Trump administration changes work requirements for food assistance

Cyndi Kirkhart, executive director for Facing Hunger Food Bank in Huntington, W.V., discusses the potential impacts of the changes to SNAP benefits.
4:02 | 12/06/19

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Transcript for Trump administration changes work requirements for food assistance
Finally today some major changes to the nation's food stamps program or taken effect this week and. What some say could result in hundreds of thousands of Americans losing benefits in one of the most difficult times of the year the trop administration. Is imposing new work requirements on food assistance agricultural department which oversees the program says that means 688000. People. Could get kicked out of the food stamp program according to USA today. That would hit Americans in cold weather states the hardest like Vermont New York South Dakota. Because one of the changes is how heating in utility bills are factored into whether you qualify. For food stamps while for more on the human impact into these changes and joined now. By Citicorp heart she's the executive director of facing hunger food bank in Huntington, West Virginia which serves just over a 100000 people and neck corner of the country Cindy it's great to see you. Are you sir folks that live in West Virginia Kentucky Ohio all kind of right there in your community what what impact do you think these food stamp changes are gonna have. Are where you. Both. Good afternoon thanks for next. Really we're looking at about 60000. People in the state of Kentucky fort ascent. And M and say it quest for about twenty pre Alison. That will be affected by these. Oh my and we have pets like this unfortunately. Demand and on chair. Resource it. That's not increase at this time that the benefits. Decreased so we're facing some challenges and we. On increased unemployment. And a Sadr called meals recently I under my art jobs that lost. So beats aren't really compelling times. We're. Then any person that Bennett and it's with families who are working and under employees jobs. As well as struggling to find employment in the state historically at real challenge is that what. Yadda and I'm hoping you can speak a little bit more to that Cindy on that question of employment because today we saw that the government. He not announced to 220000. New jobs are created last month. The unemployment rate nationally three and a half percent its lowest in decades in this country pretty rosy picture. But you use the word under employment so many Americans may have jobs but they're not making enough. To even buy food. That's right. You know. Economic upturn that's an act all parts of the country the same way. West Virginia has an estate and has not had the same peaks and valleys as cyberspace. But. On our challengers remained consistent. Are unemployment rate is aunt surely higher. International rates and we don't seem as saying benefits turning around as easily as other parts of the country. And finally Cindy this being the holiday season a lot of people looking at ways they can help and give back perhaps. What's your greatest need at this time of year work and those of us it means I do to help out. I just think it's really important to keep in mind to act. The majority of folks seeking hunger relief. Are trying very hard to lift themselves out Roberts. When you have a local entry into and volunteer time talent stretcher. You know staple hot food items like Tina utter. Duties. And our current ancient support families it is a long way and and to our art as it best effort to supporting people who are making Bettis cards ways every eight to count Robert. It is such a basic need need to eat need to survive and so many families are struggling especially at this time of year our salute to you Citicorp card executive director facing hunger food bank. In Huntington, West Virginia for the work you're doing thanks for joining us today Cindy happy holidays.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Cyndi Kirkhart, executive director for Facing Hunger Food Bank in Huntington, W.V., discusses the potential impacts of the changes to SNAP benefits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67555060","title":"Trump administration changes work requirements for food assistance","url":"/Politics/video/trump-administration-work-requirements-food-assistance-67555060"}