of that two. There were questions whether whether. Trump should drop out of the race for the enhancement lead the ticket right now from an end up releasing an apology video that night as Republican credit for them just piled up throughout the night. He ended up releasing an apology late that night. Pretty rare form of candidates saying that he was sorry and that he's changed since. An immigrant Osborne right sorry it's added it was wrong but one of dot net that. Favorite words like ethnic joke but we did see each of their day to after that you came out he spent. A longtime top talent to liberating with his aides upstairs. That trump tower. Then he just appeared in came out and waved to his fans another reporter asked if he was dropping out he said he was still staying in the race that was earlier that day. He apologize. The apology. And ran on live television. That right. Are any number not really when another October surprise. Rights to this woman is. Co mean seeing. Tugging and avenue Hillary Clinton and a letter to congress rang you know a lot about this would pick through what exactly happened. That's of that that the FBI director. Yet been investigating Hillary Clinton's kind of treatment of classified information and or email and the directorate come out in fact that he was not going to prosecute. Any case against Hillary Clinton for mishandling but two weeks before the election happened he comes out. In a letter to congress and says wait a minute we think we've found some more you now that I'm may be pertinent CU went. Investigation. So on a share of a laptop between Anthony Weiner. Dad whom Aberdeen whom are being. I've got a long time Clinton name and Anthony Weiner being a former New York City politician who is under investigation for a sexting scandal. The FBI believe they may have found some more emails. That may be germane to their investigation. But they haven't looked through them yet they didn't know what with there. And director call me decided that he wanted to take this information to the American people to congress let them now that this was new and happening. And he faced some crips for them. He did it and on the first letter came out who I Clinton's Secretary Clinton was on an airplane. And she was flying to rally none of the reporters knew about it hungry and and everyone was finding out. About the news all of reporters are waiting for her she's on the plane and incident. It is just it is and. The sixth player in the FBI them but a lot of resource of the dating and of this. And six days later director commie combat again and that has. There were any where he really wasn't changing his recommendation to not prosecute. Clinton and since the election what does the Clinton Campaign that. Bombing Sunday that kind of. Re upping the Clinton scanned the Clinton email scandal really hurt and on the stretch and they claims that essentially blamed record only four for the loss. RAI Ryan permitted on the number what are we got a final. That they if political moments like sixteen aired it. Alexio it and act it really was. Unprecedented that's right a lot of folks you know we were talking to aides on both sides. That an eight presidential campaign aides kind of journalists we're looking at our polling. I know that you know we played pretty big job a big role in. Are kind of race ratings on the electoral map and just a theory like sup rising up that I'm not sure I mean but he really thought coming. No absolutely not any. That. Election night party. I guess you can call about it what it wasn't much a part he had a small ballroom at Hilton has now. Nobody was jammed up and in and we were all looking at the exit polls the same feeling nobody. Some of the company now with that in the results were pouring in in the the room started filling out. And it was amazing and I think if you look at the plot he really swept all of those battle that it is needed to. Sent. I don't think anybody worked as part of cited in the last week of the election decided that that's why he would he was. His days were longer than the 24 hours crossing times that we do all sorts of different states he had about. You find rally. Hillary Clinton worked hard to know me. That's right. How you know one of them more or went like the most you know the longest resin bag one of the most qualified you know polls showed. That voters thought Hillary Clinton was but the qualified for the role. And. Here is that suffer candidate who. I as you know the first infantry to not have military or elected political experience running against us and Donald Trump was able to not only take all of these traditional swing state like Hewitt able to sweep across the Rust Belt would victories and. Michigan and Wisconsin states that. Many people did not even think we're on the table until the last week of the campaign. Exactly and I think I meant. Former governor of Indiana about particular that without political experience but it's still. Was a very unprecedented election in it its two. Well. What he seventeen holds an act as you guys named Donald Trump is back in New York City now continuing to fill out his cabinet he's appointed. Much of his cabinet we have secretary of state AG's the big ones we're still waiting on. What are we still waiting. And agriculture. And agriculture. Indiana in the DNA so let you know them. Crowds on the hill are already you know congress comes back tomorrow and Democrats on the hill are already starting to point out which candidate. They're going to really focus on trying to block. Exactly in President Obama will be up on the hill on when they would believe it and my parents will be up their two how he he's it'd be that liaison between the White House and also Bieber just maybe. Well. And any you know we mentioned that tension between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump before so it really kind of remains to be seen how it trump White House is going to cooperate with. Bits you kind of Republican houses in congress. That dynamic is going to be crucial to kind of house with the lead fifth unified Republican government moves. So I think that those I'm happy to an Obama. Frank apparently nothing back from and it's a weapon and second day of yes. Senator. I could not have to wait and indeed a lot of I don't think we came up with ten and we literally how to hunt and took some time lately that we anyway. That's up on Twitter are the comments below you can let us now which ones we messed with and yes we're totally at that suggested that in the period I think they think he's not doing on ABC news politics and We were defeated and I are so happy to be back here which few we will do this again and 2018. They give.

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