Trump aide Rob Porter resigns amid allegations of domestic abuse

"The View" co-hosts discuss the impact of Porter's ousting.
7:09 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Trump aide Rob Porter resigns amid allegations of domestic abuse
White house top staffer rob porter announced he's stepping down after domestic violence claims by two of his ex-wives went public. Reportedly senior aides knew about this for months and chief of staff John Kelly still says porter is a man of true integrity and honor. He's proud to stand by him. Between calling dreamers lazy and this, I mean, maybe Mr. Kelly is not having the greatest week of his life. No. Might not be the best week. You think this is the real general Kelly speaking now. That's what worries me. I felt this president because he wasn't qualified wound surround himself by qualified people he would listen to and when general Kelly was appointed chief of staff I felt we're safer. But not only did he do this, he's made disparaging comments about congresswomen and others. In domestic violence cases there are no pictures. There are no paper trails. In this case, there is, however. There is. There's a picture and a restraining order that was issued to this woman and so the white house had this information. A judge found that she was in danger, yet they disregarded it. What does that tell our girls and women that they don't care about us? It tells the women take a picture. God knows how many women don't come forward. Take a picture. Everybody has a camera now. Take a picture. Last night I was at a friend's house when this story broke and the picture came out@ online and I was gutted by this one in particular. You're talking about a man who has been accused by two ex-wives and one ex-girlfriend of physical abuse and alleged trump aides knew about it and couldn't get a security clearance because of these allegations. Jared Kushner doesn't have one. I think it's bizarre that you don't have a security clearance. Is he from the Middle East that -- what happened to that? The members of the Republican party and women are staggering moving forward. Say that again. Women, women's impression of the Republican party are staggeringly depressing for me. 70% of women have a issue with the trump administration. Warren hatch, senator from Utah who can't get out of office fast enough. Because porter was his chief of staff as well. If you're defending domestic violence towards women in the era of me too, someone like me is I can't get mind this. 53% of the white women voted for trump you don't think they'll vote Republican again? This is a -- you have a quote I want to come to from a piece you wrote, Whitney. But someone like me, politics is my entire life. The policy of this administration I can get behind a lot but you have a wife beater in office who is dating your communications director and didn't care to tip her off that this guy has black and blued his ex-wife's face. It says a lot about the men working in the white house. He punched her in her face during their honeyhoneymoon. Yeah. In Italy. Of all places. For me, our country is so bifurcated right now and so tribal and this is an issue that it's not about Republican or Democrat. We're so aligned. We're talking like the Redskins and the cowboys. Like this is not -- it's just right or wrong. And this is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a human being issue. We're talking about people in the white house right now. That's true. It is a Republican issue. Now it's time for the white house to stop being a Republican and just be a decent human being. The quotes coming out supporting him are abhorrent talking about a wife beater who I choose to always believe women but there's photographic evidence. This is cataclysmic going forward. He's denying it of course. As you know he would do. He hasn't been fired. He resigned. This is what he said. Let's not forget trump is in the white house and he allegedly has assaulted many women. So they keep him there. It's not that big a threat to understand why they do that. Yeah. This is what's interesting. Porter is still denying these allegations. And he says these outrageous allegations are simply false. I took the photos given to the media nearly 15 years ago and the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described. I have been transparent and truthful but will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear come pain. Was he transparent and truthful to general Kelly and the president that they know? They were aware of it. But what's interesting is he says he took the pictures. Yeah. I mean, it's like we'll see. After he kicked her and then punched her. Why are we even having this conversation? She says that he -- she asked him to take the pictures as proof that he did this so that she could show him at another time. That's why he took the pictures. That's what she says. April Ryan reported on CNN that ivanka was particularly upset and she didn't know about it. Ivanka? Yeah. She didn't know. She may not have known. This may not be information that went to her. But the bottom line is everyone is waiting for him to be removed. Uh-huh. He's still there today. That's why I'm saying everyone is waiting for him to be removed because as we've seen with so many other people we get folks out of there rather quickly except for you know who. But this this is troubling for everybody. Troublingheartbreaking and I read a quote saying the transition was smooth. I'm like now all of a sudden you want things smoothly in there. In the chaotic white house. Nothing is smooth. What upset me the most when I saw this headline and didn't see the pictures I saw the headline and was like -- I was upset I wasn't more outraged because I worry this is Normal. This is starting to become Normal. Which part? I saw he hasn't been fired yet and I'm like that's about right. I can't believe I just -- I don't think it feels Normal. I think you're not surprised by this bad behavior. That's correct. That's the outrage. I was surprised by that. And I was a little -- You were? Yes. And a little emotional because I worked in politics my entire life. There's a logical way if it had gone in another direction, someone else was in office, I could possibly work in politics on capitol hill. There's wife beaters running around and I could possibly be dating and no one is telling me. Any woman in any industry. Remember when Cory Lewandowski roughed up a woman and he stayed in the job for a while? I know. There's another guy. We're going.

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{"id":52938442,"title":"Trump aide Rob Porter resigns amid allegations of domestic abuse","duration":"7:09","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the impact of Porter's ousting.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-aide-rob-porter-resigns-amid-allegations-domestic-52938442","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}