Trump answers reporters' questions on Sessions, McConnell and Kelly

The president said of his relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, "It is what it is."
13:12 | 08/10/17

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Transcript for Trump answers reporters' questions on Sessions, McConnell and Kelly
Let's give bonds from North Korea and now I feel my guys is that lots recovery here is a twenty minute that he average. Probably at least a dozen different topic I'm my notes here correctly I'm. On the we read on the up or down here and it's not your loving yeah. Ago. It costs pounding. Topics everything end it was like I lots of questions from I mean you don't she missed an electric vehicle we're getting close. That's athletic if you like to going to her notes or if ever let let's talk about some of the comments about his own. Cabinet because this is a little bit of incited to how things are working. General Kelly got a bit of a name check that is Mike Pompeo with CIA director he was asked about Jeff Sessions and Alex and John want to take this first and everybody feel free to jump in. If it's there and hasn't this guy has no poker face right he's basically that. Yet it it is what it is my relationship with sessions which is not exactly. A resounding endorsement. Now I mean but I gotta be honest with ya on the scale of where he's been on Jeff Sessions we are at a one point five today compared to that 10100000. We've been getting for the at. I mean I mean saying that he has been disappointed in session that he never would immediately attorney general if he was going to accuse himself from the Russian investigation. To basically saying today you know it it is what it is we are are we are happy he's going after the leaks but. Big difference from witnesses in I mean we were all looking I don't think he talked about sessions with the technical nice if the little gentle actually one. That's I was thinking if I'm Jeff Sessions and I feel more job security that I felt the probably and that's a month. In another person that I did that these remarks. That the president spoke about that struck me. Was HR McMaster yeah we've we've been following this kind of back and forth between. The band in wing of the White House in the McMaster wing of the White House and there's been some doubt there's been some media reports that suggested that. He could be in hot water with the president but if I see now that the president had full confidence. All I mean I mean on the saying he liked and respected and he's a good guy he absolutely has confidence in him for that in fighting in the White House going on. That was a ringing endorsement the president basically saying hands off my national security advisories doing well that the one personal so that huge cheering as you mentioned general John Kelly. His new chief of staff who's obviously moved over from ths. The one thing that we've been noticing down here today isn't sure you do it. General Kelly's on the cover of time magazine it and yet it that is not a good. Thing for general. An Alley and I want that it. Well I had to take the spotlight away from Donald Trump is a problem realize on that this is a man that when he was working at a trump tower had. Three rows up magazine covers they had his face on it. This is the guy that cares about him being right there in the spotlight so went bad and was out there on the cover of time being called president and then. On Saturday night live at the in bode well for him for John Kelly. You'll. There Washington Post even had known him he'd. Forged a time cover of himself yes but it and one of his golf clubs. And yet he did after bandit was on the cover I think that was February he publicly to read it in the on the middle of the capital ramadi playing off air force. And pretty I think Catherine you are trying Chiming jury. I'm I can't remember when I Darrent was on the cover and and he was in the headlines it and the president admit that remark in the cabinet meeting what did he say the he's getting more famous than I am now not obviously a joke and not an attack against Eric but it's funny out there all real the cover of time John but I'd have to say. That's an obsessive comment I was kind of scratching heads he does thirty dot. I had to go back in and listen to that they benefit well like saying it's fine for their relationship. Would you let that you know you have. A heck of a lot of job on security now but as we know. This could change in the next hour in the next week in the next day MEU you never know you never know but it seems like. At least the praise many gave for that for the people sitting around and an evening when about presents you said they know what's behind it is what it is he's done good things on the border. Yadda yadda. Again big big this big day for names you I'd say big. Day big day for ham and and also getting weighing in right there line. I'm Paul man aboard a former team member write this the first time we've really heard from the president since we learned. Mann a port house was raided by the FBI it late last month. And that of course is in relation to the special investigation being led by Bob law that we also heard from. Weigh in on that that Catherine magic take it first there which you make. Of what president and had to stay on both those fronts on man of fort end on Mahler. Eight you know I think what he said on Mueller is he said I've only read through lamb. Media reports. That you know I'm thinking about dismissing any says I haven't really given it any hi Alice it seemed to take this wait a second because he is reported. Out this story but he said that he was surprised. To see at the FBI had had raided them apartment of Ford's home and in common and a little bit on map but I also think what's striking is as we saw a report earlier from one. One of his and John Allen who who wrote an email. Basically blaming Muller for this and I I spoke to doubt earlier basically could have confirmed this. Comments that he but it's the first time we heard from the president he said it was. But this was pretty hard she said and I found a Mueller comment. Pretty striking the white really hasn't ruled this out they they have said. At this time we're not considering a you know he has that consider this at all but from the president he hears such AM. Affirm it caught on from his advisors say we respect this process we respectable is doing don't think anything there. We think this is a phony investigation we think it's a witch hunt but he didn't. Re great yes that you know he hasn't given any thought to dismiss that but John I add to hear you a lot of that you know good color from. From there reporting out of out of Paul in a four in the raid are you hearing anything else from from his spokespeople from his aides from the president. No I mean from the president got to be honest with you Catherine I was writing damaged as Alex knows that it looked at my bingo but. The fact that Paul metaphor was there for a short time and had not really a lot of involvement in my campaign. Lament of four planned the Republican National Convention. And it was there but he's the one that got that delicate in the tunnels for. Let me I like it now that doesn't really yeah I mean it doesn't really the I think. Do what I heard there that kind of struck out to me was was that that he was kind of cozying up to them. By defending him against smaller by a by Wright repeating what we heard his counsel say. That that what they saw what more did buy it by reading his home sent a strong signal this kind of goes back to the root of what that. The top administration sees this probe as witches. Purely politically motivated and something that discredits his win in the election. And so it was kind of rarity here and actually win on main affords a Yankee presidency. Because he's that yet airport's been somebody that's we've read in the papers metropolis largely been silent about any event. I'm Seward I thought I would ever I was in for him yeah I mean he's never got that I was all right thing worse than than. Yeah I mean he never weighs in on him called him a decent man. You know but but again I do think it is pretty striking. Just meeting as Alex's closing of a bit but making that separation that he wasn't there for awhile. Net of fourteen minute a very pivotal time Donald Trump campaign. And ultimately is the one you could argue that helped. Make him the Victor and and bring those delegates to Ohio. So here's the other point of consistency with the president he once again attacked the senate majority lead her Mitch McConnell. X I think quite frankly that the same precedent and a lot of people have it but. I got into office after hearing repeal and replace repeal and replace the night that where's the plan and there is no plan. That we've seen Mitch McConnell strike back an appearance in DCJ by saying look I think the man had expected expectation. About how legislation work. But it doesn't look like this feud is going to be solved. Any time soon in my rain I don't. Thanks so does that that you I mean that the reporters to ask him if he reach out to his wife Elaine Chao who has the transportation secretary. And if she could maybe get in the middle of it and and you know and you need immediately be. The issues they have but what the president said was I'm very disappointed. In Mitch McConnell and whenever whenever we've heard the president say that it's usually been about his cabinet members so the president right here is dissing of I'm really trying to distance himself. From that health care vote I mean he obviously sees how it's really affected at this wolf they support that he really relies on and his administration. As but even going back earlier today that fact that he said Mitch get back to work may go back to Washington. Yeah that really his that it that the key here. That that he feels that this and it did not work hard enough for him to get things done and the question on that he was supposed. In the first time around reporters today. If he thought that Mitch McConnell should step aside as the leader of the senate was do you think just that president said well can't get health care done if he can't. Get tax reform done it can't get infrastructure done well Ben asked me act question. So pretty telling others another loyal I Catherine go ahead of does is losing its. I don't have his hands tied here right and he's he's now been the president and he's disappointed he can't get them. Health care but the reality isn't as if this is a collective sport and hit the receiver of the house Newt Gingrich even at this point saying the president just can't. Sit here on the sidelines and say you know. Go public into the senate that we commonly refers to as they they've day and not Wi fi. Distancing himself from the party there so he's disappointed in this McConnell and wanted to move forward on act. His tax plan and infrastructure but. Is bill aren't and there's nothing to Newport on that please eat he doesn't see as. A lot of wait and see there I think in the in the stream of other weight and these that he before we go except I wanna get your take on something. That came up with a huge story when it first bubbled out for about 48 hours and that kind of trickled away but the first different the president weigh in on again. And that if this tweet about potentially banning all transgender. Americans from the American military he was asked about it today. What did you make of mr. It was very interesting I mean we here at the Pentagon have been asking. US officials here if they have gone any. Guidance from the white house on this if this is now official policy were transgender people can no longer serve. And what we keep hearing here is that there are waiting for White House guidance on this it was remotely interesting to hear the president say. Just a few moments ago that the military is working on it. Well they don't really law as far as you know they don't really know what they're working on there we heard from general jumper who said. The policy is unchanged. Soul. There have there's been no movement in that arena just yet but real interesting to hear the president say the military's working on it. But it. But as of today we Wien we were asking those questions. This morning the have not gotten the guidance they tell us at the about kind gotten guidance that they need from the White House to move forward on any type of band. Or any type of proposal today and tracked the transgender communities of speaking of disappointments. We've heard from plenty of advocacy groups. In the transgender community who have expressed they're just moment. Disappoint with the presidents. In recent tweets aimed at transgender people would not be allowed to serve keep in mind there are about 111000. Transgender people who are currently serving. School are they they don't know what to do a lot of them some of them I've spoken with have have said that they've spoken with their commanders who have reassured them that hey. Keep doing your job. You're still on the military. This is not official just yet these are tweets from the president sure they. The White House at said that. The president Swedes are considered official statement however here at the Pentagon there is no movement toward. Changing that policy that transgender people can indeed serve in the military. It's a little bit of uncertainty there are pictured a follow up on as well and guys just to know before we go well speaking of uncertainty. Let's talk markets today closed down an actor at couple of weeks of the steady climbing the Dow to close down about 200 points. And that they exit consider the best gauge of fear in the market hit its highest level since may back I think he's everybody's sense where we are. Right now and thank you to all of you for joining us out there Alex Mallon. John C into chi Catherine fathers and Stephanie around us and thanks to you guys at home for watching as well for more on all of these topics head over to Anytime for the latest for now I'm comment Abbas and I'll see you back here.

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{"id":49145817,"title":"Trump answers reporters' questions on Sessions, McConnell and Kelly","duration":"13:12","description":"The president said of his relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, \"It is what it is.\"","url":"/Politics/video/trump-answers-reporters-questions-sessions-mcconnell-kelly-49145817","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}