Trump addresses Russia probe, immigration in news conference

Trump repeated claims of "no collusion" in a joint news conference with the prime minister of Norway.
11:16 | 01/10/18

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Transcript for Trump addresses Russia probe, immigration in news conference
Lie and watching. Your part and I might be imprisoned actual people texting each other tightening its brand new retiring in your needs and thought president from there in the white house press conference. The prime minister Alec little bit of news it felt like on whether or not he would sign. An immigration bill. If it didn't include any funding for the border wall the president and buried and it in his answer but you have to remember he's been. Well over the border on this issue would be talking about what he said yesterday essentially agree with Democrats but perhaps the most important to deal with the dreamers that talking issue first. But and shocking totally to witness tomorrow but in the room that the president was just speaking Jon Karl IQ white house on it live now. John this is the question you have been following before you've talked to George about it in our network special just a moment ago. This issue about whether or not if the Russian investigation led by Robert Mahler. To talk to the I think it he would do it didn't know what would happen. Well first of all I'd been led to believe by sources close to that investigation. That they will that Robert Mueller very much wants to speak with the president that there hasn't any formal request yet but. Did it is it nearly 100% that pat request this coming. The president when I asked him point blank if he'd be willing to talk to Moeller back in June his answer was 100%. Yes. He sounded almost eager to get his side of the story out. He was asked the question again over the weekend at Camp David give a short Marie answer but said yap when asked if you'd be willing to talk two to Mahler. The heat today he didn't say no but you he said quoted seems unlikely you would even have an interview. Because it's been proven he said that there is no collusion now of course it. There are many investigations still ongoing Millen of concluded. Definitively there was no collusion lot of concluded that there has been collusion but there has been no definitive conclusion to the negative either. So odd the president's a little further on that than it did any of those investigators but he sounded like somebody. Who was. Not eager anymore to talk to the special counsel. That's exactly what Madonna like we'll have to see what if that next time he is asked Jon Karl live there in the room where it happened over on capitol elementary three. Our senior national correspondent with watching with the president had to say there and Mary my house and I were just talking about this. What does it mean when the president says no he will absolutely not sign and he immigration bill that doesn't include a border wall funding. Well what you know wall is really the question how would you dip buying the president yesterday and that unprecedented free Wheeling. Nearly hour long on camera meeting with negotiators seemed to suggest that a walled necessarily have to be it 2000 mile long physical barriers that could be. A mix of increased border security some boosting up the fence that party if that in some areas there is already. Fence so perhaps you just eat beef that up a little bit and that. It is the way that lawmakers you're interpreted this that that that the deal that they are negotiating right now. As far as I have learned from monikers that I've been talking to coming out of these meetings that an actual big beautiful wall that the president promised that's not what's on the table. But they're negotiating now is a deal to extend protections for dreamers and then somehow boost border security more broadly speaking that does not. Found like it's going to lead to an actual. Brick and mortar physical wall along the entire border. Now whether that will be enough for the president but that would be enough for the president's supporters. Out remains to be seen but it seems the president is trying to have it both ways here. Some redefined the meaning of the word wall move things forward and we'll see what happens there marriage is live on Capitol Hill over on the White House north line. Our senior White House correspondent. Your fake out was watching what the president had to say to you in George talked about this earlier. Look this witch hunt he is called again and again when he's talking about the rest investigation today it like we got a new term it's now a democratic hopes. The president thinks it clearly what he'd feel about the. Investigators. It sounds a little like 26 seen a campaign that America will never ever ever be able to you know what let go. He he's he's blaming it still and in fact I was struck by. The number of times that he brought up the name Hillary Clinton in his response to questions about Russia. That's not new no collusion is not new. Berry you know it's a democratic hoaxes is another way to say the same thing essentially if you will. Response here and it does not certainly going to change at the the president and and the people close to him. It's it's not just been they deep down very much believe that this is. That this is being orchestrated by the Democrats for political gain. Made it firmly believe the president firmly believes that that he and those close to him have done nothing wrong when it comes to Russia. The big headline out of this that we keep saying is is really this. A change and what will happen if that Robert Mueller. Decides to come to use its front campaign team and ask him for this now that we expect to happen. The president was very clear just a few months ago I will sit down and yes of course it's arts on Carl today said. We'll see what happens so we will soon after. We will see what happens in deed to city and they live there on the White House north line. David a to be just joining us president trump to spoke with the prime minister of Norway this was one of the answers he gave. When asked a question about the rest investigation. In that press conference take a lesson. Well again John there has been no collusion between the trump campaign. And Russians or trump. And Russians know collection. When I what you interviewing all the people leaving their committees amend the Democrats are all running for office in the trying to say this but bottom line they also it is no collusion. And the Rizzo collision. And when you talk about interviews. Hillary Clinton had an interview where she wasn't sworn in she wasn't given the that and take notes. That in record. And it was done on the fourth of July weekend. That's. Perhaps. Ridiculous a lot of people looked upon that is being. A very serious breach. Mac here in DC and have a Mary Alice practically about my notes adding accounted for references. Q Hillary Clinton and Patrick you're keeping track there too but that recovery almost a year in office and approximately sixteen and no one else here in DC talks about her that much not even Democrats in fact they're often crying to not talk about her you know it's. Sing it just his go to his go to Lee doesn't have a good answer when he doesn't have. Unconvincing answer is to deflect and to specifically to deflect and talk about political opponents out that's not lost on anyone interesting tactic works well it was based. But at some point the White House is going to have to answer in a real when he's tough question. And even if idea of who is an opponent seems to be shifting to it was stops yesterday. He seemed to be an agreement with senator Dianne Feinstein when they were talking about immigration reform seems like declare either statement somewhat on happening with him in her on Twitter this morning. They want to get through immigration reform so how he worked with congressman thankful. Look he's not going to not sign accent so he's standing up there now posturing looking strong for conservative Republicans stating voted for him because he promised. A wall but if a walk ends up looking like offense like you're talking that would marry if when he gets delivered to the White House is a bill that includes some money for technology and drowned and maybe a little bit of a law plus a package for dreamers there's no way he's knocking this the president needs to pass legislation. Meanwhile he has a lot of other things that he is dealing with this shadow of this book. Buyer in theory continues to loom large continues to have to address at time and again. This morning he actually was asked about it and had this to say when he was talking. Sorted in not direct reference that about the book fire accurate by the author Michael will take a listen to what the president practice hero. Our current libel laws are sham. And a disgrace and do not represent. American values. Or American fairness I wanted to take a strong look at that. We want fairness. Can't say things that are false knowingly false. And be able to. Smile us money pours into your bank you can't. You know there else regardless of what people think about the reporting in the bulk of the stories in the book. His hat and outed me wrong. This white house on the top administration Alex shook Japan's core the president was clearly a sat out. The accusations I'll lines from people own White House out and about his children. He ought doesn't need make matter worse couldn't help in the age perhaps that he would not alone let it go not pleaded not. Scientists sat in front of the cameras to argue about the prime as the book it would have gotten nearly the attention than it did but the fact remains aren't have a lot have been put the task that. On the courts before. And you know when you're a public figure you are subject to criticism and even sometimes fiction and right now. It's really Hartford to a matches presently able to change on constitutional. If I mean how we're about to mark one here. Mary for him there are some new poll numbers it's only been asked me about it all the time. And is an aipac. And every Aaron like it. To me that's me. Outlets and asking that these numbers because they may translate to something and when he team maybe in the 22 when he as well what we now at the numbers act. Is really interesting we're talking about the fact that while his approval ratings story sort of steady pats or high 3036 number the disapproval ratings have. Really shot up and across all demographics including. He sort of white male demographic with in house post wrong for the president. In 2016. I think it's too sort of those in the US Republicans books that took a chance on hand ready for a change. Or perhaps only just gonna vote for Republican regardless of who was. Were now more likely to say they just don't like what they see. And it's interesting we put this larger context the last few weeks have been talking about all the movement was Steve and and whether or not that impact on now that he's out tease it out at Bryant Park adults teens with the president does politically. Who we campaigns for who he spends time when. Does he end up acting. Incumbent Republicans because frankly he knows that his approval ratings or not I'm not are not where they need to be to help boost some. Primary challenger there was when he teamed trump going to be different than 2017. If he wants to get more done. And it wants to have more friends here in DC and those two are related it's hard to pass bills. If you are working closely people who doesn't want more patents brilliantly when they got tricked. Hey thanks for watching and covered anything it's not come any time get the latest on all of these stories are down the NBC news app all the news headlines. Right here for now from house are on the from the acting thing.

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{"id":52266217,"title":"Trump addresses Russia probe, immigration in news conference","duration":"11:16","description":"Trump repeated claims of \"no collusion\" in a joint news conference with the prime minister of Norway.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-addresses-russia-probe-immigration-news-conference-52266217","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}