Trump attorney says president's legal team isn't concerned about impeachment, Mueller

When asked by "The Investigation" about Robert Mueller's upcoming testimony on the Hill, Trump's personal attorney Jay Sekulow said, "They're just looking for the gotcha moment. I don't see it."
23:24 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for Trump attorney says president's legal team isn't concerned about impeachment, Mueller
Or. And. Welcome to the investigation I'm Jan sand GG senior editorial producer purity BC Chris the last still is off but joining me today is Catherine folders are White House and Capitol Hill reporter and we wanted to zoom out and just sort of -- where the road ahead looks for president trump and his legal team we know Robert Mueller is heading up to the hill the next couple weeks but we've got congressional investigations. Investigations in New York southern district probes and the New York State attorney general so who better to break down where the road ahead leads the president. But his lead attorney joining us right now president trumps counsel Jay secular. So JEE you know we were thinking about this morning's you're getting ready to speak if you if you think about. President trumps legal team only generations that has gone through over the last two and a half years. During the last man standing. Well you know I have a theory on that and that he's number drummer by yup forty years playing from Puerto tiger's playing drums I've got itself or a big part of the Spitzer have a direct. So and I think I I stayed in the group so to speak. But the fact that. But that a couple I think you're the band right now. They got to recruit new band members but you gotta stay in the pocket and they say is. Good I don't go. While following a play drums and understand more fat but you would have Burleson you know we're we're this is all moving forward outright so Robert Muller's investigations done he's going to be testifying in the next week we'll talk about that a little bit. But we're do you CJ the legal team moving forward here what's the priorities for you in your colleagues in the next few months. Well every right now we're dealing with. House committees you've got the Judiciary Committee and oversight yet ways and means the most recent issues could be the tax returns. So there was a lawsuit filed last week requesting the president's tax return under section 61 operate. The cop. They congress are so angered word used dish towel but you must. But the Supreme Court has said Dutch shell doesn't always mean shall there has to be a legitimate legislative purpose. We will be intervening in that lawsuit on behalf president. That legal LB leaving that legal team and my colleague I'll Wilcox or at Patrick Robert will be assisting about what they've been doing well a lot of stated dale. So that's where we are on about when you have other requests coming in for. Members of the administration that purple White House counsel brought determination. We have this situation in in New York with the state AG that supervising there are. That's some subpoenas of government but admitting there's been through so far and so we're looking at all of us. We viewing your role. Would you say that you sort of transition now to playing air traffic control. I think that's you know. We're train conductor and as you do you credited your motor transportation never works out yes yes no I think I. I think right I mean look cute you date a good lawyers gonna change but the circumstances of the representation. So the representation circumstances have changed revoking the situation overworked. Anticipating them all report to which we got. We responded to that we can not responding here is aggressively as we thought we were quite frankly because they true the report didn't warrant at. And bed and you're now in this new phase I mean didn't the Molotov money I suspect. It can be pretty pretty varieties in similar report as Micah Smart in my testimony our report. So. From our perspective I'm in my perspective bridges got to look at we're. The legal issues are necessary to address and you try to mold your team that true got a new team members and you know you've heard some of their names you've got some of the other would still around doing. Different things at a at a much reduced level of engagement because it is being gay and global doesn't need to beat. And Jay just the sticky about annexing that's on her eyes and he had a next big thing which is Muller's testimony that's coming up later this month. The president has said that Democrats just want to do it to a very utes obviously. That scene is suites where he's said you know Mueller should stick to his report John we're talking odd about this before and how. With advisors in the White House Don McGann the White House has claimed a presidential immunity how. You know thinking about these advisors and how or relates to Muller's upcoming testimony. How is this gonna affect you know how much smaller can top how much he's going to say is there any. You know White House or legal team involvement in kind of crafting that narrative as a relates to his world. More the White House counsel then that would due process personally ordered but I will tell you that based on my. Reviewed the situation and interaction and taken place my sense is that Bob is gonna testifies gonna stick to the it is great he says is. Report is his testimony now expect his testimony is going to be its report. And I do not expect too much of this well probably a couple times that he would deviate at all of that mural expecting it to go into anything extemporaneous or. Extraneous from us I think you can stick to the reports but I think that's going to be the best sense I think it's going to be the great leapt out. John and I have reported before that Mueller didn't want to testify. Right because he didn't want to be good is it a political football on either side by the Democrats or other Republicans is that something. You know you're going into these congressional committees to testify there's obviously political motive of some sort it does that worry you let all. I'm not worried about I think he's been very difficult spot because she's gonna be asked questions Bible Republican members of the committee. As to what happened in the irregularities in the investigation. That could be struck contagion. That could be. Do sort of confusion GPS and his wife Nellie. So when you say there's a lot of explaining to him wolves those that would almost when you seeded that you expect. Republicans on the committee to ask those sorts of questions what's been that relationship for you and the White House we if the house Republicans that are sitting on his committee. I have I'm not I'm not briefing them on how to do any. Did you know I've written publicly about it so they've seen that. Not until Muppets and and and the one other people two I expect we'll come with dorm by the way I'm not be surprised bomb motive lancer. Just as I you know what stick America works. But I think those are questions that are going to be yes. So that after he testifies. Obviously that's gonna end one chapter in a sentence because we weren't seem go for another committee but. Is going to add fuel and speculation into the are we gonna seen impeachment hearing. Yeah and you're not you know you don't think I'm proud 85 Democrats to according to our cap OK if we focus the only have to get what another 140. 120 let me let me it's rally as early as growing gang. Yet it does but it it also lets be realistic it's it's July. It's going to be October before we turn around right what are they doing in October everything's on local election mode how many questions came up in the debate. About impeachment about. The mullah report about the special counsel about collusion with Russia syrup and you know from I think look this is that this isn't so what's a legal question. It's a political question that I just don't think we have the political. I think Nancy Pelosi I rarely agree with everything she's right. Membership to deal with her caucus. But I don't think there's going to be anything coming out of bomb alerts now that's good to say. But they don't look good for the gotcha moment I'd I don't see it. But don't you believe the for just to be prepared reigning U you have your client you've got your team. Do you even have a plan that ready to go that if that was to happen you guys can snapping. It impeachment came yeah there is not there is no impeachment now though there won't be good team no plan is that a mistake. I don't think so. I don't think so the two reasonable when I do not think it's gonna happen. So that's number one number two it's you know you're looking at what would that team look like your artwork I don't know how the group looked at what we have already. The maybe it was maybe a more political operators. As part of the progress more ports such a political question her but it. But we're not there yet and I don't expect to get there are just don't see I really do not. Look at you in that you both have known me for a while now I've you know I don't like getting up by by but I just don't see this is a real that I understand the rumblings of what. And Andy. Portion of the democratic. Team that once stood agenda so I'm not even sure they really want an uphill to tell you the truth. It's odd that specific a lot of political theater right now I think there's a lot of people don't want better SARS forced to say yep he's an inquiry should begin that really don't want. No one of the things we've been hearing is that you just rely on the senate if it's the sort of happen you just rely on the senate to exonerate the president is is that something that you guys are at least. You know think. But the substitute miniature simply with the constitution so. Mini constitution says that the best they've fallen impeachment proceeding to begin well. They're conviction asked to take place in the United States senate so that's not happening and nor do I believe that there will be an impeachment proceeding in the house I just don't see it and that's why we're not ripping up. But impeachment thing about being it eager testicle we have. So but I wanna take you back Judy the other tapping you mentioned two twas the tax returns which proved is that battle it's revving up and multiple lanes as you said you don't the house committee dealing with the folks up in New York State. Both legislature and state AG's office on the president is you know spoke to George Stephanopoulos just a couple weeks ago Georgian hands spoke about. His financial returns here's what he said to George take. Listen and you will see why financial statement at some point I assume it's going to be released he'll be very impressed with the job have to much much bigger much much better than anybody. There rift in my financial statement the senate they'd like to get my financial statement. At some point I hope they get even true on some point I might. But it's simpler up they get it because it's safer it's fantastic financial statement. It's a fantastic financial system. So at some point you might get a. What I would counsel while I would counsel against it. Absent a valid court order. Because of the precedent that it would set up for future president's. So that I think the key here you mentioned in New York State legislation that I don't think been signed yet but maybe shortly. That's a bill that's been passed in the senate and the assembly in New York State. I would Mehl said I don't want. I'm not asking for that but what economic news that process. And the reason he's saying that it he's got lawyers are Smart enough to know if he does that personally get estate partners as we get the federal prisoners out of state cars are done. But if he does that it what a legitimate legislative purpose of all of us it was just to get the president's tax return it two to investigate the president that they don't have the ability but. Okay within here's my question it if let's say. Niels plan as your saying he doesn't want to explore that venue but let's say. Ate his court case doesn't work right let's say you in the team and the treasury are triumph and as you bring this all the way up the Supreme Court. That road is closed. If they try to use this vehicle has been created for them with New York State how do you defend against that. Do you bring it up against New York if they treat lightly or they try to use New York to get the tax returns. How do you defend we wouldn't even it means. Gonna wait a minute but wait a minute what is the federal purpose of them still getting it. Commuters still is what is the congressional purpose. Upon which they're making that request to New York. That's what you BR Minnesota's legislative purpose issue overrides everything they do that's a constitutional requirement for the strip. And no coming back here to DC so you have this case that's now they've filed suit. How does that work is explaining I guess that the confusing thing here that there's so many parties that are part of this litigation writing and who don't. Who takes the lead here though is it easy treasury is it. The White House is represented by trickery probably is represented by DO a crime. They will take the lead we would file a motion to intervene to assert the presence individual. I'll crime and then who actually don't regret that I can't imagine a situation where we'll be. Right but then who actually does the arguing in court there. Read about it ailments and so there is that there is basically a world where says DOJ lawyers and the president's legal team are doing this stemming. BR apartment argued that when yet or we're to the Court of Appeals by our mayor and then gold will also boy and we ports which are due portion of Brittany. Government will argue their portion of and you had to it I bet I mean about Supreme Court cases. With a buy the argument that on the news. Days a similar to kind of let what's happening in him on Lehman's case they have the personal attorneys in the government attorneys did not quite. Got right and then and then Jay your expectation those and that's cannibal is Supreme Court. I think I think there's a shot that it does our Munich I don't think quickly. Are these are not been expedited so. Com well what's she what's your time frame how long do you think wells reports out until October so I you know the question is are they going to be get it done this court. In Court of Appeals by October November may be agreed to be moving pretty quick. But say they did. You got out wiper circuit this is not an urgent thing where they have to you know it's what impact will promptly got rapper election. Total actual issues site you know you may get a decision in June the next year to get there are disturbed. Did you stay kind of shift gears a lot of it speaking about taxes is the president still under audit. Yes yes. Yes so I mean he's rumored but he's not I can tell you this but I'm able disclose the context of when they could be audit because that will be the disclosing attorney client privilege but what I am gonna tell you suckers go. Predated almost. Goes well in that the Tony sixteen campaign. I'm Jay while we had he will it actually I don't think. By of an eye and I'm says person we heard forget him. JJ while we have you there there's this other case it's growing up in New York. The feds appear just unsealed indictment. Against state Jeffrey Epstein. Obviously the president has had come a relationship with him over the years he's been quoted speaking about him. Do you in your colleagues believe there's any legal exposure for the president in that cain's. You know not what government has been no allegations of the of the the president committing any wrongdoing. So the fact that he knew somebody that's now been charged again. I think that would be drawing a an unreasonable. Conclusion from. I acknowledged to engagement and criminal activity I just I think there's been no allegations of bad tonight I just don't see that. And there's obviously. Some allegations obviously against Alex Acosta and his involvement his involvement and this. Yes I'm Barbara justice opposite professional responsibilities looking at all Democrat. It's easing to enter the normal you think he should step down you think he should resign. I think you got to the wake of I don't think you're doing concurrent video. All proposals possibilities revered. But steps above my favorite. Great very well we're gonna see a that'll fix that Jay before we let you go. You know as you said obviously. Congress is still pressing ahead there are still many probes are going into. What do you see right now. As outside a tax returns outside and Leachman. What do you believe is the other areas that you're paying attention to you that others should be paying attention to him. We are got to pay attention any any inquiry I mean it's or any inquiry that's made it got to pick and a group could have got a point that's being impacted. But I think a lot of and then I'm done nothing has regard of where fingers with a lot of political Peter. The American people are so to dented us. So I think what's happening is this is political Peter Bristow where constitutions set up. Then you have the challenges of whether they're exercising their appropriate sir Richard powers powers to power they have. As congress and and those will be reviewed on a case by case basis. I determinations on response will be reviewed on a case by case basis. As you vote no as every other president has done this is not something out of a back to hear this is there's a long history. Bob when you do when you do not comply with a good congressional. Last question we have not seen Rudy Giuliani in a while. Well let in part because he's been traveling. Well all over the world as he does and he is right now there's we don't have that this and you won't see you next week I mean you know remote make human the Moeller and all the testimonies rolled up this is this the nature of from where we are others apartment. School part of the team. Still I speak from regular who's got our valued member of the team pictures right now it's. It's July team. Jay secular and thank you for joining us we appreciate our thanks day. We're gonna break down our conversation and second low on the investigation. Right after this break. Welcome back the investigation I'm Jan Santee she senior editorial producer alongside Katherine fall there is our White House and Capitol Hill reporter Catherine. Jay secular said taking a little break from the beach to talk to us it's interesting though to me. And they said the top with him there he really is this whole survivor. Of the legal team curbing its gone on. And just to see how his role is change because he's you and I both know it he originally came on used to be the spokesperson for the team. And. As is said to him that he called a train conductor I called air traffic control but it does feel like his role has shifted. In the way that these teams moving head and growing. Yeah absolutely and we been covering this since the beginning you remember the first iteration. Of attorneys and and it's growing the team has changed he was on the front lines and really had his hands at every legal matter as it related to mull are now he shifting over. The two congressional investigations and then also in the court eat you heard him say. You know I I might argue that amateur argue that yet but he's really you're right the sole survivor kind of if I'm. Looking at this broadly the hub and on when that legal team has Ben and they brought on. Other lawyers around Washington as it relates to the subject matter but he's been there the whole time and honestly knows this president and his client better than anyone here and. And other lawyers in New York as he said and he's got big clean up their mark for Casey is now part of this piece also he's obviously the son of former attorney general. He's representing the Trump Organization alive they are matters against the New York State. Com authorities up there but you know he mentioned on several occasions Catherine concert grove and that's the the law firm down here. I'm in DC they're the ones handling the tax return case and they you've been following that you and I actually went one of their first. More hearings down here but there's sort of the New Kids On The Block for the trump legal team. Yet they are there a growing law firm in Washington in there. Exactly handling the tat the financial matters to onion of that that fight for the tax returns the fight for this. Other financial documents from you in that firm Mazar is a USA. So they eight have been growing firm in Washington and you've seen. A lot of it will cost of ways they had the lead partner at that Furman then. And in other associates who work at that fuhrman's a small farm not working on a tax returns case and now it's shifted. Into bringing more attorneys on the deal with these financial matters and. Going back into the White House when when this all started you had done again on as the White House counsel you had Ty Cobb. As the special counsel internally that was sort of dealing an Irving related to rusher probe. Ties gone we sore Emmet flood common and that floods now gone. And now you've pats sit alone in the role as White House counsel and the relationship. Between so blown and secular low is. Pretty strong. Yeah out their relationship is strong and which is important to have. Instrument inside the White House and and with his personal attorneys and and also the restructuring of the White House Counsel's Office and general Tom again. Left and pat simpler came in and now he ES a deputy in the White House that's solely dealing with. Congressional investigations and then there's a team as it relates that I think it's interesting to go back. To the days of of Ty Cobb and commodities attorneys have come and gone and and net but would bow tie. Cop you're always going to see it kind of it is the remnants of him and away because he was the one who turned over all of these documents to Muller. Thousands and thousands millions they say. And net and at this is why we're in and the position we are now with the Lawler for this is what we know so much in the Mueller report about what. A Don again former white house counsel's and the White House about what these. The top advisors said because as the president says he was the most. Trans parent but that's because. But Ty Cobb advised him to turn over all these documents and and some attorneys I've talked to a view that does he at. The best thing he ever did and others say you know it's it's the worst thing the other to ever did because it's an argument. For the Democrats to get more information from LB will. Working or we're gonna see where this all goes Mueller is going to be on the hill I'm next week that is going to be a blockbuster hearing regardless of what he says the fact that. He is physically going up they are answering questions these units earlier we both had heard for so long. That would never ever happen but he's going to be right there front and center. And the other thing is injure sing and I am clippings the other half of your job here because you do covered health for us as well Chris. We couldn't find enough be treated do. On the hill Catherine what's gonna happen there is it Muller's going to be. The public portion of the testimony but then Muller's deputies are also going to be up there to answer questions from members of those committee. AC yet it we pick a logistics of this are still being. In. Determined but. Muller's deputies Adam you know whether it's two or three at Embry we know that they're going to be up there as well we think that they're gonna take questions and in private Byron Woodson a closed door session actually believe but what's significant about that John is that Mueller. He was at the top of this operation right he ran its operation but. It was that his deputies and that. Big team of people. Who you know or doing any interviews with the witnesses who were. Putting together you know every you know footnote in this report who really really know this report in an out of course smaller does tale. But I think that the information from the deputies who were in their questioning witnesses for hours is going to be significant now of course that will be behind closed doors. But I think if we could. Learn a lot from that as well as in busy week my Catherine folders thanks for joining today and thank you for joining us be sure to hit subscribe elite closer rating thanks to our producers and labor Chatzky and Trevor Hastings I'm John Santee chief. We'll see you next week for another episode. An investigation.

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{"duration":"23:24","description":"When asked by \"The Investigation\" about Robert Mueller's upcoming testimony on the Hill, Trump's personal attorney Jay Sekulow said, \"They're just looking for the gotcha moment. I don't see it.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64227850","title":"Trump attorney says president's legal team isn't concerned about impeachment, Mueller","url":"/Politics/video/trump-attorney-presidents-legal-team-concerned-impeachment-mueller-64227850"}