Top Democrats walk out of meeting with Trump on Syria

Democrats say the president insulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the meeting, prompting her to leave.
2:58 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Top Democrats walk out of meeting with Trump on Syria
And I want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House because another significant story out of Washington is this. Tense exchange yesterday where top Democrats walked out of that meeting about Syria after they say the president started insulting them Karen. Yet it's a bipartisan meeting congressional leaders analysts the heads of committees from both the house and senate and the focus Kimberly was Syria and Turkey. But just set the stage for what was happening right before this meeting. The house voted overwhelmingly. On a non binding resolution so what that means is they were sending a message to president from. And you had about 350 members saying yes and sixty saying out to Republicans siding with the Democrats. To say they disagree with the president's actions in Syria at and they condemn his decision to pull back US troops from that region. Of course setting up this latest offensive by Turkey. And this was. Quite a show for us from members of congress to say they don't support the president on these policies that he was forcefully defending yesterday here at the White House so we're told from sources in the room the president has already. Bit upset when he sat down for that meeting Democrats say he asked who scheduled this how to this come about when they say with the house. That putting together well it got a little heated and it got personal and Democrats say the president. With insulting Nancy Pelosi calling her a third rate politician or third grade politicians some discrepancy on what was actually said. And Pelosi got up and left the meeting now the White House says the president was perfectly fine in his home he was decisive but notably they're not taking issue with them adequate for the Democrats say. He said and there was notably I think it criticism of his former Defense Secretary. James mad at four star general president called him over rated and said that he would not tough especially when it came I cents. Yeah cans so I mean what happens next because I mean all the all the energy is very tense how well they get anything done under these conditions yet another probably not going to you in this for the meeting that craving with aimed at trying to get the president to make his case behind closed doors. BKC had been making in public for the last week and a half we heard him say at the White House yesterday that. This is not the United States fight to fight they're in northern Syria he says this is between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds. And that Syria should get involved in UV I didn't even rush hour run got involved that the United States and 7000 miles away and were staying out of it. There is. Being blowback to that even from the president's own party you Winkler without lightly Wendy Gramm continuing to say that. It ice is three groups in that area that the president will own that re emergence and this is a major mistake by the trump administration. Yesterday think the president was trying to convince some people why he's been taking these actions. Instead the EU is clearly not in the mood and it turned very personal and the meeting and it. All right Karen Travers at the white house with the latest there thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Democrats say the president insulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the meeting, prompting her to leave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66348517","title":"Top Democrats walk out of meeting with Trump on Syria","url":"/Politics/video/top-democrats-walk-meeting-trump-syria-66348517"}