Trump arrives for NATO summit as deadline to reunite children slips by

President Donald Trump also pardoned the father-son rancher duo that sparked a wildlife refuge standoff.
18:44 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Trump arrives for NATO summit as deadline to reunite children slips by
And. Either welcome to ABC news live I'm Rick Klein joined here by Serena Marshall we've got our team standing by at the White House and Capitol Hill. And over in Brussels we got Ian panel. Waiting awaiting now the president has touched down for the neo summit but. The big story here in Washington is the the fallout from last night and the battle ahead the Supreme Court nomination is official wrecked Kavanagh started to make the rounds on Capitol Hill. You seen already meet. With some Republican senators Serena. And it does seem like a relatively smooth first day in the limelight for Kavanagh this questions that are being raised obviously a lot has to happen in terms of confirmation hearings. By the White House has the feel good about keeping the wraps on this it didn't leak in advance and so far so good. That's a big thing it did not leak in advance he says so far so good bet Rick is only day one and this isn't going to be an easy confirmation hearing he face an uphill battle he was nominated the federal bench in 2006. They're a lot of questions about his voting record and TV hits ruling record. In the past and I think alleys probably the best person tell us about how Democrats RD mobilizing to try and stop this effect from going there. Yeah I wanna I wanna get to that right now Chuck Schumer was out there outlining a little bit of of how the Democrats are. Are viewing this right now that in many of them out there in the last day a lot of them are out there even before it started to Nasser opposition opposition to take a listen to what Chuck Schumer at the state and a little a little while ago. He is gone so far as to say. That a president doesn't need to follow the law. If he quote deems it unconstitutional. Folks here we have a president president trump. Who cares less about rule of wow. Less about the restraints that every other president has felt. Put in place by the constitution and the norms that have bless this great country for 200 years. And we're gonna put on the bench someone who says. If this president president trumps dean some law unconstitutional he doesn't have to follow it. See you hear from senator Schumer they're trying to take. The expansive view of federal power that Kavanagh has espoused in writings as wells rulings and make that the B issue Ali Rogen covering the senate for Ross you sense that that that Democrats are coalescing around a message are they still throwing a lot of things out there to see what's next. No I think it absolutely coalesce around their message and it is threefold. The first argument is that this is a judge is going to undermine key progressive policy up priorities on things like. Roe vs. Wade abortion rights the mayor at Affordable Care Act they think he's going to repeal it. The second prong of that approach is talking about his support among some conservative. Lobbying groups and special interest groups. That sort of had a big role in selecting him in terms of the suggestion for president I'm and the third prong. It's kinda put leader Schumer was alluding to you in that clip you played. He was talking about the basis for those arguments is and at 2009 article that judge Kavanagh wrote in which he said they'd. He believes. Criminal investigations and presidents should be deferred as long as they are sitting in office. I want to read you a quote from that treatise which I think we're all going to have committed to memory by the time his his senate hearing rolls around. But he wrote it isn't quote. Congress might consider a lot exempting a president while in office from criminal prosecution and investigation. Including from questioning by criminal prosecutors. Or defense council Democrats are already saying that the president picked Kavanagh because he's quote there get out of his. Get out of three card that he may rule in Trump's paper in any Supreme Court cases have to do with the special counsel or fronts personal financial dealings coming where this. In court wreck. And I want to throw this over to Mary Alice parks is standing by the White House for us the White House is falling back on the first part of that sentence congress might consider along. If they're saying that this isn't necessarily well this is in his interpretation want back he's pointing out a shortcoming in the law but it is expressing a personal political opinion that might be problem. Right this wasn't a ruling it was something he wrote in a legal. Article academic article and the White House RD getting a lot of questions as to whether the president. But intrigued by this to Ryan said this in some way for talking about a judge who is expressing and you would the president has. Wide sweeping executive power. But it is interesting witness is the rights at political gamble for Democrats right political. Strategy. I personally don't see you Republicans those more moderate possible swing vote Republicans. I getting caught up on this issue the strategy before today. Had been to really can't rim on the social issues where perhaps as more moderate Republicans like Susan Collins. And Lisa Murkowski might feel concerned about backing someone who has. A track record sticking with the right on social issues it'll be a gamble for Democrats take up and others act. Any it is it is a difficult argument for Democrats to make they don't have the majority. And they can't just say well he's a partisan windows he's partisan yet they just keep their own party to got a Republicans have this vote even without John McCain they have fifty eating at the vice president as the tiebreaker. And so if McConnell is able to keep his party together on this issue and remember Kavanagh. It was. The bush White House he is more a an establishment Republicans which is 11 reason many people thought maybe he wouldn't be packed and president trump went with him anyways. At against perhaps some of the more conservative members of his party and so if Republicans can stay together on this issue they'll get him through but that's the big question he and they stick together. And will you see those three moderate Democrats who are. Part of states that trump one heck currently who voted for corsets and the last go around at best come over to their spider. And a long road ahead at the White House saying 66 days that's the standard and lasts too successful. Nominations as it it went out successful and access act act warden caveat are right let's let's turn over to our senior foreign correspondent Ian Powell who is standing by. In Brussels route president of has just touched down moments ago for the NATO summit and Ian. I'll an uncommon amount of knowing is being made by the American president in advance of this he is very critical. Of the NATO alliance he is made his frustration known. He's going to be heading right out of this summit to a meeting with Vladimir Putin sending a message on his own how are those messages being received in the pregame before the president of the lives on site. Yeah that's right I -- talk about and was being made the reason we're looking up in the skies because we're seeing the police helical. Overheads and I we know the presence is traveling to the US embassy weighs probably staying overnight so. Or to explain the axis security was seen armed police here on the ground but is gonna say well we our in the grown class a historic sense all of this amazingly beautiful city mean just look. How stunning laws is still is designed in the tenth century. But now pretty much empty appalled Rome tourists. But yes as you say people are awaiting the president's arrival and tensions a pretty high. Don't forget that we're talking that NATO the oldest military alliance of the United States and Europe upon itself was built on the backbone of the Second World War designed to stop future conflict designed to stop. The rise of fascism again. This was what America wanted what Europe wanted this was closest allies come together and now we're seeing real real tension. Between the two different sides the president tweeting. That he wants your right wants of the NATO countries to pay more saying that America is paying too much money to some debates. About how accurate some of those figures up. But also saying things that import to meeting Vladimir Putin doesn't know whether Vladimir Putin is a friend you'll find out what to tell you that European leaders natively is a pretty clear. That Vladimir Putin is a strategic com that's it. So we'll wait and see what's happening here about just wanna show you the scene venables and of the road here because he's not really politics NATO the military future of Europe that's on people's minds. But the football when it to the incident. At minimum a bush Soviet the last ten minutes of the game between Belgium and France. It. Better check it well. Cut it to friends I think it was a good sounding a bulge in that sounds very close to scoring a goal but look like getting that. This is deciding who goes through to the final brilliant way from the weapons wolf for the moment. EM says they might be expanded more about a World Cup and presidents from coming guys get you to go back and clarify something for our viewers. 2% the president keeps harping on that's a contribution. To mediocre Saturday but it's 2% of their own GDP on their own to fat. And so when you hear these other now they're saying we're planning on meet my 20/20 four what is their reaction. To the president essentially. Getting that explanation wrong. Will no immediate reaction although the EU president Donald Tusk has been badly when the ring in his criticism of what president trump has had to say today saying that no don't forget we all some legal strongest allies and you don't have that many allies left BI to run that 2% figure is an inspirational figure. When president trump says that NATO member countries are behind in my payments it isn't true. When he says that they have to meet two since August is an aspiration. And they are guessing that that is also true to say that America contributes far more. But again the 70% figure the president concrete keeps quoting Israeli take overrule military expenditure by all nicer countries not just on the ice out. But on everything else and of course America's military expenditure is much grace F. Because it's just had walls in Iraq and Afghanistan. So it is very difficult to compare the two and I think the feeling here is that this isn't playing even its isn't playing back but they also recognize that the gonna have to contribute bull and mixed into all of that. Is it disputes over the trade deficit with Ugandan president trunk keep saying as a 150 billion dollars. Most analysts say actually it's around hundred billion dollars but the president sees himself as a tough negotiator and that's his parents coming in here the last NATO summit remember. Ended partly because president trump refused to sign up to they Coleman defense tolls. That the principles number five which commits everyone to defend the other if they're under attack. So tensions are high people are waiting to see what president Tom we'll do the truth is no and actually knows until they get into that room. Any before we let you go wanna play with some with the president said before he left last words on American so before heading over for this extended foreign trip. Because you mentioned this summit that's moving with letters would take a listen. I have. NATO. I have the UK what is somewhat terrible oil at apple. Frankly would maybe he is double ball what they would think. Who who would think that in and what of the Europeans think of that statement about food. I mean this is a rebuilds bill stab in the back east up rise in the fronts as far as many European leaders NATO leaders will become sent. I mean just to describe. Press ahead of that Mahfouz who meets and that macoutes is something that he looks forward to more that was going to be easier than meeting America's closest allies when he yeah. People rely on America but he is a relationship of mutual benefit. And has ensured stability in the western world country since the end the Second World War and what they're seeing is at the very tenants all of that post wall world order. Being threatened by this on this segment from my president from. Ted very wary of president lieutenant and they feel the president Tom should be some of these. All right our senior foreign correspondent in panel and told reliably that we've got about ten minutes left in the game the clock ticking down for Belgium so. Get back to it and see what those folks have to say thank the and want to turn to another issue even put out we've been covering this just about every day this the last couple of weeks now Serena and I know you've been you've been doing some great reporting on this the the issue of immigration. We now know for shore this than what the White House the administration is not gonna meet. The deadline. For returning the youngest of the children to their families the president was asked about that earlier today any basic Kumble and off he says. The answer is to stop illegal immigration of course that's not really the answer is not having the answers are the court. It's kind of interesting to that you would say that can considering he was the one side an executive order stopping his own administration's policy of zero tolerance that led to this child separation. But absolutely correct direct the administration will not meet that court imposed deadline today to reunite the youngest children separated with their parents. According to HHS there about a hundred children. Under the age of five they were hoping to reunite by today but they simply. Weren't able to meet and they say it's because they weren't able to confirm parentage they weren't able to do home visits to ensure that these are safe environments. X address so they're only gonna be reuniting so far they've reunited for children. About 1014. And they plan to reunite 34 by the ended today and so the judge in this case actually. Told the ACLU who originally brought the lawsuit. Put your recommendations for punishing government for not meeting this deadline because he does not buy it he does not see. These adverse these impediments that the government has laid out as being true impediments and part of the problem and he laid this out when he first made this ruling in this cases the government had no plea and how to reunite children at any point and that was one of the big issues was. Whether a child was separated and they had to go with the wrong 111800. Children in their custody identified those that were separated and not and still not now. They're gonna meet that deadline later this this month three. All children and it's these shows that there was no process an extraordinary that they that the federal judge to be talking always the punish the government for not meeting the court imposed deadline Alley Rogen the folks on Capitol Hill have been on so much the highlight this I know they've been frustrated. In recent days by the lack of answers from HHS left lack of access. To these facilities what's your sense of how they're gonna keep the pressure up. Keeping it did the judges piece of this to decide how they keep the pressure in the attention on this issue. I think it's a bit recommend naming and shaming campaign senator Susan Collins. We did just a few hours ago that she spoke skewed the Department of Homeland Security today who acknowledged to her that they were not going to meet that deadline of reuniting. Children don't children with their parents. She said that they told her about one half of the children they expect. To be. Reunited so I think. A lot of the strategy is going to be sharing with the American people what they're learning because Republicans and Democrats. Are pretty much united in not wanting this policy to continue. Of course we also have the legislative approaches that began a few weeks ago in response to this policy. And there really hasn't been a whole lot of movement on that and I think the Supreme Court issue. May overshadow that in the near term but we stop folks like senators Feinstein and Ted Cruz. Very unlikely bedfellows working together on a legislative solution I think that's also going to continue work behind the scenes wrecked. All right thank you Alley for that and finally our final topic today a bit of a wild card won because no one saw this coming up for another set of presidential pardons this for a father and son duo. White and Steven haven't. Pair organ cattle ranchers who were in the news in 2015 after an arson incidents. That that that grew out of a dispute over grazing rights on federal land a bit of an obscure issue although it did become. A big issue and Mary Alice park's of one askew. About this because we don't really know much about the process that let up to this we do know. That these two individuals became kind of a cause the lab. Among among folks who believe that the federal government was over reaching. At that criticize the Obama administration for the prosecution's. These guys became pretty famous in their own circles for this brief period a couple of years ago. Rank the president today using one of his favorite powers that party in power and you're exactly right this father and son duo have been convicted. I haven't been convicted in the past of setting not one but multiple fires. On public lands as they continue to tangle with the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing fees and restrictions. And after they were convicted after they were given these sentence if they had folks rally sent there to fat you'll remember those dramatic stand out in or again. There are huge crowds of protesters all of them with guns and ammunition going total tell it federal authorities. Really saying that they thought the federal government was reaching too far. And they wanted to make sure they have failing that they have their back one out the president has that families back to you said that father and son had served. Enough time and should be. How to how others sort of whites clean I imagine that this will go over really well in certain conservative circles especially those outlasts where people continue to be. Skeptical of the federal government and always wanting to limit the federal government's use of land. And the end it White House specifically calling up President Obama on this sounded that White House statement called this an overzealous appeal on the half of the Obama administration Justice Department that is not a message loss than anyone. Now anonymous is Austin anyone remember the lawyers for these father son duo did ask President Obama to grant him clemency back in 2015. Were first given this five year sentence but Mary Alice as when I get back to you because. This is adds Rick played out earlier the late business through a presidential pardons. But it's really an it's truly a political pardons more than anything a lot of these folks that the president has pardoned. Did go through the typical Department of Justice system in fact there are what more than 101000 pardon and clemency request right now pending before the department of justice and all of these folks were just. I'm the president's my. Actually and had to wait to gain political favor with certain people in Washington and around the country at least that's how it's being interpreted. In a President Obama and former presidents who went to the pardon process. Tended to focus on those cases where someone had served of lot of time in jail perhaps an inflated time because of some sort of man's mandatory minimum sentence. This is a really unique case because in a lot of ways it's the opposite. You have gentleman who started fires hoops. Who had by huge accusations against them arson claims are serious they only served 34 years. I individually and so the idea that they had eighty served enough time. Ice pretty surprising but again we'll curry favor with certain parts of the president's aides. Using that power. Pretty often these days all right Mary Alice parks at the White House. Thanks for joining thanks also to Alley wrote in a Capitol Hill for Serena Marshall I'm Rick Klein stay with us all day long and watch us next time here at ABC news line.

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{"duration":"18:44","description":"President Donald Trump also pardoned the father-son rancher duo that sparked a wildlife refuge standoff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56493243","title":"Trump arrives for NATO summit as deadline to reunite children slips by","url":"/Politics/video/trump-arrives-nato-summit-deadline-reunite-children-slips-56493243"}