Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Roy Moore, Russia probes and more

Lewandowski shared his perspective on the administration's most explosive moments on "The View."
3:00 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Roy Moore, Russia probes and more
So get to now. Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and I both wrote books about the white house's current resident this year. Mine is called "The great gasbag". I'm guessing his is a bit more flattering. Here to try to give us a different perspective on the 45th president is the author of "Let trump be trump," Corey Lewandowski. Thank you. Am I right? It's great to be here, thank you. And I hope yours was number one. I'm hoping mine gets to number one with your help. Thank you very much. All right. So, now trump has officially endorsed Roy Moore. Mitch Mcconnell has now come out and said that the RNC is behind Roy Moore and they're throwing money behind it. Put your money where your mouth is. The money's going there. So the optics are going to be a little hairy for the Republican party in the next couple of years. Don't you think? Because everybody who gives money to the RNC is going to be tainted possibly that you're supporting an accused child molester. Let's just be clear. I think we have a big problem in Washington D.C. Right now. We've seen very powerful people from Al Franken to John Conyers, some of the most powerful Democrats in the country being accuse of things and some admitting some and paying off people through taxpayer money. Right. We have a real culture of problem in Washington D.C. And what the voters have to decide is who are they going to send to Washington to represent them and their values. Th's the most important thing. And look, we've seen Al Franken now come out and apologize. I think John Conyers said today he's resigning from congress because of these accusations. These are very, very serious act occasions. People if they committed crimes should be prosecuted for those crimes but I'm very cautious about rushing to judgment until we know all the facts. Now, when you admit that you've done something wrong and Al has done that and made an apology, it's going to be up to the voters of Minnesota to determine -- That should automatically means if you don't admit it that you should be zoj rated? No. There's a fine line of being accused and being convicted of it. We've seen a lot of prominent people in the media in major network television news. Yes. Women though -- No, no, no. We shouldn't disbelieve anybody but the question is, what is the punishment? Being accused and convicted are two different things. Al Franken has admitted that he's groped women. We have the pictures. Talk about Roy Moore. Let's talk about Roy Moore. It's going to be up to the people of Alabama to decide if those are the values that they want to put in the U.S. Senate. It's not for me to decide. I'm a resident of the state of New Hampshire. Mitch Mcconnell didn't say that in the first place. He said no, we're not endorsing him, he should get out. Now he's saying it's okay. Where does he stand morally? It's not up to Mitch Mcconnell. It's up to the people of Alabama to determine do we want this person or do we not. Do we want a American who's going to support stopping illegal immigrants or not. Just like the voters of Minnesota, when Al Franken gets re-elected and they put pictures of him groping women? It's a false equivalency. If my wife was -- If your 14-year-old daughter was molested by Roy Moore, you would be upset about that too. I'm the kind of guy -- you're absolutely right. Part of why trump won is the distrust of the media, the innate misunderstanding I think of trump voters. 71% of polled Alabama voters don't believe the media's take on the Roy Moore accusers. What is it that the media continues to get so wrong about president trump and get so wrong about covering his supporters? Well, here's what we saw just this week. An ABC news reporter made up a story and was penalized for it. He didn't make it up. It was a mistake. There's a difference between making a mistake. You're a reporter, national television reporter and getting the facts wrong and going out and saying something that's wholy and factually inaccurate. It was a mistake, ABC news wouldn't have suspended him for four weeks. That was a big mistake and he's been held accountable. He should have been fired is what he should have been. What you've done, you've taken the stock market in one day dropped 350 points because he said Donald Trump told Michael Flynn to do something which was not the case. So I'm glad -- There's a timeline, come on. There's no evidence that Donald Trump told Mike Flynn to do anything. To say that as a factual basis on a major television network is gross -- He said he's lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia. If Mike Flynn which he did committed a felony by lying to the FBI, Mike Flynn has to be accounted to that. Let's talk about Mike Flynn's plea deal. He was one of trump's most vocal supporters and a constant fixture. He was national security adviser and now he's a key witness for Mueller. Let's be frank here. How worried should trump be? Look, I think if you look at what has taken place under the Mueller investigation so far we've seen almost $10 million of taxpayer money has gone to this so far which is perfectly fine if there's a crime there that leads somewhere. Nothing has gone to the president that says he's done anything wrong. There's no conclusion, cooperation, coordination. Is Mueller wasting his time? I think Mike Flynn should make sure that no foreign government ever interferes in the election of our great country because if that's the case and anybody is involved in that, I hope they are prosecuted and spend the rest of their lives in jail. Yeah, we kind of know that it happened. And you've said this repeatedly. You said recently, anyone who colluded with Russia should go to jail for the rest of their lives. If it is found that trump colluded, should he go to jail? Nobody's above the law. Is that a yes? I know the president so well. I had the privilege -- Don't throw up in your mouth. I had the privilege -- You guys are laughing but he worked on -- listen -- let me finish quick. The thing we've been talking about all week is what is it that we're missing about trump supporters, what is it that we don't understand. You worked for his campaign. Granted you're not, windowiorking in the administration which I would be angry but what is it that the media is missing about his supporters because it's interesting to know your perspective. It's really -- you know how I got to meet Mr. Trump. My friend Dave Bossie met Donald Trump because his son was a young boy. He had four brain surgeries around two heart surgeries and David was trying to raise money for children's hospital in Washington D.C. And he knew the great Steve Wynn from Las Vegas. He said I'm going to introduce you to Donald Trump and he's going to help you. The boy is now 14 years old and he's done amazing things because Donald Trump helped him. Dave Bossie said to me, I want to introduce you to Donald Trump and he might run for president and would you sit with him. The gratitude and the graciousness of the man that I knew, that's what his people know. That's not how you write about it in your book, Corey I say he's a killer. I want a killer as a president. You do? Absolutely. I want to make sure that we are the toughest, greatest nation. Most Mach Cho. You write that he was ruthless to his staffers, that there was a side of him so bad, that quote, it makes you wonder why you took the job in the first place. You were his target on many occasions. I was, because I failed. What was the thing he did to you? Look, this is a man who has achieved such amazing success in his life, whether it's New York real estate, books, television, and now in politics. Trump University, don't forget that. I think it did pretty well. You have to remember, you have to remember, he deserves perfection. He demands it. He wants you to work harder than you've ever worked. Look, I grew up in a blue collar down in Massachusetts, single parent household. I know what hard work is. I thought I did until I came to work every day, 19-hour a day job seven days a week. You could be a gracious leader without screaming and yelling at people, right? I wanltd to work hard and be perfect. Look, there are many times I failed him and many times that I wanted to do better but I'm grateful for the opportunity. I've got to ask you this question because what I heard you say this -- saw you wrote this it was incredible to me. On day one of his campaign, trump came down that golden escalator and he called Mexicans rapists who bring drugs and crime to America. You wrote in your book that those words as close to the opposite of racism as any words can be. Please, Corey, explain that to me. You have to remember the rest of the quote. Please explain that. He also said some I assume are good people. Here's the thing. I know president trump, not only is he not racist or misogynist, he's the exact opposite. You know what, look, I've had the privilege of sitting next to him and he doesn't care if you're white, green, blue, honest, male or female. When he says those words, we shouldn't believe him? No. This week we had a terrible strategy of justice. Kate Steinle's killer was let off because of an injustice justice system. He had been deported six times in this country. This girl died, a beautiful young girl in California was shot and killed and you know what, it doesn't matter if you're white, black, green or Orange, justice should have been brought. Anecdotal evidence is not policy and not what we're talking about here. That is anecdotal. That's one incident. Policy is not based on an anecdote, Corey. Anyway, we have to go. Sorry. Thanks to Corey Lewandowski. His new book "Let trump be

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{"id":51593189,"title":"Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Roy Moore, Russia probes and more","duration":"3:00","description":"Lewandowski shared his perspective on the administration's most explosive moments on \"The View.\"","url":"/Politics/video/trump-campaign-manager-corey-lewandowski-roy-moore-russia-51593189","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}