Trump says aides shouldn't testify

Donald Trump told The Washington Post in an interview he is against current and former staffers providing testimony to Congress.
2:42 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Trump says aides shouldn't testify
I want to go to Washington. The White House Democrats they have subpoenaed. The White House counsel Don them again to testify but president trump argued in a Washington Post reports that he doesn't want his current or his former aides. To testify so want to bring in Ben Siegel. At our DC bureau. Then that one of the biggest questions I think people have is who has the final say what branch of government is ruling right now. Kimberly that's a good question I think it's one that people have different answers to depending on where they work in Washington obviously congress think that they have a prerogative. To investigate what they wanted they have broader authority to conduct oversight of the administration and its actions and especially after the motor report they have a lot of questions. But the White House says the president. You know had his own prerogatives and this is a legal a legal battle that's been brewing for some time in Washington and we can finally see it come to head in the courts. Yang you mention congress but have they made in reaction to him saying he doesn't want anyone to testify. Well that was just overnight to the Washington Post and any reference that before. You know the president's argument and and we can pull some of that up is basically that you know of Democrats have questions. They can read them all a report I don't want people testifying. That's what they're doing if they if they do this. Looking at what they said to Lawler I mean people to people spoke to the more team is special counsel's. Office for hours and hours. At the White House's request voluntarily so to the president's you know anything else is as sort of an effort to damage him politically and of course if you talk to Democrats on the hill. They would say and again I read we reference this before but it you know it doesn't matter this damages the president politically this is something that they're responsible to look into they have concerns. That about obstruction of justice in some of the president's actions began specifically. The former White House counsel. Told the special counsel's office about several encounters he had with the president. When the president directed him to try to remove Mueller from office so. They have lots of questions about the obstruction here Anderson the only way to get those questions clarified is to hear from the person be behind some of those encounters. Yen so as that's happening trump was also tweeting this morning about caravans heading for the US border what do we know about that. That's right that's that's you know immigration is something of this president feels very strongly about something he's thought very consistently about for a long time. And it's his perspective that there's not enough being done by Mexico and the US government to stop people from coming over the southern border and to coming to this country illegally. So time and time again you'll see this president returned to the subject something that resonates with his voters and he feels very passionate about so armed. You know I don't know what we'll see if that what that's what that means in Washington but obviously something the president feels very strongly about.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Donald Trump told The Washington Post in an interview he is against current and former staffers providing testimony to Congress. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62601354","title":"Trump says aides shouldn't testify ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-aides-testify-62601354"}