Trump administration highlights rule changes for detaining migrants

The new rule change would allow families to be held together in detention throughout their immigration court proceedings.
6:03 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for Trump administration highlights rule changes for detaining migrants
Thank you for joining yesterday to discuss important action the administration is taking to address the ongoing security and humanitarian crisis. Ater southwest Porter. Publishing a final rule to implement the floor settlement agreement. After nearly two years of work for the department of homeland security and health and human services professionals consideration of over 100000. Comments from stakeholders and members of the public. And it comprehensive review the trump administration has established a new rule to respond to the realities of current immigration flows. A rule based in the principle that fair and we should remain together during immigration proceedings. Follow for settlement agreement is operationally outdated and does not respond to the current immigration crisis. It has many important aspects and principals like the need for special protections for children and high standards for government facilities. There were adopted as defining features in this new rule. This is an expensive indeed still rule this morning I want to highlight four key elements. First and foremost the new rule permanently establishes. Standards of care in custody for children and families be standards are hard. In doing so the rule fulfills 1 of the central original purposes of the 1997 Forrest court settlement agreement to ensure appropriate care for all children. National standard of care insurers that sheriff custody. Care and custody of children and families is not a policy decision and should not be subject to the Arabs and flows of state and local politics. Instead all children and governments care will be universally treated with dignity respect and special concern in concert of American values. And faithful to intent of the original settlement. The facilities are we will be using to temporarily house families under this rule are appropriately. Fundamentally different than facilities were migrants are process following apprehension earned carrot the border. There campus like settings when appropriate medical educational recreational dining and private housing facilities. For example the first fairway residential center in Burke's Pennsylvania has suites for each film is housed separately. Furniture bedding towels clothing and throws reserve provided. There's a large community living room has big screen television cushioned couches amounts shares a gaming area and separate library to contains books. Other television sets video games and board games. Facility also has an entire wing dedicated to classroom learning for minors at the facility go to school five days a week seconds. The new rule close of the legal loophole in the rose from the re interpretation of forest. Which congress has refused to do. Allowing the federal government to house alien fairways together and appropriate facilities during fair and expeditious proceedings. As was done by the previous administration and 24 team and torn fifteen. Prior to the 2015 court ruling that restricted or use of the F foresees. Immigration proceedings average less than fifty days cramming those of meritorious claims prompt relief and permission to stay in the US. What appropriate documentation. While swiftly repatriating those with meritless claims group comprised a substantial majority of the fairways arriving and being process. Our goal remains as in the previous administration to provide an expeditious immigration result while holding families together. Which particularly benefits legitimate asylum seekers would meritorious claims. The current system however serves those with meritless claims and we've all migrants in the state of limbo for years. In recent months the majority of final hours of removal for families who recently arrived at or border have been issued in absentia over 85%. This rule changes that dynamic. The result of holding families together under the previous administration was a dramatic reduction in the flow of unlawful crossings by families. Between fifteen court ruling up into that process. The director predictable result has been to fairly search crises of the border first and Torii sixteen and now an unprecedented levels this year. When fully implementing the new rule restore the humane and effective procedures and toward imported fourteen and twenty for a team. Third by closing his cue for a florist new rules restore integrity to our immigration system and eliminate the major pull factor fueling the crisis. It was stated earlier this this year is brought record volumes affair means to ourselves border. The first ten months of the fiscal year. US Customs and Border Protection has observed a 469%. Increase in the number of family units apprehended between ports of entry from our for any team members. Well this year's increases especially dramatic fare we apprehensions have increased at an annual average of 72%. Over the past fiscal year. Fiscal years and through this here 2013 before Forrest was ring interpreted. The total number of famine it's apprehended entering the United States illegally on the southern border was 141855. Began by August of this fiscal year we've already seen almost 400 and some 5000 failed in its upper hand. By eliminating the incentive to make the journey the United States is a farewell. The new rule will reduce young president volume bathroom units at a stream we are ready limited resources or department components and put children throughout the region at risk. And for the new rule protect children by reducing incentives for adults including human smugglers to exploit minors in the dangerous journey toward border. Using them to beat the system and be released into United States. So far this fiscal year poor choice in summer verified approximately 6000. Migrants were fraudulently presented as members of family units of the border. In response US immigration and customs enforcement Homeland Security investigations. Has conducted two DNA pilot testing programs that have definitively identified dozens of cases in which children have no familiar relations. To be adults claiming that. No child should be a pawn in a scheme to manipulate our immigration system which is why the new rule eliminates the incentive to exploit children as a free ticket. Or is one gentleman in Guatemala told me a passport for migration to United States. This session by the administration is just one part of our overall effort but it's an essential one we'll do a great deal to address the crisis we're facing. To emphasize again. At the heart of this new rule are two core principles of fair and we should remain together. During immigration proceedings and that conditions for care of children must be appropriate.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"The new rule change would allow families to be held together in detention throughout their immigration court proceedings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65096621","title":"Trump administration highlights rule changes for detaining migrants","url":"/Politics/video/trump-administration-highlights-rule-detaining-migrants-65096621"}