Top Laughs, Best Jabs From White House Correspondents' Dinner

Memorable moments from President Obama, Conan O'Brien at 99th annual correspondents' dinner
7:18 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Top Laughs, Best Jabs From White House Correspondents' Dinner
It's an honor to share this stage of the president. We think about it the president and I are a lot of light. We both went to Harvard we both have two children and we both told Joseph Biden we didn't have extra tickets for tonight's event. We also have something else in common like the president I too recently gone in some hot water by talking about a public officials good looks. It was the time I wouldn't shut up about that stone cold fox secretary of transportation Ray LaHood an old man. I like that that is yet but President Obama. There's nobody had some great jokes it was a pleasure watching you stand up here and do an ideal. So now it's only fair that I get to do what you do. That's right ladies and gentlemen for the next fifteen minutes -- -- mired in a -- dysfunctional standoff with congress it's been several months since -- were reelected -- So I'm curious why are you still sending everyone five emails a day asking for more money. You want. Given gambling problem we don't know what. Did you put -- ending saga. Did didn't you. Present Obama has started a lot of changes in his second term. Syria recently appointed John Kerry and -- fatal. Very Smart move you want to -- only two people in the United States who looked even more tired than you. It's a great strategy. Mr. President you're gonna leave -- is a very young man and yet the presidency has taken its sole. I don't want to alarm you -- -- you're starting to look like a judge on law and order. It's amazing to think how much our country's changed in eighteen years think about. If in 1995. He told me that in 2013. -- have an African American president. With the middle name Hussein. Who was just reelected to a second term in a sluggish economy. I would have said. Well he must've run against Mitt Romney. By the way no offense Mr. President I do congratulate you on your victory. But as a late night comedian. I was kinda pulling for the rich guy whose horse danced in the Olympics. The demographics of this country have been rapidly changing over the past two decades and I look forward to hosting this event eighteen years from now. Then my opening line -- went. It's not just -- a lot of whatever Nevada does that mean I don't. Analysts what is going on -- back LeBron got. See that's that's the -- I don't know -- The Republican failure to recapture the White House. -- -- believe the Republicans didn't fare better in the election with the support of celebrities like Ted Nugent and meatloaf. I guess they overestimated the number of voters who still drive carpet advance. But the Republican Party is on the man. And one rising star on the right is senator Marco Rubio. Or as he's known in the Republican Party our black guy if any -- live tweeting this event please use the hash tag. Incapable of living in the moment. Gas. Also to any US senators here tonight if you'd like to switch Steve eagar -- -- your position on gay marriage please signal a waiter. We're all hoping of course that nothing happens with North Korea. And that got me wondering what is with Kim Jong Hoon. Now in the past we've had really scary enemies like Saddam Hussein and Hitler. Now suddenly our nemesis is a -- teenage boy who dresses like Rosie O'Donnell at the -- Q -- doesn't understand that we aren't afraid of him. But that guy doesn't get is that we already have an honest -- The peninsula that will ultimately bring down America. It's called fla. -- -- -- the relationship between the president and the press can seem a bit strained at times. Some in this room have even accused the president of being distant and aloof. When I asked the president about it earlier he said hello. And then walked away. I recognize that this job can take a -- on him. I understand second term need a burst of new energy. Try some new things and then my team and I talked about it we're won't try anything so we borrowed one of Michelle strokes. I thought this looked pretty good. Good. No -- Anyway. I want to give a shout out to our. The -- Conan O'Brien. I was just talking. And I understand when a correspondent sources was considered -- for this gig there were. Faced with that age old -- dilemma -- -- it. Offer to him now or wait. For five years and then give -- to Jimmy Fallon. -- -- -- -- I love them. The problem is is that the the media landscape is changing so rapidly you can't keep up what. And I remember when -- -- was just something I didn't college around 2 AM. Those of us in the press. Those in. Who produce entertainment for our kids those with power those with influence. All of us including myself we can strive. To value those things that I suspect led most of us do. The work that we do in the first place. Because we believed in something. That was true. And we believe in service. In the idea that we can have a lasting positive impact on the lives of the people around us. -- or obligation. That's -- task we should gladly embrace on behalf of all those folks. Were counting us. I'm have this country that's given us so much so thank you all to the White House correspond for the great work you do god bless you all let god bless the United States.

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{"id":19059651,"title":"Top Laughs, Best Jabs From White House Correspondents' Dinner","duration":"7:18","description":"Memorable moments from President Obama, Conan O'Brien at 99th annual correspondents' dinner","url":"/Politics/video/top-laughs-best-jabs-white-house-correspondents-dinner-19059651","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}