Trump Administration stonewalls House Dems

Attorney General William Barr's absence from House Judiciary hearing is the latest clash with House Dems over oversight; Trump requests additional border funding from Congress.
2:27 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Trump Administration stonewalls House Dems
The White House now where White House correspondent Karen Travers. Is standing by Karen let's bring you into this the attorney general's defiance. It seems to part of a strategy by the administration right now. To Stonewall Democrats in congress dad Devean that's certainly what the House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler says that this. Non appearance William Barr today is just the latest step in that stonewalling of congress. The White House has some choice words for Nadler and the Democrats on that committee Sarah Sanders said today the fact that they were gonna punch on the questioning to staff attorneys. With a pathetic moment for Nadler and his team so the White House pushing back on that narrative. Saying that bar was up on the hill yesterday and took a lot of questions but interestingly debt and the president was very busy yesterday morning on Twitter and then he went silent. Not clear how much if any of bars testimony the president tuned into yesterday. He did say he was told that Barr did a really solid job. He says he is eighty at great guy an honorable man a high quality person. Answer those calls for him to step down which she started to hear from democratic presidential contenders and some members of congress. The president yesterday said that is ridiculous. That's quite a contrast from this first attorney general Jeff Sessions whom he'd have battled for. For months they are Karen shifting gears of the president is also sounding the alarms this morning about the situation. I at the southern border sort of a new way to White House asking for more than four billion dollars they say DHS's. Running out of cash. Yet that there at the on the blue ring right now that the agencies who are handling what they call a humanitarian. And security crisis at the border are maxed out and need at a very rapid infusion of cash from congress. The White House is asking for four point side. Billion dollars for the humanitarian. Side of this crisis. This money the bulk of it 3.3 billion dollars would go toward but the White House says are temporary shelters housing for these migrants and families that are coming across the border. And DeVon the money would good to it every day things like diapers formula meals and sanitary products things like that. We heard cabinet officials in senior administration officials in the last few weeks say. This crisis is getting worse now they're saying we are at a breaking point right now in congress needs to step it. Doesn't seem too likely with Democrats in the room house that Karen has you know full well thank you so much assay on a Karen Travers force I at the White House.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Attorney General William Barr's absence from House Judiciary hearing is the latest clash with House Dems over oversight; Trump requests additional border funding from Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62784245","title":"Trump Administration stonewalls House Dems","url":"/Politics/video/trump-administration-stonewalls-house-dems-62784245"}