Trump attacks late-night comedians during campaign rally

The president expanded beyond his tweet against Jimmy Fallon and took aim at Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.
3:52 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for Trump attacks late-night comedians during campaign rally
You see Jimmy bout. The guy screws up my hair. Stallone back boy. He was so disappointed to find that it was a really good about. Let's one of the great things I got. Everybody uses say by the year's ponies. I'm wearing a happy so don't have anybody you're wearing airports. The one they didn't have edited out because I've been coated rainstorms had been cordoned. Winds that I like sixty miles an hour getting up. If it's not your hair don't run for office. Don't and not run for office because. They gate would be out. So. Jimmy Fallon apologized. He apologized to humanize in the Kenya deployed yet because now he's gonna lose all of us. You know now it's gonna. If somebody would open a talk show at the hikers. CBS. News what a low life 10. I mean honestly people on. I did laugh at myself if frankly my couldn't beat me up. But this no talent he's not like talented people. Johnny Carson was talented some of I mean this guy on CBS. Has no talent. Jimmy Kimmel. Whitney made before election. I'm telling you true story I don't even think it deny it. Don't talent but I go to hysteria to do bush you know to do it. He would stand outside the sidewalk waiting for me while he becomes all he opens like tool. I sit does he do this everybody to his people. And now with us they resist but he's waited for me to a three times issue before this out when it's terrible but. I don't show. He's standing out on Hollywood whatever boulevard. And east again opening up toy. Like two and create a little hope I wasn't present. I always like a guy. The guy with just. A yeah. These. Well oh sure how I also thank you so much and I know it's got higher ratings and other people so that was always good. But Jimmy Jimmy Fallon calls via. Can I ask you. He's lost it looks like a loss. It's not. But you know what he's a nice. I agreed it would show. And because I guess I was running at that time I think I was right. At least he's got tremendous ratings and kill them right he should he. Be ups and. When you up it's because you got somebody else didn't Olympia shows. So I don't shall I really do whatever it Walt Whitman. You are like what is it that you I have two years later he's now. Because human eyes. And you hurt himself. Seles. Jamie you called me up that position. And you should thank you for the incredible vehicle the monster ratings. It's ninety minutes past as it yourself by us. So I sent to him incessantly. Yes Jeremy began just acts. Okay.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The president expanded beyond his tweet against Jimmy Fallon and took aim at Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56157216","title":"Trump attacks late-night comedians during campaign rally","url":"/Politics/video/trump-attacks-late-night-comedians-campaign-rally-56157216"}