Trump calls special counsel questions leak 'disgraceful'

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to blast leak of questions Mueller wants to ask him.
5:38 | 05/01/18

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Transcript for Trump calls special counsel questions leak 'disgraceful'
Everybody on Devin Dwyer live at ABC news headquarters in New York good Tuesday morning to you we are on location today covering all the way to stories. Across the country and around the world bringing you up to speed here. On number of stores were tracking today including a severe weather outbreak in the middle of the country we are on store watch a forecast is ahead meanwhile we're down at the border with Mexico. That's where that caravan of migrants has been camp out trying to get into the United States we understand the first have stepped foot on US soil are Mac tuchman is there. Were also tracking the highest gas prices ahead get ready for your summer vacations. Could be the highest gas prices in four years Ari the program easier there in New York City we'll have a live report just a second but we want to start. Over the white house with a number of major headlines this morning facing president trump the first of which. Broke late yesterday on the list of questions that special counts are Robert Mueller. Hopes to ask the president the president this morning. Tweeting back about that supposedly are Karen Travers is there on the north lawn care and great to see you. Opt 49 questions the president. Got a long list of facing consider there were these questions come from what's he's in about. Act morning Evan this list obtained by the new York times of about four dozen questions that Robert Mueller once president trump as part of this Russia probe. And it is sources confirmed eyes at that list is authentic and it was developed during the ongoing negotiations between the smaller team and the president's lawyers. The president tweeting this morning that it was disgraceful. That these questions were leaked to the media. And he once again launched into their vigorous defense of himself but he said there was no collusion. And no questions about collusion but DeVon want the areas of the four areas that. These questions focused on is campaign coordination with Russia and there's a specific question and that's raising. A lot of interests today the question is. What knowledge did you or any did what knowledge do you have it any outreach by your campaign including Mike home can't afford to Russia. About potential assistance to the campaign. And DeVon legal experts are looking at that saying not Mueller might have a lot of information to lead to a question like that. And of course now the question is the press actually go through witnessed it down seven Reno he has said many times he wants to talk to Mahler 100%. Do it under it backtracked sometimes but where things stand now is that yes he does. But some legal experts say looking at this list there is no wait. You can how the president sit down. He could get tripped up that they something could incriminate himself. Yet Karen a lot of these questions pretty open and that you could see how the president challenged. To answer them knowing what Robert Mueller knows in fact that you've been doing some reporting on this. The whole fact that this list with be too likely from the president's team. May have been a move on their part to convince him not to do this. And you know we've certainly over the last year had seen very little to zero information coming out of the special counsel Bob as they would evening confirming anything or. Talk about this list that was published last thing at the New York Times. But we have certainly seen debates among the president's lawyers about what the president should or should not do when it comes to an interview with Robert Mueller of course just a couple weeks ago the president's lead attorney John down. Who resigned and sources told us that that was in large part because he thought the president was not listening to his advice so he think the president's public statements that he wants to sit down Mahler. And then sources saying that one of his lawyers quit. It is the president wasn't listening to them so you get the impression and the president's lawyers are saying put the brakes on this you cannot go forward. All right we'll see if that materializes we know those negotiations for an interview are still under way meanwhile another big interview. Headline Brothers this morning involving chief of staff John cal lately yesterday. A report without that chief of staff had allegedly called the president an idiot behind closed doors. Kelly very vehemently pushing back on that Karen. What's the White House saying this morning about where Kelly stands at the president. That things are good right now between the president and John Kelly in of course over the last couple months there has been no secret that there's been moments of tension times where it seemed like John Kelly with going to be the want to quit. Other times where it seemed like a president with his frustrations with his chief of staff was going to push him out. Tonight though John Kelly issued that very rare public rebuke to that article couple articles saying he called me. Idiot and he said that in the president of a strong and candid relationship and they know that that reporting was total BS but you know DeVon you look at. Last fall. The secretary of state at the time Rex Tillerson pushing back on reports that he called the president a moron now the chief of staff saying he did not call the president and. That's right and Kelly called that I think complete BS interest and we don't know direct response to the president and that's Kelly's. Certainly something to watch him at cirrus Sanders today last thing Karen. Got to ask you about Sanders making her first occurred back and read your map that white house correspondents' dinner. You know she's appeared pretty stone based on stage an indication of how she's going weigh in on an act controversy that White House hasn't said that she would bring it up herself but they are certainly expecting that. Somebody in the room today everything is going to ask her about it how that context of the question comes up we'll see but this will be the first time that we heard publicly from sayers Anderson's that. A controversial. Comedy act on Saturday night at the White House right now you know you'll be their character trappers in the White House or want you so much.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"President Donald Trump took to Twitter to blast leak of questions Mueller wants to ask him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54856085","title":"Trump calls special counsel questions leak 'disgraceful'","url":"/Politics/video/trump-calls-special-counsel-questions-leak-disgraceful-54856085"}