Trump administration's new plan raises standards for legal immigration

Jackie Vimo of the National Immigration Law Center discusses the new plan that would make it difficult for immigrants to obtain green cards if they need health insurance.
6:24 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for Trump administration's new plan raises standards for legal immigration
Trump administration's continuing crackdown on legal and illegal immigration in this country you've heard the president's vows. To opt those ice raids in this country wolf today the head of the agency that conducts those raids. Gave an update on how many immigrants have been removed in the past year. The total is 260000. It's bringing Quinn knowing now he's earned racial reporter and has been of course tracking these number's been down on the border quite it's great to see you. Help us put this totaled 260000. In just some contacts us a lot of people that have been rounded up and deported but how does that compare. A lot of people removed that estimate is actually a slight uptick from the previous year but overall the number of people were moved is still lower than the peak levels we saw under President Obama. Al as we reported on this show before the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Is a major factor in that and the head of eyes acting director Mathieu Alvin's spoken about that today at the White House briefing room I think we have a clip. We've had to redeploy. Our ice resources to support the Border Patrol and then custom protection with those jobs are the border which is made us less safe. So he's saying they have rat hats have less capacity to do this because of the situation at the border the numbers are striking that's put them up. They've also been a flash point. Offer Democrats on the campaign trail force of people and Joseph Biden married answer for why back and won 112012. Look at that. More than 400000. Ice removals just in that year alone President Obama won reelection. He is this just simply the border is there are more work here there's another. Element of this an Alvin spoke about it at the press conference today the cooperation between federal law enforcement they're ice agents that are doing these removals and the state and local jurisdictions is another he huge thing that they're dealing with. The Obama administration was able to forge those partnerships ice has struggled to do that. And we've also heard from Homeland Security career officials. Who are saying that he had the rhetoric coming out of the White House isn't making it any easier for local police officers to cooperate and get criminals are. Interest in to straighten local governments stopping their cooperation has been ever at least part of why these numbers have gone down meantime queen the administration. Is rolling out a plan that announced a couple weeks ago about how they're gonna try to crack down on legal immigration in this country they're making it harder. For legal immigrants applying for green cards to get status if they need health insurance. That's right they are rolling out what's called a public charge rule which raises the bar raises the standards for. Pour immigrants were trying to legally make it into the country they're not gonna have to fill up these new forms that we're just released overnight that. Debt assets education level summer that was already part of the immigration process but now it will be. Much harder for low income immigrants coming from poor Central American countries to go to the legal. Once again in a little bit with Jackie V motion joins us now here in the DC bureau from the national immigration law senator Jack it's great to see you are so how common is it. For immigrants applying for legal status in this country to serve. Come to the door with no health insurance. How many people were talking about here. Well I think that's important to know that this is a radical change in our immigration laws and that this is something that president trump was trying to do bypassing his so called merit based immigration bill he failed to get that through congress. And so what he's doing is using. Rule making and proclamations. To do a run and run around congress. To build what is really an invisible law. This is another brick and in what is really a messaging to folks that are trying to come into the country that if you're not white. And you're not wealthy you're not welcome and this is of real departure from status quo. You know before it was very strange it very. Almost unheard of for people to be denied. Entrance into the United States four these factors. There was the ideas and supermodel. Jackie what Tex of people are these like what types of countries are they from give us a sense of who is going to be must impacted by this rule. Exactly well so there's a number of different things happening there is the public charge rule in the then there's a new proclamation was issued. In on Friday night. But all of these factors the Migration Policy Institute estimates. That these initiatives could recent could reduce the flows illegal immigration by two thirds. And that is slashing illegal immigration and the majority of the people that this is gonna impact. Are going to be folks from low income countries. And commit and people of color because the reality is that people from Norway people from Sweden people from the UK. Who are making a 100000 dollars or more or less or not it more gonna not be impacted by this. It is really an attack on race and on wealth. And real quickly just before re let you go Jack you how do you answer the trump administration's argument that we hear all the time that. These people from a less wealthy countries that come in are much more likely to be a burden in fact the White House statements as they will saddle our health care system is that true. What's the answer to their argument on that point what what what. First of all this is not about health care. The drug administration has been attacking her health care system through the Affordable Care Act. You are rooting individual mandate attacking the child health insurance program this is actually gonna make folks more uninsured. But the reality is that they're all the data shows that you know. It would we move forward into the next generations that actually immigrants used benefits at levels much talk. Then US citizens. And actually our net boon to the economy's so it's a nonsense argument that's just going jurors didn't result in more people being uninsured. And if another attack on our health care system at a time when after. Ten years of making progress on decreasing the number of uninsured this is the first year that we've seen a spike in uninsured populations. These attacks on immigrants and are held her system are just going to continue that trend and I really hurt all of us. It's certainly part of a much broader crackdown that this administration has been pushing its heating up as we head into the campaign and we certainly know what's at play their Jackie pima with the national. Immigration loss senator thanks so much for coming in Jackie great to have your perspective and thanks to you Quinn order are true for reporting on that front as well.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Jackie Vimo of the National Immigration Law Center discusses the new plan that would make it difficult for immigrants to obtain green cards if they need health insurance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66195000","title":"Trump administration's new plan raises standards for legal immigration","url":"/Politics/video/trump-administrations-plan-raises-standards-legal-immigration-66195000"}