‘Trafficked’ dives into black markets around the world

Mariana van Zeller discusses her upcoming series for National Geographic and the access she received to the underground world.
6:48 | 11/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Trafficked’ dives into black markets around the world
In next graphic upcoming series track fixed Peabody award winning journalist Marianna bonds Allard Dixon diamond to black markets around the world giving the audience inch interesting glimpse into the lives of those making the deals take a look. So when you do that you. Maybe Coleman declared. And pulled its current holder of the Mormon and how long have you been in the money game plan for the poor. Some of those cold and removal local and with the council's cultural change. The sort of moral solution for nervous. Do you remember the first time he did it. Emotional and group homes promoted hook for millions mark. Both storm is remarkable. Vote and revolting but didn't lose her first look more look for use during normal mortal sin. Marianna thanks so much for joining us so in that Clinton Vick terrorist self described mid level boss from Montego Bay he told you that she was fairly young when he got into trafficking any goes on to further explain that he considers what he's doing to be reparations in fact at one point he admits that he almost robbed your crew are always traffickers motivated by tussling. Circumstances or would you say there's more to it. Add to that the vast majority are united in about where they are born into circumstances around there aren't. Lives and to Stanley's ever worn in you know Larry I'm fins or cocaine traffickers. Or even blend sends cameras like he's on and Jamaica. It's a lot more about the end of circumstances it's around and it isn't. And house any other job of concealing these Travers identities but with illegal nature of the underground world how difficult is it commuting to and their trust. And how do you get there trust. It's uneasy at sentencing in a challenging part of my job gaining their trust getting access in these grounds such you know these non sometimes even years Sandoz and he's in building trust getting source is leaning people willing to talk to artists you know it's. Knocking on doors making calls sitting down with people hours on end getting no after no action until somebody Greece to do it and I think part of it is yes building that trust you know there's always a lot of ear nightmare not release and we are that -- law enforcement instead of nine journalists example so there's a lot instead of sitting down with Ben and usually hears drinks involved with under. Pound first seven dates already invited children is there want to learn about each end and after that either yes or no it's it's a clean ninety's but it's all about building trust. And this isn't your first time covering the underworld you also reported on a drug war in Mexico has wells and tunnels that are used traffic roads in and around Gaza bench in this around this year was actually a lot bigger were you worried that this could be a hindrance of the rawness of this story. I'm you know I'm used to traveling the due to a Mac usually remembered Ricky would you going around the world in an act isn't he's well have been doing this girl her sixteen years inning access entities well let National Geographic mean National Geographic and you know I think this incredible look to it and really to putting premium on their there. And how beautiful everything looks on the Channel 8 list but this challenge senior and we want to do you want shall always look easier to. Make it look even you know it make it look sort of but the Hollywood movie. And and it does you know that's when he back and we get all the time is how incredible this series looks. And an eye yeah I was consent and now I'm traveling with so many people and win annaly when he cases of gear around much and I deathly I was gonna make it typical more difficult to gain access to these wells pencils are. It really hasn't at the end of the day who really established interests of all one on one connection between me. And the people he's well Annan and then you that they're sort of trust and it happens around the group. But sometimes there's also situations in which not a local is not allowed just me and one other person or other people that also. Yeah I'm curious how you handle that meanwhile your filing is traffickers all around the globe your put into a lot of anxiety inducing situations imagining of the larger groups. In the nerves wouldn't be as bad but when it just becomes you and one other person which. How do you handle. It takes it it's it's it's being you know having done this so many times and it's sappy com never panicked and always being column on the always always hunting and then there's always and in place there's a lot of security procedures that people don't see but are there and and then it's in acting on the land you know. Now of course when you hit the ground on these dirty you nosy journalists yourself as you know nothing is as what you thought it was an you have a preconceived idea what streets going to be about and then you the ground and actually nothing is what you expect it to be but ultimately the most interesting stories to tell our guns yes remaining it's keeping column. And focusing on the task at hand and showing the people you win that you trust that you know no local lonely you're securities and it is in their hands. And you trust them and by trusting them and being cleared the U the year just listened to them and try to understand dear world. Then it will land trust you as well be more willing to open up and and and treat you well and ultimately ultimately not. Not my crew and myself like Adam picture in Jimmy S that he was going to do until he mess. In this series of course highlights traffickers and all their duplicity is on one hand they're criminals and on the they're still very young men with normal means engineers. As you know uncovered their Weyers. Stories and refiners unable to connect with them in any way and what would you hope that the viewers will take away. Absent is exactly get the word connected year you know it was my main goal for the series lead is not only to get this easy one to wells the mind or only from me was of people you will connect with these trapped cars you know the more I learn about and the Morris and timeless and I realize that there's actually a lot more that are and what differentiates of course there's a lot of people are not new that's definitely that's the case but one thing that you finally start -- -- and and talking T people listening to these stories is that you know they deny others their fundraising goals and aspirations and dreams very much like our own and and it actually are not assertive and sounds you know I always on complacent and the key instead of judgment and I always try to connect and or -- he as well as other people to connect students in these people who it's all -- US to connect. Mariana thank you so much for your time traffic premieres on Nat geo Wednesday night at 9:8 central.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"Mariana van Zeller discusses her upcoming series for National Geographic and the access she received to the underground world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74472037","title":"‘Trafficked’ dives into black markets around the world","url":"/Politics/video/trafficked-dives-black-markets-world-74472037"}