Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen reaches plea deal

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney and longtime fixer for President Donald Trump, agreed Tuesday to a tentative deal with federal prosecutors in New York
17:18 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen reaches plea deal
Welcome to the brief undermine Devin Dwyer on this very busy Tuesday a new musical lose here in Washington to hear how about that. And in San Ariane. Yeah all right I mean it feels like it. It feels like. A very busy news day has erupted in this quiet August stretch Mary Alice parks deputy political director Justin. Official our senior producer and the White House unit is here we have full team coverage a ton of headlines. To get through the top one of course is president front's former personal attorney Michael Cohen appearing. In court in New York City for a plea deal. This afternoon and you guys this it has to have the White House very concerned they've been quiet so far but the president. Justin has been closely watching this close that he and watching it it's it's all sort of seems to be converging on him this day I mean. We're gonna get to this but there's a lot of action the court man Fortis well. Cohen today we're learning in more first report that he's reached a plea deal. On charges of bank fraud tax invasion. And violations of campaign finance law. Com and that's the critical one house the campaign finance law is the one that has the most connection to the president. Stormy Daniels Karen McDougal to women. That Michael Cohen helped arrange payments for hush money payments were. And had there been any in malfeasance or or illegal activity. If that I was used campaign donations or or lack of disclosure to pay op essentially. Hush money in the lead up to campaign. Feel regardless of asked whether their ends up being ties the president I thought Governor Christie had interesting points simple but Anderson plant earlier today. He sent it just never looks good when your friends and even. And fundamentally there will continue to be questions now about the kind of companies present trap cats in those gears and monthly. And of course all those documents that federal investigators seized from Michael Cohen. His home at his office in some of those including conversations. With president trump and I think. That's what has the White House most servicers will Michael Cole and cooperate in the investigation into the into the dusty out to. Opera threaten that's unclear completely I mean look the what we're hearing so far as that he'll likely do jail as a part of this jail time for his plea agreement but it is very much. I'm unclear whether he has agreed as part of this plea. Deal to cooperate in what exactly he could be providing but again that's just can make the president more uneasy about all things to stay tuned here at AB. C news' live and it For more from the White House and that and our teams are reaching out. Later this afternoon to the president's team for their reaction to this meanwhile all lies out in Virginia the case you've been following day five I think now of jury deliberations in the trial a palm and a four prison terms former campaign chairman. Awesome drama a little while ago with the jury once again coming out asking the judge to question. Let's bring in our Catherine fall there's who's been out there are tracking the case in and out of the courtroom. All they Catherine bring us up to speed on this latest question the jury has raised to the judge and what it might mean. The evidence that they four of jury deliberations got here and that last we heard. From the jury was around 1140. And they asked quote if we cannot come to a consensus on a single count how should we. Get the final verdict from how should they fill out that final verdict form when the defense arguing that they should have another column added that that would they hung. Verdict from they have now it's four pages long it says. All of those eighteen counts as guilty or not guilty the judge of course urged them to go back and continue deliberating it appears either question. That they were stuck on one single count but again that was at 1140 and here we aren't we feel. Haven't heard from the jury but this is the first question they have asked and last Thursday. It covered. Help us understand what it could mean does the jury. Need to be. Had to come to the unanimous can it could conclusion that each of the eighteen counts. For there not to be a hot you know on this trial or quit day. In effect agree on seventeen of the eighteen and let this one go. Any element judge could of course allow a partial verdict here it's something that he. Didn't want to do at 1140. Hence why he sent them back but. They have to agree to all eighteen of these unanimously. And if they can't come to a conclusion of course they will they fat. To the judge but each one of those jurors up to six men and six women twelve people. Have to agree unanimously that on to all eighteen of those counts. I think it's important to our that just because in taking a long time doesn't necessarily mean it's going one way or any other this is a hugely complicated case with a big paper trail. Haven't been pointing out all week. I tons of evidence lots of documentation and injured a gopher. And these people can forget there's a second trial for Paul my fourth and Mueller is is prosecuting scheduled for next month no matter what happens here. That has to do with foreign lobbying and also to by the chart and they say they are twice as much evidence in this trial so it's not over for him no matter what the. The media got a result we. It's not ever not of course the defense their viewing this as a a win for them they say that the continued deliberations. Are good for them and that their client comment for this very happy about this that is exactly. What Mary Alice plan avenue 388. Exhibits to go through here one of those is 700 pages and of itself they requested a bigger room to go through all of the evidence the habit. Wheeled in so it would appear since they didn't have questioned since last Thursday that they're just going through this with the find. And of course that you will stand the case captured forces those deliberations continue its. It's a stand by and wait situation out there and it's been wet. An event before boarding the storms here watching it's funny now honey Sony now perhaps some metaphors there after thanks so much. Hot meanwhile the president though weighing in on the investigation that has him in its site smaller investigation guys overnight the president calling and Reuters news service. I was struck by and let's put this up this quote the president. Since starting to adopt the outline his lawyers have been saying for weeks that he thinks sit down with Mahler could be a perjury trap. He says that he could. Control the investigation and he wanted to he could run it of course not stay out of it since. All of this is not if you look at it and he can't run it I mean I was sort of throwing. I mean he can't what what do you think this means is this is really it mean he's not place it down Robert Allen and he's. Basically admitted. It seems like he's starting to take the advice of his lawyers that's in the slurs and were enough from the beginning that this president. Who frankly is often we've slipped and apparently slipped with acts could slip knot and could not get himself in real trouble that's what concerns stated concerns of his earlier in the beginning and but he doesn't even ten he said he wanted to talk that he said all along he wanted to talk this looks like. The bottom line the way actually it is there's really nothing of fear and he said she said situation. There's something to fear though Annie he said. He said he said and many others that so and that's what I feel that trump is worried that he could be facing. Not just call me or someone else's testimony but that's my for a few others are other at. Oh and I think even said that two orders is that even if I'm telling the truth. That makes me I'll liar. Up against you know an army of other people who have told their side that and it's all corroborated of course it's come heaping that's contemporaneous notes. As well well before an investigation hall that was done McCain's new can be exactly contemporaneously and others now although his his team says overnight that. He didn't offer anything incriminating now president tries when sat down for thirty hours of our. But you know and it is remarkable the president talking about perjury is talking about question who's being honest. Meanwhile he is sort of continuing today to shift gears a little bit being president he is making some pretty big. Bold policy moves ahead of its trip to West Virginia tonight he's kicking off. Campaign season out in Charleston version Arab want to bring in our experts. On the EPA in coal country Stephanie Stephanie great to have you here you've been digging in to aid to the president's big announcement out of the EPA. Rolling back. President Obama's clean it power rules the ones that sort of constrain the Corcoran threw what are we learning writing about what person from the start. Rates and is that the replacement for the clean power plant Obama's weak central piece of his climate change fight. On the administration is as saying that they're gonna have drastically less regulations on that you know but aside from the whole debate about how to limit emissions that cause global warming. You know a really striking part of this is that the administration's own analysis says that increased pollution. From this proposal could result in health problems including by the year Tawny thirty up to 14100 premature deaths a year. 48000 cases of asthma and 21000 days that kids but. Often it struck me was bees are the administration's. Own. Estimates they've put it in writing and their plan that's a stunning does some stunning numbers yet. And lot of people are saying that you know any proposal that. Makes Americans less healthy is really. And that this is the president goes to pull country as you know. I wanna bring in our Alley broken senate producer from one of a more on this she's up on Capitol Hill Alley. And you've been hearing both. From many members of congress today talking about this plan on both sides. Are Republicans praising him predictably. But a lot of Democrats. Very concerned about what this means for the environment. Democrats are very concerned. Then senator Schumer put out a brief statement that said he the decision the president made that was led by. Energy lobbyists however there is some disagreement here with in. Democratic Caucus up here on Capitol Hill. It's very much a campaign issue in folks like. Vulnerable Democrats like senator Joseph mansion who represents Virginia is very supportive of the presidents. Action and he actually released a statement. In which he said in part this is a perfect example of how president trump and I can work together on something that's good corporate West Virginia so. I don't think you're going to see Democrats. Pushed back on this as much as you might in an off election year. Simply because it's such a critical issue for folks like Joseph mansion who is doing his best to stay in the senate after his election. In November to heaven. And likely though to be certainly campaign messaging. Issue and it turns and the presidential. Another hot topic of the campaign meraz were just talking about this the Supreme Court not many. Odd sort of been a sleeper story for the weeks here of August with with most of the congress out senate here part of the time. But today was a big day for justice Kavanagh. Great talking to some of those crucial swing vote and haven't struck by the response from really progressive Democrats. This summer frustrated with the leadership of their own party have heard from a number of them that they just don't understand why. People like Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein aren't drug war. Our continuing sort of working as usual going head towards a hearing planning thing gas needy asked tough questions during a hearing. You talk to a lot of progressives not released were fired up left base. It stayed Democrats and pulling out all the stops it's just not this one are all the stuff to me what else what other options to they have. Well Diane feinstein's primary challenger answered not announce their election challenger there on the left in California. He said that he wouldn't even show he would avoid going to work in the senate wouldn't let them column or skipped hearings get committee meetings. Magazine. Yeah me you have Chuck Schumer leader of the Democrats in the senate talking about abandoning some of these procedural. Protests over the nominee and focusing on the substance of the nominee really hammering home points on health care abortion like Alley. You were he ended. The nominees and meet with Schumer later this afternoon but he also met with Susan Collins really of those are hot topics on her list what did she have the say. After the fact. Analyst at in senator Collins is one of the senate Republicans who were watching the closest because. As we all know senate Republicans Kavanagh has only fifty Republicans to play with here basically in terms of votes so every vote matters. Especially when you consider that only a handful of senate Democrats are likely Q defect. And and vote for Kavanagh Collins however is interesting. In that she supports abortion rights and she had said that she wouldn't vote for any Supreme Court nominee who expressed hostility. To Roe vs. Wade and after what's she spoke to. Serious and to what she had to say on that point on just 12 out of fickle this and you're right she she made an important issue let's Nicholas and her. We talked about went there he considered certain road to be settled law he said that he agreed with what Justice Roberts said at his nomination hearing in which he said that it was settled mama. We had a theory good. Farrah discussion. Of about that issue. And so tell me. Whether they are not going to tell us in advance of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing into Kavanagh whether or not. She's going to be voting. In favor of Kavanagh that it was certainly interesting given that ruby wheat is one of her. Basically litmus test issues and we also heard from senator Schumer who is actually meeting with cabin all right about now in which he said that. You know it's one thing to you say we're V wade is settled law but he said his point was any Lott is settled lot until it comes before the Supreme Court. And they have the power to unsettle it snowed this debate continues seven. Course there's a wide range of option right in front of the Supreme Court federal ban ST ban or or chipping away accepts right many Democrats feel like no matter what. Confirming Kavanagh is. Put all those questions back in France where exactly are Alan Rogan up on Capitol Hill think he's so much for that moving on we have another interest scenes story to. An ABC news. Exclusive. Overnight. Our team broke here that our president trump had ordered the removal of late maybe 96 year old Nazi former Nazi. Living in Queens New York. You see some pictures there are cameras were there as they removed him from his home this very interest in guys this is like the story. Of a man the last surviving known surviving Nazi collaborator on US soil. Justin running Wrigley it was a little difficult diplomatic case it let him out here. I just wanna take people looking at these photos for the first time and think why are they disturbing this old man and in the let leave me. He was a prison guard at today announced the death camp in Poland in nineteen. 43 where. 6000 Jews were killed and single day shot to death on. This has been a long that this has been a long diplomatic issue he was ordered removed from the country back in 2004. Op but others were unwilling to take in Germany he's not from Germany to they weren't willing to take him. They finally worked at a deal to get him out here and yesterday he was physically taken out of this house by ice agents quite a scene. In the White House taking some credit for this is wells in the president to had a personal hand in brokering that deal directing his ambassador to do that uninteresting story. On More there and tonight on world news tonight and finally. On this very busy Tuesday little bit of campaigning news out of the White House Mary Alice parks. The president's team saying that he plans to be the most aggressive. Presidential campaign are in recent mid term history of forty or more days he plans to be on the trail this flaw lets a lot. It's obsolete along and we know that there are some parts of country were his presence will be huge we'll. Could be exactly what the Republican needs to stir the base get energy compete with the with the Democrat. And and could push the Republican over the edge that said we know there are just as many plays in the country where the Republican candidate might not want the president to come. Where it could be a liability and it could actually enthused the others. He's undergo blaze wasn't invited them. Right I mean he he he's going to be an Iranian. Issued a red state said the Dakotas Kentucky Tennessee and as the villains he's focusing at least for the next few weeks. Tonight he will be out in West Virginia will have that weary parent ABC news live 7 PM eastern time full coverage. Tomorrow on all the headlines on of that right here in a briefing room. Mary Alice parks just officials Stephanie adds a whole team undated wire act one.

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