Trump Calls For Drug Test on Candidates Before Debate

Donald Trump suggests Hillary Clinton lost her energy by the end of the last debate.
2:42 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Trump Calls For Drug Test on Candidates Before Debate
That's how dead yeah. His calm for a drug test before the next day. 'cause he says he feels that Hillary was all pumped up at the start in the last line. That was dragging by the yet but wait a minute he's. As the one who was stalking him. And and then he was the one who was walking wall around Arab hovering in acted like he popped up. And in the first debate he was the one it was sniffing and sleeping. He's on downers and then choppers apparently have some sort I don't I'm. It looks really got spread it really does I mean you if you have to resort to this he's trying to put a message out there that she's in this not talk about her stabbing her repeatedly that she can't handle the job she can't do this but honest sleep. Go to her policy if you're not going after her policy that's Armenians during capable of going after her policy and you have to choose that's not the I we're going against Hillary Clinton I have plenty to say. And none of the would have to do with whether or not she was on drugs or whether or not she had wears down and it's clear the woman Christiane is just fine. She's been secretary of state. She's a strong intelligent woman in disagreement on policy now have the guts to take her on camera why Whitney thing. There's things being thrown out be seeing what sticks to the wall. Robert Kennedy and stamina is a valid concern but this is just. But as healing up all the time they're play any of being Tiki he actually could be talking doll out hot chili right. He's actually have to do his homework you'd have to study you have to navigate past actually do the work things out as opposed to having his team do stuff so making the laptop about it. Not supposed to can't do it act as you know it's just kind of you know she and you know I I bet you know she might they wanted to say Lipitor or maybe she's on May Special Olympics and I had a hard issue you know maybe the that's what you gonna finally yelled what. You Monday the drug tests are not yeah. He would take the drug tests on Viagra you know. If you let me ask scam but I think Alex and Viagra they holy trinity of the pharmaceutical and about one of the house supplemented that's the problem may be as uncomfortable because it's lasted more than fifteen hour back. I'm just saying you know maybe that's why he was talking her life. Walking. Good and I mean I just think you know there are things that we should be learning and I guess.

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{"id":42863316,"title":"Trump Calls For Drug Test on Candidates Before Debate","duration":"2:42","description":"Donald Trump suggests Hillary Clinton lost her energy by the end of the last debate.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-calls-drug-test-candidates-debate-42863316","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}