Toronto Mayor Admits to Smoking Crack

Rob Ford issues apology for past drug use and states his desire to move on.
3:00 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Toronto Mayor Admits to Smoking Crack
This is a special room. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer -- new York and this is an ABC news digital special report after months of rumors and speculation Toronto mayor rob Ford. This stunned his constituents with a confession today of drug use on the job here's for just a few hours ago. Yes smoked crack cocaine. But -- do like in my -- know when -- I tried it. -- when Mike Duncan's -- probably approximately about a year ago. I answered your question you asked the question properly I'll answer yes I mean is there I've made mistakes -- -- can do now is apologize to move -- A stunning admission by the mayor of Toronto rob Ford and an apology. The talk about all -- we're joined on ABC news political director Rick Klein and Washington Rick this is it's quite quite that's done or -- candidate. Yet you wanna see never seen anything like it but maybe you have you have to go back to -- round 1990 here in Washington DC to find the comparison but yes a stunning announcement indeed. Mayor Ford the news and rumors of this video on the Internet for months now he's denied its existence he's explaining out today that he -- know that there was videotaped. That existed before and he appeared ready just answer directly that the direct questions -- that he had smoked. Crack cocaine in the past and that he intends to stay on as mayor of Toronto. So let's just take a step back for viewers that -- -- what prompted all this today is police investigation into these allegations and apparently. The Toronto police chief coming out and -- there was actually video that the mayor was caught smoking crack. That's exactly right this video again the source of Internet rumors for months now -- the fact that the police had an investigation the fact that they were saying that they had copied video airport is there was even defiant the last couple days challenging the police to just release said. And that all culminates now in today this this rather stark frank and shocking admission from the mayor of I think the fourth largest city in North America Toronto. Fourth largest city North America certainly the largest city in Canada -- -- elected. In 2010 he said -- almost through with his term is up for reelection next year Rick. Any indication that he's gonna face criminal charges. -- -- that very real possibility but he is not going anywhere and it's important to -- to keep a little bit mind of who this man it's. Toronto. If that's -- years ago gobbled up a lot of its neighbors and and -- included the -- of urban areas and he hails from the suburbs of Toronto. And -- his reputation as well now he's a colorful figure in the history of explosions some. Confrontations with reporters that have become regular -- -- a larger than life kind of blustery personality. -- there's a good numbers constituents that knew exactly what they're getting with mayor Ford and this is not a huge shock to them. All that said it's hard to imagine how you continue to -- mayor this cloud around you it is it is going to be -- media. Feeding frenzy in Toronto an international story as well to have. The name and the mayor of a large city like this implicated in the scandal and the potential for criminal charges -- with a little bit about his his politics aside from this scandal -- -- house he viewed in Toronto. What's his record -- here. He -- -- -- a working class hero for a lot of folks been ignored at times by a by other leaders in the city by city councilors. And not viewed as someone -- even all that serious but he has been affected in the sense that that the folks who elected him. Have considered to be success -- by some measures is approval rating even -- -- after the scandal. First broke although this is of this is a hard one to maintain but it -- keep in mind that kind of urban suburban split inside the city that he he he did not represent the kind of downtown. Business interests the more liberal interest inside the city. He represented a more working class constituency mistrustful of the folks in the inner city. And that's that that's the congress that was brought him to that to citywide office in the first place. We should say they were waiting for mayor -- to come out and make an announcement we've been told that he's. Going to address reporters you see quite a large throng of reporters dozens and dozens were told -- -- outside his office. But no indication yet what he's going to say but Rick obviously this isn't. The first politician to get caught using drugs on the job and in fact even Washington DC has has a pretty memorable example of that. Having you say he's not the first it to the caught -- crack cocaine he's the second that we -- that we know of at least that this doesn't happen all that often. But yes this this is this is definitely shades of Marion Barry -- back in 1990. In Washington DC some of the more Avis lions ever uttered by a city mayor. Other part of that I don't think we can repeat that even on an on line digital special report. But but they -- Barry interestingly enough served time in jail as a result of that and then and -- be reelected he is currently. A city councilor here in Washington he's very popular among his constituents. And and effective advocate in his own way so -- -- -- -- a sense of -- other potential path ahead for mayor four depending on how -- -- these next months. And that that indeed -- -- to see. What he says today. Wanting just gets here a tape -- before we let you go on mayor -- featured in 2005 documentary on drug use in Toronto. He was apparently asked about decriminalizing. Crack use and this is what he said -- Well -- get my gun. As a little -- themselves. What are they gonna do to our families what are they gonna do when they break -- -- -- for -- dollars. If -- is highly addictive and everyone saying don't go crazy for. Safe to say that document -- -- gonna get a second look here. I think -- I think -- yet to be careful when her politician you know we we talked to couple weeks ago about the Maryland attorney general. With his is PSAs public service announcements about underage drinking and -- to be photographed and underage drinking party is a different bar obviously for politicians smoking crack cocaine. Illegal for anyone whether you're an office or not but particularly bad for someone in a position of public authority of the -- said. About the subject is is fair game -- all over again. -- -- BC political director Rick Klein Rick thanks so much for joining us you can follow all of -- analysis of course today -- Election Day. On Tonight and into the night for the latest results. And polling numbers as those come in in the meantime we are still waiting for the mayor of Toronto rob Ford. -- today you see those reporters there outside his office in Toronto are expected to make some sort of announcement -- statement. After his bombshell admission earlier this morning that he had quote. Smoked -- crack cocaine rather probably a year ago when a drunken stupor he apologize for that. And after being dogged by allegations for some time Toronto police say they have obtained video that show allegedly shows the mayor. Using that drug while on the job he's been mayor since 2010. And is up for re election -- next year there's some speculation in Canada about how these allegations and admission will impact his reelection campaign. And we are waiting for him now to come out and address those allegations further no indication if he's going to resign his office. Of course this is a working class -- -- somebody. Who enjoys. Support from a lot of suburban Toronto residents who. Sort of -- she had seen him as a champion of the common man. And let's listen once again to his confession not earlier today an apology. On -- -- -- radio. On the first one to admit it. Friends and the first one to admit. I'm not perfect. I have made mistakes. I have made mistakes. And or -- can do right now. Apologize. For the mistakes. I sincerely. Sincerely. Apologize. My family. Had pursued to its citizens to taxpayers of this great sitting. -- -- -- -- -- -- Unfortunately. I'm fortunate I cannot change the past. And just move forward and learn from the past. -- sure you. I'm doing. I love the city. -- absolutely. Adore the people of the city. And I love helping people. When they call me and I go to different door. And help them. I want to move forward. I also -- to move forward. I have to make changes in my life. Which I can assure you. That I will do. I love the work -- do. I'm going to keep doing it. I want. -- keep working for the people of this city. Then there. This -- still a lot of work to be done. And I want to continue. Doing the job. That I was elected to do. Three years ago. And next October 27. Let the people decided. On who they want. To run the city. I'm going to continue. Fighting for the little guy. Fighting for the taxpayers. Like -- always have. We're gonna build on our long list. Of accomplishments. I'm going to work. But the people who want to work with me. -- do not want to work with people. -- want to play politics. So this was a contrite Toronto mayor rob Ford yesterday. Ahead of his admission today. The he had smoked crack cocaine while on the job as you heard there from the mayor he wants to move forward he wants to keep working with the people of that city. No indication as of yesterday that he had considered stepping down from his job again we're awaiting an announcement from the mayor right now this after. His bombshell announcement this morning that he gets use drugs on the job I wanna go down. -- -- -- Iraq we have on the phone with us from Toronto the Toronto star's reporter Robin do little Robin thank you so much for being here you've been following this story. Closely give us a sense of how average. Toronto residents are are reacting to his announcement. It. It would beat out an error. And crack cocaine or the -- Eat meat and -- saint Cadillac on why aren't stopped there are are -- -- back. Video on May not. Has the video come out there are public enemy -- they have had have you all been seen this as it's circulating in the community. -- the amendment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the video and a plastic on air and call ain't. Add it to remind you -- but other media at apple -- -- liars and Magid. And and it is simply be all right to get him Adam and and last week -- police. And out out of the glue that it -- were hurt -- video. It -- -- actually eager that would let puppet art -- done in gains rate and the dark and get a lot out and into. Japan. You know you blink and McCain drastic. Jack we knew would happen that late mayor -- -- have they want -- -- and Ebert sorry it didn't they collided and JE RE patent act. So we've seen here Robin in the in the United States and Washington DC actually not too long ago the mayor -- caught. On video very similar circumstance caught smoking crack serve some time but. Actually was reelected as mayor give us. You give us your sense were obviously awaiting an announcement from Toronto mayor -- do what what he might say here what what what do you think it is next for him what do we have any idea what you might say. And rob port -- I'm -- was caught up to and police -- I would I would never. -- -- -- -- app are true so in addition to the -- that the act that B ports are to be on Mac had been. Currently in the new heart -- to help -- and about it for a very long time. I'm not clear it and I'd get all well -- -- -- all all taken out at EO and burglary at. Is very -- kind of he parity -- here -- Jean king and Erin are bringing an act. And he certainly weathered many armed -- -- -- indication that he will likely. -- in at the end at least at term. The beginning of the end and as you say possibly the lion may be the biggest. The biggest Gainer here for for the mayor what what is his appeal to voters there help us understand. I got -- allusion to the Tea Party here in the United States but but but how has he built himself there. Her Canadians are in the -- -- we don't really at debate at. Or horse and aren't you don't need anymore -- -- that typical urban and rob board is. -- and EY. Lo and eat. And I'm broke and not RID and you know and -- and not paint or land at debt. Added and he really you know and an article at the little -- And that I'd -- -- it extremely well each and well in a million years Oded. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He only did not hurt bad and people like that it -- a. Going to be interesting to see how his constituency. Takes this news obviously today's the first day that this. Bombshell has been dropped Robin want to ask you before we let you go. About some of the other allegations that -- hearing come out surrounding. This admission of drug -- -- one that the mayor may have been involved in. Some efforts to have -- -- destroyed. I tell the Arnold are reported on that shortly after being you don't have we seen that -- And people that were close to him -- that mean that video. -- home. Where -- in beach. -- job. Get a -- and -- up and -- -- in a minute let other diet and daily. Now but didn't report comes right back out another why the mayor elect of the -- that video to beat everybody -- -- -- mark. I we do here you need Robin and we -- you very much for joining us Robin do little of the Toronto star to an excellent reporting. Up there in Toronto on the bombshell news today at Toronto mayor rob Ford admitted to crackle -- -- cocaine drug use on the job we're expecting an announcement. Here probably within the next ten minutes or so from the mayor in Toronto we don't know what. That news will be but will bring it to you live -- and We hope you tune in on our live stream for now thank you very much for watching I'm Devin Dwyer in New York this has been an ABC news digital special report.

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