Trump 2020 campaign press secretary speaks out on Mueller report

Trump 2020 campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discusses lessons the campaign learned from the Mueller report.
4:46 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Trump 2020 campaign press secretary speaks out on Mueller report
We asked a lot of these questions to the new national Press Secretary for the president's reelection campaign just a short time ago. What lessons has the trump campaign learned from the mount a report here's my interview with kiwi back in any. Robert Mueller detailing. Aside from the president are pretty extensive effort on the part of the Russians to intervene. In our elections. Sometimes I'm would you me. Getting involved with the trump campaign organizing rallies for the true for the trumps. Sending out tweet box that others were re tweeting. I'm had it has the campaign taking a look at that are you taking steps to prevent. Foreign involvement in you're our porch. While few things you know one I want to emphasize from the beginning that again there is no clues and that's the words of Robert Mueller not only that no coordination were also his words his conclusions that that's first. Secondly you know we at a campaign will strengthen our cyber security defenses will always act within the bounds of the law as we did in 2016. But I think the question is really a White House want an eight solved a lot of events. When you look at the facts that in May at 122017. Presents an executive order saying we need to strengthen. Our defenses to nature foreign powers don't meddle in our elections and worked with all fifty states and localities to ensure their plans in place to try to avert this it's an ongoing problem it happened during the Obama years the Obama administration was made aware that rats was trying to meddle in 2014. It's still happen when this administration. Is trying to take every active measure they can to ensure that there is no meddling by any form. And the report does talk about loan perhaps not criminal conduct on the part of the campaign when it comes to links with Russian officials some unwitting interactions perhaps. Some Americans might see that is inappropriate CT percent the trump tower meeting in 2016 with the Russian lawyer. Who came in I guess one question. I have now is if a foreign. Officials some kind keen to be trump twenty point campaign. Offering dirt and whoever the nominee would be would you guys take that meeting today in light of what we. What we've seen a we will always act within the bounds of the law I'm not going to engage in a hypothetical but I do think we have had the trump 2016 campaign. Fully vetted no clues and no illegality there but now the focus is going to shift and I do think that there needs to be. Some reckoning for the Hillary Clinton Campaign the dossier in the world at that play that was foreign misinformation. Sent to the Justice Department via Bruce sort. Then sends the FBI those are documented facts so when we talk about foreign interference opposition research we really needs look at the dossier. We've been scrutinized and the trump campaign it's time to look into the dossier. When you look at. It just how much the Russians. Meddle in our elections that keep you any pause what's detail here aside from criminality here where are you bothered as an American as a as a political strategists by the degree to which state. Fabricated. Personalities on line tried to influence voters on both sides. Is that communion pause. I think every American cares when a form power medals in our election I would cite the Obama administration. He was President Obama himself who said not a single vote was changed every American's vote was counted. It was a free and fair election that being said we never once he foreign meddling every American no matter what side of the aisle you stand on should care about that in the top administration certainly does. You're the new national Press Secretary for the president's reelection campaigns will be seen a lot of view over the next few months Caylee. Want to put a question to you that we put to Press Secretary sir Sanders a long time back when she first took the job. And in light of some of the reports documented. Misstatements some might call them lies are coming from her in the White House. Can you promise the American people the voters that when you represent the president and you speak on his behalf during this campaign that you're always gonna tell the truth to invest your ability. Absolutely and I've known Sarah Sanders for very long time my first job was for her father actually. I she's an honest person with great integrity I can attest her character honesty her truthful next I'll do the same and I can only hope to be as truthful I think. That's great and before that you go Caylee. What to have what we when we see this campaign your reelection catcher president's reelection campaign really wrap up we numbers. A rally coming up on the 27 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Give a sort of an outlook of the next 5100 days katic. Citing Albion with consummate the president there are more rallies come as you can imagine can't get out of the president but. Hot you know it's fair to say the president is energized and excited for this election I think every line. Noticed is how much he loves being around the American people in the rallies I and he's very pumped to get that started me it's certainly if you wanna follow kill American and he thinks so much thank you.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Trump 2020 campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discusses lessons the campaign learned from the Mueller report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62556949","title":"Trump 2020 campaign press secretary speaks out on Mueller report","url":"/Politics/video/trump-2020-campaign-press-secretary-speaks-mueller-report-62556949"}