Toronto City Hall Strips Mayor Rob Ford of Some Powers

Embattled leader of Canadian city will have the same powers as an ordinary councilman in coming days.
10:18 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Toronto City Hall Strips Mayor Rob Ford of Some Powers
This is a special room. I'm -- company or where this ABC news digital special report Toronto's outspoken. And sometimes obnoxious mayor rob Ford. Was stripped ups on his powers today by the City Council revelations in smoking crack cocaine in -- The drunken stupor. Called his leadership. Into question -- to explain how the council did but they didn't. -- joined now by the trial -- City Hall bureau chief Don Pete Don thanks for being with us -- we appreciate it. -- obviously this is a story that has captured the attention and that goes well beyond candidates so I want to find out a little -- -- how out of the powers. It stripped away what are the council do. Well they had to call special meaning they needed a majority counselors do -- that. They did that. Two days ago in the meeting happened today it happened this morning very quickly actually this is -- council with 45 members so sometimes it takes them a couple of hours to even make a decision on one thing. Stripping Americans powers actually was over before lunchtime today. -- air dates and up speaking -- as ours and our ports to fight in court. -- -- -- -- The mayor promising to fight this in court he promised that -- drag city to court over it and it'll cost taxpayers an arm and a leg. That's pretty amazing threat considering all the scandals and he's been through but. I believe he'll make good on it and so now I will -- -- city fighting in court over the next few months. Blissful. Our troops still -- and on one dates even take away more -- from the -- they'll be taking away his office budget. And now most of his staff sort of basically be reduced to a counselor just one of the counselors on council -- -- still -- the title of mayor. He's -- and that's gonna happen money so what does he have that for the next two days essentially this hour. After the next two days he says an office budget -- larger than all the counselors and he still has -- sixteen or seventeen staff members. But says as far as if there was an emergency over the weekend the deputy mayor would step in Indian charges that Yeltsin can't fire anybody in his executive committee which is. A cabinet like committee that kind of steers the city's business. -- are now under the control of the deputy mayor well so. He's -- -- toothless right now and a lot of counselor -- saying he could have avoided this. Had he taken -- leave -- -- -- -- for those substance abuse issues that have komando. Or if you just resigned fully and gotten help and then tried to run again the next election and so essentially what -- -- is that he and his brother are now challenging this right. Yeah they're -- take the city to court over this there they are -- a large company here in Toronto. That also -- a factory in Chicago as well makes label so they've got deep pockets. And -- they promised that they would be challenging the sitting court over the last so -- wait to see when they file their papers there. I imagine they may try to get an injunction whether or not they can get that remains to be seen but in what they'll probably be trying to get does an injunction. To stop this from going into effect. -- -- -- I'm how closely dug his brother how closely as he worked with the mayor before and it has as it always has united that as a tag team effort leading Toronto. But I gather -- seen as a tag team around here. Often times Doug speaks. On behalf of the married and when. He should under even -- -- it doesn't authorizations here he's off in front and center in the media. And defending the mayor. Constantly wire whereas the mayor. Kinda hides -- wagering controversy and you don't seem a lot so they definitely are tight knit team of Brothers they disagree a lot personally but when they're being attacked one -- were when one or the other is being attacked and you really see them. Tighten -- ranks and it's them against the world the now as you can see. That's been against council the boats -- days they were basically. It was 41 to two in one case in 41 hour 43 in another so it's. That -- -- heights boat that's just them against council. That -- the mayor his brother being two of those three votes for -- What does it you know obviously the vote is happening today in this really been unraveling very quickly but. As -- -- discussion about how this potentially could have an impact on future mayors. Well there definitely has been the measures they pass today. Only are in effect until the end of this current council term which ends in in November 2014. So when a mayor in the new mayor or if this mayor -- and office on December 1 when he fourteen if he gets reelected. Then that powers would be restored back to the mayor. But there. Fewer counselors did mention that they were worried that this could be used -- again when somebody. Somebody. That they disagree with politically. Becomes a a threat to them and they get a majority counselors together to -- the Paris from them as well. The people pushing this motion at a party and this is an extraordinary circumstance we have a -- that's admitted to smoking crack cocaine. -- -- that said yesterday evening he may have driven drunk. That a mayor that emitted two days ago that he bought illegal drugs in the last year so -- buying illegal drugs while in office. They said that's why they're doing this and they don't plan on doing it again or. That precedent would be so I that they don't -- see them doing having to do this again. And so a lot of people may be asking now why. Did -- -- -- was -- not a move to actually remove him from office but but to simply strip him up our. Well I can tell you that's the question I get from media around the world about it this case is why can't you just get rid of the manner. There's no recall provision in Toronto and there's no. Wade legislatively. For the -- City Council to remove the mayor. From their seat. If the mayor resigns she gives up his seat the province could go through a lot of legislative wrangling and -- -- -- And I was -- but that would take a lot of work and they've set the bar very high as well the premier of Ontario. Basically the equivalent a governor of the state said that in order for that to happen -- have to have agreement from all three political parties in the legislature. And that council would have to send a clear message that government is not functioning and I think. Government itself as a functioning in the waters running garbage being picked up that police and fire department are still working EMS paramedics -- -- have a heart attack. But politically I think read a bit of deadlock here. And that's why these measures are being introduced kind of unwind that deadlock and let counsel function with or without the -- What are you are today rob Ford seemed relatively subdued as of relative to his recent actions he didn't have the outburst that he's had before and effective when -- listen -- -- and he said earlier today in the council. I would out of there acting the way I've conducted myself. I would have done the exact same thing. I am I and I'm not mad at anybody I I I take full responsibility. So old John Tommy about is it is that a man it's accepting his own fate accepting his own. Culpability for his actions. Well I think he was trying to be very apologetic today in trying to be very calm. It's funny yesterday -- he was very bombastic in kind of getting into fights with counselors one on one. Over every in pretty much every motion on the council floor so I think -- trying to kind of maybe see if -- But. Right after that he did make it clear he was gonna drag proceed to court and it was gonna cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg. So. I think humans trying to be apologetic but he was also. Holding. Threatens other and saying this is gonna cost -- -- a lot of money in the end and as if she was threatening councilors that they'll be on the hook for this -- -- -- on them once the court proceedings are done. And less that is what ask you about this and -- in the fact the matter is is that you know we see it from outside of Toronto. These very courageous actions at the same time while I'm curious -- what do the people of Toronto you're out on the street. And you're talking about this what does their responses he still being supported. But she still has supporters in the city -- you know he's always gonna have that hardcore base it's called ordination appear. That support -- -- and I didn't it had people say to me it rather have a guy that smokes crack as long as he can save them taxpayer save them money on taxes. Then somebody that doesn't smoke crack that would raise their taxes but that's you know stronger route twenty to 30% and then. You got the rest the city -- horrified this they can't believe embarrassment that's happening around the world. And they definitely want him to just go away and so. It's it's kind of remarkable that he hasn't. In so ashamed that he is wanted to go away that he will just stay in office -- matter what. And -- Like we always say here there's there's always more to come. With this case and so we may see more embarrassments coming out of the courts and more embarrassments. Are around the Mara while he continues is an office. We will have to wait and see especially -- -- season going to be getting underway how they bumper -- other bumper sticker and a sign industry will be playing this one. -- -- gonna try to -- thank you so much for being with us we appreciate it. Thank you of course have a complete recap right here on ABC news dot conference on Dan Cutler in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20904716,"title":"Toronto City Hall Strips Mayor Rob Ford of Some Powers","duration":"10:18","description":"Embattled leader of Canadian city will have the same powers as an ordinary councilman in coming days.","url":"/Politics/video/toronto-city-hall-strips-mayor-rob-ford-powers-20904716","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}