Travyon Martin's Mother Assails 'Stand Your Ground' on Capitol Hill

Sabryna Fulton calls for legislative reform discussing the death of her son in a Senate hearing.
5:49 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Travyon Martin's Mother Assails 'Stand Your Ground' on Capitol Hill
This is a special group. And then -- -- New York with the CBC news digital special report the mother. Of trade on -- the unarmed seventeen year old shot to death by George Zimmermann back in 2012. Appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sabrina Fulton was there to discuss the stand your ground self defense laws such laws are on the books in 22 -- and essentially. They allow a person to use deadly force in self defense with no duty to retreat when faced with a perceived threat -- A Fulton and others told the senators that those laws are too often unclear. And open to abuse -- the families of victims and provides. Terry -- had recently turned seventeen years old -- he had only been seventeen. For three weeks. -- we celebrated his. Seventeenth birthday on February 5 and he was murdered. On February 26. So he had only -- in. Seventeen -- three weeks. Is very hurtful to note -- -- behind. Was only simply going to the store to get -- Nothing more had not been -- It's important to keep that in mind because. Teenagers. Like to be into candidates hands. And he was simply going to get a jury. And some -- be. That -- to me the right -- his mentality. That tells me -- he was not going to get cigarettes. Or bullets. For. Condoms. Or other items of that nature. He was going to get a jury. AT&T. Trade -- wasn't minding his own business. He was not looking for any type of trouble. He was not committing any crime. Recounting that night in January 2012. Joining me now from Capitol Hill ABC's -- felony. In Jeff George Herman didn't -- stand your ground as his defense and the trial he was acquitted of killing Martin because. He was found to have acted in self defense so that the question is why hasn't -- decided to tackle the stand your ground laws. -- and it really -- mean to sound that we just played was. Billion emotional bit of testimony here. In the senate to Judiciary Committee and she said she was doing this for one key reason to put a face on. Her son to try and remind people. What it actually happened the night of the crime regardless of who was. Responsible and the legalities but to put a face on what her son just turned seventeen was doing but this is largely a symbolic hearing today. Senator Dick Durbin of the senate to Judiciary Committee. Is calling this hearing as he says to draw attention to -- Stand your ground laws. Across the country there is no federal legislation. War or change being proposed or fix here is simply to draw attention to this and as this hearing -- along they're going to hear some testimony from people who actually support the stand -- ground laws as well. Via testimony and that is going to come from a congressman alluding to Olmert of Texas Republican of Texas so. More of a hearing to. Just kind of put this back in the spotlight this is actually -- rescheduled hearing to and it was supposed to be. More than a month ago but because of of the navy yard shooting that -- and other things it has been pushed back so it's been awhile since we've heard. From. About this case but -- testimony here on capitol today quite personal for us Sabrina Fulton -- I'm very very personal indeed on that on the account by Sabrina -- and also as you pointed out some of the senators. Have also responded knowledge of the case but also about the fact of raising the stand your ground laws -- sort of to that to that to the federal attention. -- as reporting out Jeff running realistically what can be accomplished -- I mean -- a legislative mean. The attention may be heightened but at the same time how can it then. He diverted into an individual state by state basis. We -- question Dan -- this hearing today is not about those state by state laws like that Florida standard grandma that is a state law. And while it was not specifically used in this so defense. It was sort of hanging over the whole trial and a whole case and after the fact one juror said that to that was sort of in their mind but this is simply a federal hearing to. And draw attention to this to sort of examine these laws not that uncommon these hearings happen all the time. But they just simply are not dot I would generally don't to pay -- much attention because they don't have these personal stories. And it's not just Sabrina -- there -- say another mother who's testifying her son was killed as well she says because of those stand your ground laws so induces. Is one of those. One of those instances of where -- lawmakers trying to draw attention these things but there is no federal. -- restriction to this there is no federal legislation to try and stop these state by state standard ground lost him. All right ABC's -- selling on capitol coach Jeff thank you for that. We have a complete report on And of course that live stream of the senate judiciary. Committee hearing will continue right here on ABC news dot conference -- on Dan -- in New York. With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Sabryna Fulton calls for legislative reform discussing the death of her son in a Senate hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"20716214","title":"Travyon Martin's Mother Assails 'Stand Your Ground' on Capitol Hill","url":"/Politics/video/travyon-martin-george-zimmerman-victims-mother-testifies-stand-20716214"}