Trump adviser touts president’s support in New Hampshire

Trump campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski, who served on his 2016 campaign as well, explains why Trump is rallying support in the state.
7:04 | 02/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump adviser touts president’s support in New Hampshire
Today I spoke with Corey little and asking his service campaign manager for much of president comes 2016. Campaign he's now senior advisor to Trump's 20/20 campaign. And was what the president and his rally last night in New Hampshire so I started by asking him which Democrat the president would most like to run against. Well look you know all of the Democrats decide but I do have to say this. You'll what I look at the field and I look at that it grassroots support that Bernie Sanders has the small dollar fundraising he's had the large rallies he's had in his rallies. Have really made continuous for almost four years and given a second largest of the president for a long time. Knowing that I think he's going to win in New Hampshire tonight. I think the Democrats are afraid that Bernie Sanders might actually went away with this nomination and we're gonna see potentially. A contested convention for the Democrats if he doesn't get to the requisite number of delegates and I think that's disastrous. For the Democratic Party. The president has also been focusing a lot his attacks on Twitter including today on Michael Bloomberg so. Is he the candidate in this race and the president is most worried about is that perhaps how we might deal to translate that. Well I think what you see with Michael Bloomberg is as the mayor he had a series of policies that he's now apologizing. More weather that stop and frisk whether that's how big of I drink you can have the soda band that he's apologetic for now look I think this president. Wants to take on anybody who wants to go after him so that he can highlight his record of success to the American people. And changes mentioned summing that I wanted to pick up on is so Michael Bloomberg you know of course was in the headlines today that. 2015 audio that's resurfaced of him defending a controversial policing procedure known as stop and frisk and in response. President trump blasted Bloomberg and a tweet this morning that since been taking down saying. Wow Bloomberg is a total racist but in 2018 president trump gave a speech in Orlando supporting stop in for his take a list of. And Rudy Giuliani when he was mayor of New York City. Had a very strong program of stop and frisk and it went from an unacceptably dangerous city to one of the safest. Cities in the country and I think the safest big city in the country so it works got to be properly applied but stop and frisk works. So Corey does a president really have much room to criticize Bloomberg over stop and frisk if he himself supports the tactic. Well I I think is up for Mayor Bloomberg to. Speak to the American people why he supported that is the mayor and why he no longer supports outlook we also know that today. We see information that Michael Bloomberg supported. Russia invading Crimea. I don't know why he would do that but that's new information that was just released a at least I've seen it. In the in the Twitter sphere sought an old attacker but it seems to be accurate Dutton 2015. Michael Bloomberg supported Russia invading Crimea and so look I think. No one in the last few months has really scrutinize the mayor's record. But he he continues to get into this race his own party is going to scrutinize that record I think it's fair to do that. But let's just go back for a moment just humor me hear from an a because if Bloomberg supported stop and frisk and that is coming up at this point and then trump says you're racist but now we also know that trump also supports that same tactic. I just don't understand how you call one person out for being races but then it's okay for president trump. Look I I think if we won a look at the record of what this president has done. For the African American Camille the last three years in juxtaposition that with what Michael Bloomberg is done would be happy. We do that look this president. Was forceful in getting the second step back second choice act hadn't done through congress so that people like Alice Johnson. Could have a new opportunity and like this was a non violent African American woman who sentenced to life in jail and because of the work of Donald Trump and his administration. She is free today we saw that is so mobile ad where she thanked the president sport look. This president's done more for the African American community in three years and Barack Obama did for eight and they all have the opportunity. To either reward or not reward for the the present for that at the ballot box. In 2016 the president received 8% of the black vote and I think in 21. So anybody who support stop and frisk is unfair to call them racist. I looked us up to the voters to decide what is it wasn't my policy not only was I not. The mayor of New York City I'm not the Prez the United States but Michael Bloomberg has to answer for his tenure as the as the mayor of New York City and all of his policies. Are the president's poll numbers are taking up post impeachment of course but half of the country still doesn't approve of his overall job performance despite. The very strong economy and a new quinnipiac poll that's out this week has him. Losing to every single one of the top democratic candidates in head to head polling the president is holding onto his base of supporters were you concerned that those numbers suggest that. He's broadly unpopular heading into Tony Tony. Well look at for an rely on polling day than Hillary Clinton is next president not states because every public poll including. This network show that Hillary was going to win. On Election Day in 2016. When we woke up election morning of 2016 the New York Times. Wall Street Journal's of the Hillary Clinton was going to win in the largest selection landslide since Ronald Reagan's reelection effort she's not the president has stated today. The election margin was so large and 2016. Don't tell could've lost a state of Florida and still when elected president so. I take no solace in polling data which we are sitting here with in February on a national scale I'll be happy. Happy to look at the polling data that goes state by state. I'm here on the road they are with the president in New Hampshire now on the heels of the president's acquittal in state of the union described the crowds and the support. That you're seeing on the ground. Well last night obviously the president was here in New Hampshire a rally at the Southern New Hampshire University then 121000. People. Inside the arena the fire Marshal closed it and said it was the largest single event which ever transpired inside that arena there are thousands more outside and look. I believe the Republican parlay party is fully unified. Behind this president unlike four years ago we saw that in Iowa where the present at 987%. 97 point 6% of the vote. In the Republican caucus where C a strong showing tonight for the present in the Republican primary here so things are good for the Republicans. And we continue to seek. I divided Democratic Party with a lot of infighting. And I think that's gonna hurt them long term and our base is very energized right now the impeachment Shea and energized. Not just our base. But independents across the country who said. Boy we probably should have waste our time on this the public polling data indicate that the president has come on the other side the impeachment trial. Much more positive anyone into it. You couple that with a successful state of the union speech and of the Boko and Iowa for the Democrats and I think you've seen it very good two weeks for the president had states. RA Kory thank you so much for joining us there in New Hampshire are very grateful for your time. My pleasure thank you.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Trump campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski, who served on his 2016 campaign as well, explains why Trump is rallying support in the state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68921645","title":"Trump adviser touts president’s support in New Hampshire","url":"/Politics/video/trump-adviser-touts-presidents-support-hampshire-68921645"}