Former Trump adviser on his new documentary

Roger Stone is profiled in the new documentary, "Get me Roger Stone."
20:57 | 05/12/17

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Transcript for Former Trump adviser on his new documentary
Hey guys ominous odds here live in New York thanks for being with us we have a great interview up for you next. Stay with us Roger Stone longtime ally of president trunk and political strategist. Subject of the new documentary get me Roger Stone out on Catholics today. They are delighted to be here congratulations on the film thank you it's sought for the first time. It's not a hit piece it's kind of straight down mentally it's fair you think it's fair yes that is very well may. That's it's entertaining and. We'll see how crazy my life has been. It has been great at that well it's been fun I'm you know I think that in our fast moving. Society would all the cable choices and all the talk radio choices all the Internet choices. You gotta be over the top to get people's attention the only thing worse. And being wrong and politics is being boring and I try never bore that right lets you view it in words to be boring and the only thing worse than being talked about is not being competent. Let's talk about the film you've seen the final cut there's a lot of it's your story it's your personal story how you got to be who you are today it's a lot of people talking about you. As well and feminine face some unkind thing. Well there are skeptics every place there's a couple liars in the film people who don't tell the truth there are highs in the oh well I don't want to disparage the deceased so we won't talk about wing paired in the fact that he's a liar. So be on that. You know politics ain't bean bag I had no editorial control here's you're gonna get a few alternatives. Views but I think even those who dislike me or disagree with me would agree that I'm never boring. That's probably at an undeniable fact Jeffrey Toobin calls you with sinister Forrest Gump of American politics there I think the sinister part of my argue with but the truth of it is that I am a veteran of ten individual presidential campaign starting with a Richard Nixon all the way through Donald crowned that I. Have diverse friends like Al Sharpton who valuable advice when he ran for president because I happen to be very pro civil rights. A and I have. Just kind of popped up whether it's the Hud scandal the Watergate scandal. Russian collusion and scandal. Here I am. You just popped up but their attention. Well is some question being in the right place in at the right time I was working for Nixon as the youngest member of the committee reelect president nineteen years old when Watergate happened. I was working for Ronald Reagan when the Hud scandal happened I was working for supporting at least Donald Trump when so called. Russian collusion. Non scandal happened so maybe just being the right place story but talk about the news because there are as you it. Talked about it confidant of the president. Even the architect of his campaign dunk candidate but don't companies the architect of his campaign really I resigned from the campaign in August because frankly. Focuses on strategist. It's his name is money it's his reputation she's feature really kind of has that right. I had a different vision of his campaign that he did. PS he turned out to be right I turned out to be wrong from the moment I quit. I was had to be his biggest supporters argue over 600 series speeches for migrants and independent. Political operations to help elect him I love Donald Trump. Great affection for him and his family and I think he has the potential to be. Truly transformational president. I want to see him. Stick closely to the things he said in the campaign do so for example when he said he was for states rights on the question of medicinal marijuana. I want to stick to that I don't like it or hear Jeff Sessions talked about cracking down on Merrill want to saying. Only bad people used marijuana no mister attorney general sick people use marijuana millions. You know at the website that represented as PR for you actually has he right now but the architect of the campaign you may want and what what would disagree with that the alliance strategies group has been running your digital campaigns. Anyway I've never parted the OK they weren't for him I think I kinda lists brokering the agreement within the that would be an overstatement Donald companies his own man. He's unmanageable but you and I I don't admire is that my US two had not run for president in the first place last. Because in years ago I. I 1980 it was the first time this idea dawned on me I looked at Al Gore and George W. Bush and I wasn't too impressed with either point nine. I don't think George W. Bush was great president Al Gore couldn't seem to figure who was three debates he was three different guys. He was really good our military issues when he was in the senate and by the time he ran for president is pretty soft so. I wanted trump to run than I thought he had the stature. The the size I don't mean physical size but charisma for the television age. But most importantly his wealth. Gives him an independence. Nobody controls him he's not paid for no special interest has an inside track within BQB bullied him he's tough as nails. So I wanted to run in 1988. Armed running in 2000. 2012 and then this time you think his independence is financial independence helped to to strengthen and etiquette. Look I worked as a lobbyist in Washington and trunks right it's a corrupt system it's a rigged system is rigged against the little person by the special interest. There's no one big billionaire special interest that Donald Trump is beholden to he doesn't owe anybody. Other than the voters you know longer work as a lot had not worked as lobbyists for thirty years. Let me ask you about the news this week because of course your name is come up as he said. Pops up every time there's some big news yes when president trump fired. Mr. Cohen it was reported that he that advice and to do so they know that you've said that you don't want to talk about. The conversation that you have with the president as you said he's spoken to him very recently how. Went. Again. I'm not the source of those stories so if you look at the CNN or the Politico story of the New York Times story not the source of the nor would I comment. I'm how can characterize. Private conversations with president hadn't didn't during the campaign had instance became president because I'm Smart enough to know if I do they'll end. But they went I've spoken to him very recently that immediately is gonna leave that that apparently there to say when I get even there the important thing is. I fully support his decision to to fire mr. call me like yes actually I think he had become. Unaccountable. He was like. He was deciding what crimes to look in doing what crimes to ignore. I think he was accountable to no one's kind of funny how the Democrats despise him. Because they feel he treated Hillary Clinton unfairly in the campaign they were screaming for his head a week ago but now that trump is fired him. They reversed overnight he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hypocrisy there unit concerns about accountability. I think I think he's out of control I mean technically. What he did Hillary Clinton in terms of making these pronouncements and that'll political campaign no FBI director has ever gotten that. From a partisan point view I understood the value problem but it wasn't proper. The end the the invasion. If you look at that the house committee hearing in which he's asked about me he doesn't answer any questions but he leaves an implication. Now as far as Russian collusion and Roger Stone. According to New York Times on January 20 page one. Wiretap and data utilized in probe of crime aids that's the headlines they change in the online issue. As they often do it I believe I've been surveillance since last June. I don't know whether that is on the basis of fights a war which would be a secret what they believe that is turning and a number of things have come up in the press that could only be going from my email and documents things but things. That are an invasion of my privacy careful look at it and if I'd I was definitely hacked it was reported back in April of last year and it. Please have it would mighty you know ability email. I lost certain files and saw the point of this is. The government already has my records in my opinion and therefore they know. I don't know any rush I didn't meet with any Russians I didn't plot when many Russians I didn't collude always any rush. About this because you've you've come you didn't report about the contact you haven't won rational actor online I obviously didn't rush he is not a rush just because the intelligence services assessment. Says he's a Russian. They said Saddam Hussein. Weapons of mass just not testing the intelligence services they have been politicized they have been politicized and and a seventeen intelligence agencies keep talking about. Are all still headed by appointees Barack Obama you have said that you there was no collusion between you and an election cycle are leading up to election. You played an Integra role in the campaign. Could have been anyone else who had contact with a collective action as well in the case of palm and four. Who was assuring my wedding and somebody I've known for forty plus years. He tells me no and I choose to believe him but you know I don't know general flat and never met general plan never had a discussion within. I would not have taken a gratuity from Russian TV I think that was a state. As far as this fellow Carter page who I guess I didn't meet him one of my book signings at record I saw that online last night but in fact when he was introduced in this Adori one of those neo cons. But in any event. If they were colluding with Carter page they were wasting their time he had no influence in this campaign he was a number of hundred number issue advisory committee. It turns out but she's never met down from never been a meeting with. But it sounds like you're saying that could have been contact between members of the count campaign and Russian officials well it. Anything could happen maybe that sun will come up tomorrow morning but I know Adnan and I think. It is unlikely that. Yeah I think in I think in your role in the campaign it it is what I had available to Rula and I happily I had no official campaign. It was completely in independent operator after resign and I resigned in August of last year. Appreciate you lots of time August of the previous issue remained part of you remain I trunks and order advocate ferret out. I know of no collusion with the Russians frankly I don't think the outcome needed any collusion with the Russians and in fact I would say that. I believe John Podesta invented this narrative. Accusing trump of being in bed with the Russians because it distracted attention from the fact that he and his brother Tony and bill and Hillary. Had made millions of dollars deal and all the clerks. Around potent there's the uranium deal the gas deal a bank deal. It's all there at eat better and concerns about director mean being accountable or not account yes helping his role. Do you think the president should be held at the same level of account he is held to an account he's held to the accountability of the voters he is his prerogative to fired the FBI director he won that when he became president on Tuesday spent in this and that the degree that the versions of the story that we've gotten. About why. Mr. Connolly with fires have not quite line. I really don't I'm not seen the inconsistencies. Here's why. I think the president had. Lack of confidence in call me I think the testimony of may third. Where he said you know the idea that I helped electron me nauseous you can. Imagine how the president may react to this and he hadn't yet they said the added that I had a hand in the election legal election. It wasn't that well but we might. But we know who won so the implication is there any of that. I think the president may have decided earlier that this guy had to go. His lawyers gave him the justification for Ames I've written it many videos on it talked about it yes I think out of fired him. Five seconds after the president took his hand off the Bible it consistently for a lot of people come from the fact that the first story with that it was entirely on view at the recommendation that the deputy trade. And then of the 24 hours. That was her first. Priority excited fire before the recommendation I think that was probably the legal justification. For doing so I didn't actually see the president's remarks last night so. But added that he needs a vacation that nowhere did I get to tell that you give to tell the American people the basis of your decision he had no more confidence in and director called me he says that. About the way you talk of Patrick. Yeah it comes up. You call yourself and national provocateur yes right slot wide issues that because politics and being that this is context. That this it's a rough and tumble game and they accused Abraham Lincoln. Having you know mixed race children they accused one of our presence of being cross Dresser. The accused. Grover Cleveland of having illegitimate children. This is not a genteel old you know civic debate over the reason that George W. Bush. Came out on top in the recount is because. Al Gore's Hitler seem to think that this was a high level constitutional debate news Jim Baker said this is street fight for the presidency of the United States that's how our American system is. They and it it is if you is I said earlier if you're not. Provocative if you're not interest dating in our fast when society get no attention whatsoever. But it provocateur literally is someone who leads people to do illegal things now that's I don't agree with that analysis of actual layout that may be what I meant in this case is that I seek to spur people into action I think participation by everybody. Is a good idea this is why. This whole notion of Internet censorship bothers me here fake news your fake news now. Let everybody speak let the consumers decide what they like what they believe what they don't believe. Censorship as a slippery slope I'm very disturbed. By. By the announcement that the Justice Department. Is considering indicting Julian Assange he's a journalist. He shouldn't have to give up resources anymore than ABC where the New York Times when you start indicting journalists. Who's next to walk through her pension stop using race fake news no I do not I think that there are things out there that are that are in fact they at a form of censorship labeling something credible and but that I think it down that's a First Amendment issue I think you can say whatever you want. It's when you prevent people from printing or broadcasting or reaching people. Which Google and FaceBook and Twitter are now doing through the manipulation of algorithms. My re cleats on Twitter quarter of a 1000000 October. Half dozen tomorrow why. I mean the techies tell me why because they are manipulating algorithms. It's a slippery slope I'm not for censorship of any. I want to ask you about. Something else that he talked about this is a while ago actually I looked around I hadn't found another answer to it. The man spoke at the DNC last year Kaiser caught. You tweeted something the actually written about it as well alleging that he was a member of the Muslim brother and I. I correct in that quickly what had meant to say is that he wrote an editorial praising the Muslim Brotherhood produced. You you don't see any statement anymore well first of all he is an Egyptian. The Muslim Brotherhood is not Egyptian head right he is associated wins. Abdul. Nasser. Who the Justice Department said was responsible for the financing. Seif the financing of 9/11 attack. He also took gratuities from the Democratic National Committee and when you say to the two to the convention Donald probably is violating the constitution sir. You believe in Sharia law you have written about it and use it is superior to the constitution so don't lecture us about the constitution. With appropriate. Lost in service to know I would I don't know I would not have done that but I but I do it was fair to point out that he died in a war that that the bushes and the clintons are working together gave us toward prompt and I quote. And says that pat as his right to deliver free speech he showed little thing that he chose to jump into the political hand by alleging that he was the number of a terrorist. Know what personal he would deny that he was in favor of because he's written extensively. Supporting the Muslim brother. Cool he what she. What I said about why that you compliment her and some other and I immediately retracted it and corrected it as ABC never made a mistake people make mistakes I'll have to live up to them I think frankly aaron's. I ask you about where you line he talked about how politics mr. and crumbled sports is there any that you won't bring we're all a break along great book. Do you consider amateur he trickster that's. But there's one trip that's not in. Trees. Liberal friends I think they're misguided we disagree about I don't accused in the being traitors to the United States. So this notion that if you're not for war in Syria with the Russians over Syria or that you must be trader. That that's outrageous I got into politics. Because he did the Russian system I've got into politics because of the anti communism variable waters later Ronald Reagan. From has no illusions about the Russian goo log he knows they oppress gays Christians and Jews because it's a rotten system. It Keller. But you don't assault a guide you need to sit there and try to negotiate world peacefully we should not go to war over Syria. A no fly zone which Hillary Clinton favored that's an open invitation to world war three. That we've had enough endless foreign wars. Where the inherent interest the United States is just not clear. Winning. That it winning. I'll outline. Well about winning on behalf of the center of principal went on to cap a vote philosophy there are Republicans what wouldn't work for guys. I don't agree leave them philosophically it. My own philosophical views have shifted over time when I was much younger I was more. Strident right wing kind of traditional Republican. Much more libertarian today and always supported gay marriage we support the legalization of marijuana. I want to reclassify marijuana from a class one rug. Two you know I want it downgrade which Obama could have done before it left surprisingly didn't keeping president well. I certainly hope so I am an electric utilities. Said he has some libertarian views he said in the campaign that he was forced states' rights the states had the rights to decide about the regulation Merrill that's correct. 29 states now have medicinal Merrill ought to. Eight states have recreational marijuana. That's a tough process and a lot of the state needs 60% of the vote and asked who legislature. So you can before states' rights when it comes transgendered bathrooms states' rights when it comes to abortion. It comes to Merrill for example. I'm very disappointed. An attorney general sessions on this issue. I just think he's wall you know perhaps a cultural thing but that many many young people and I think many libertarians. Kind of turned off by the goofy campaign here Johnson ran this time much better campaign four years ago. Voted for trump on that assurance and I think he needs to stick to it. You mention your your loyalty to the president you're the fact you keep your conversations confident because backed. That it's part of that and as I know you're really know that we're I don't there won't be any but you also mentioned that the line for you is is breaking the law. So let me ask you at the to Wear to come into conflict. If it's believed that the president could have broken the law in some way which went out the other. Allard in politics a long time ago not answer hypothetical questions. And that one's pretty far there's something. That means of not getting an answer correct but it down sensitivity documentary get meet Roger Stone out on Netflix today thank you so much for me thank you. And they solid you for watching as well early analyst good for more for now I'm on an and in that case.

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