Trump and Biden to square off in tonight’s final presidential debate

President Trump and Joe Biden are set to have their final face-off tonight in Nashville in the final president debate.
3:56 | 10/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump and Biden to square off in tonight’s final presidential debate
BC news political director Rick Klein joins me now for more on this Rick millions of Americans have already voted at 530 its polling average shows Joseph Biden leading president trump. By about ten points right now so what's at stake for the president and for Biden tonight. Yeah I am this has been a stubbornly staple race all huge events that have rocked the country over the last weeks and months they seem not to really influence the race that much. Presently Democrats aren't any more comfortable where they stand. President trump well this is almost over the last best chance he asked it to change the conversation on the way to me is much more into a choice between him and Joseph Biden. As opposed to a referendum on his own presidency. And why didn't I think the watchword as early not to screw op things have been going a perimeter he's been pretty quiet on the campaign trail the last couple of days. This is going to be by far the biggest audience Eden and ease up for election night itself. I'm Biden likes where he stands right now can't be complacent. I think he's gonna have a bit of balancing act and how he responds and there are a lot of personal tax credit. The dynamics are indebted foul trouble meets make a lot more noise than Joseph Barton and his abilities go to. And in terms of the changes for tonight we rumor heard. Been Mary's piece they're going to be a turning off the mics for example during those two minutes that each candidate has to speak. How significant are these changes and how do you think that plays to their strengths and weaknesses. Well as it. Presidential complaining about the changes he thinks its other commission it is trying to muscle in some way but it's a close eye to it which is dead. I don't trust gonna get a clear two minutes of the struggle every answer to state basically anything he wants. He's been complaining about topics artist certainly going to be covered you realize he wants to end the moderator or Joseph Biden can do about that. I'm we know didn't headlines that it the president is likely to want to jump on he's likely to launch its in some some real personal highly personal attacks against against Vice President Biden. And let him do it sort of think it's obvious potential does she works out in a way presidential it is our goal is to steal deliver his lines delivered to clean. And president trump has also complain a lot lately about the lack of foreign policy discussion in the debates what kind of topics are they expected to hit on tonight. Yes isn't the same as the last time Condoleezza moderator Chris well police a list include things like Kobe nineteen in the economy and race relations foreign policy is not its own bucket. The president is correct when he says it is intended to be foreign policy to be it was never announced that William is always intended to be up to the moderator. Or policy I am sure will ball particularly with the headlines. Overnight about time expired for an actor took to try to communicate with American voters I'm presidential begin in bringing however you want so. I I didn't really used to this kind of work in the rest only on odd to me out of my campus signal where president Ted's case is that he's complaining about. Oh and this briefing on election interference by Iran and Russia is a curve ball less than two weeks. Before the election to say the least so what can we expect to hear from the candidates tonight. On election security. Yeah that was really a strange man last night that people are wondering got a 2016 genes come easily a little intervention and and and go to occasions and that campaign. This is so it is very different but it was a political and even so what did Director of National Intelligence. John Radcliffe had to say and saying this is particularly aimed at hurting president wrong. Jimmy saw the people the question of whether he is. Election interference going on meddling by porn or early Indy it is. It has always been probably more on politics in the country in not wanting to get it particularly with gore to rot so you can imagine is coming up as a topic and not just a question of they were trying to be influenced whether enough is being done it. And fundamentally whether people are being scared away intimidated. Bully witty choosing how and competence and oh count. Her head ABC political director Rick Klein thanks Rick. And be sure to tune in to full coverage of the final presidential debate tonight at 8 PM eastern right here on ABC news live.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"President Trump and Joe Biden are set to have their final face-off tonight in Nashville in the final president debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73763603","title":"Trump and Biden to square off in tonight’s final presidential debate","url":"/Politics/video/trump-biden-square-off-tonights-final-presidential-debate-73763603"}