Top diplomat testifies in Trump impeachment inquiry

Bill Taylor appears on Capitol Hill as President Donald Trump calls the impeachment process "a lynching."
3:15 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Top diplomat testifies in Trump impeachment inquiry
Here in Washington today a crucial witness in the impeachment inquiry. Is testifying on Capitol Hill there is his name is Bill Taylor he's the ambassador who warned fellow diplomats that it would be in his word crazy. To hold back aid to Ukraine which president from did all of this now coming as president trump is lashing out at his critics and the impeachment process. Calling it a lynching for more on this now let's bring in our White House a corresponding Karen Travers were also joined by. Looks like Catherine callers there on Capitol Hill in the press gallery that start with you care Catherine in who's giving a deposition today explained to us the significance. Bill Taylor and what I house Democrats hope to learn from him. He us a Bill Taylor he's behind closed doors he'll be there. For about ten hours today for a deposition he's significant DeVon because he's one of those three diplomats in this a text messages that we've been talking about back could. A potentially reveal a quid pro quo he was the one as you mention I replied back to the other diplomats involved in the sense that it would be crazy. Two with hole about political arm to withhold aid to Ukraine. In exchange for political investigations so what were told by our sources is that. The committees are hoping to learn more about exactly what he knew when to fill in the blanks. On the timeline here as it relates to two that aid was there a quid pro quo and most importantly at least for some of the Democrats we've talked to. What was the extent of the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and all of us. And Catherine it's significant and worth noting that so many humvees. Witnesses are proceeding despite the White House is pledge to to block them. And their testimony let's go over to the White House for Karen Travers as Karen. The president a head try to put stopped all this it's proceeding apace and now he's. Really sounding off and stirring up new controversy calling this only inching and that's really. Concerned some Democrats on both sides of congress. DeVon that's taken the rhetoric to a new level I think we tell the president yesterday in the cabinet room more than a one hour photo op with reporters his frustrations clearly on display in this morning that we see right there on the screen all Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here. A lean change very quickly Democrats jumped on this comment by the president criticizing him for using that word. And evoking a very painful part of this country's history. I he does have some defenders though senator Lindsey Graham a Republican from South Carolina and it told our Mario con on Capitol Hill that this is a lynching in everything. And Tim got the other Republican senator from South Carolina the only African American Republican in the senate. Said that yes this is no question that the impeachment process is the closest thing to a political death row trial but he did say. He would not have used the word lynching I think this is all just showing the president's. Growing frustrations. Yesterday it wasn't just the Democrats of course the is gonna continue to criticize the impeachment inquiry but DeVon the president also said that Republicans need to get tougher. He said they need to defend him more. And I he is certainly sounding off an airing their frustration Karen Travers force at the White House and our thanks to Katherine folders. As well.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Bill Taylor appears on Capitol Hill as President Donald Trump calls the impeachment process \"a lynching.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66444830","title":"Top diplomat testifies in Trump impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/top-diplomat-testifies-trump-impeachment-inquiry-66444830"}