Trump Campaign Manager Defends Melania Trump's Speech

Paul Manafort says critics are trying to distort the message delivered by Donald Trump's wife.
3:13 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Trump Campaign Manager Defends Melania Trump's Speech
First of all we think that Maloney a child speech was a great speech. Talked about her murder coming to America. Talked about the story that. Is is focuses on him immigration the right way to do it and talks about her love. Country and how it developed and love over Osman about it developed. And and family the family values. These are things that are personal to her with a personal to a lot of people depending on the stories of their lives. Obviously Michelle Obama feels very very much similar sentiments towards or family. The the fact that the speech itself has been focused on four. As somebody it's easiest over that fifty words that includes hands of those things like that. Is totally ignoring the facts of speech itself the speech was a poignant speech was well received by the American people. There's no here we we don't believe there's there's any. The in this speech that doesn't reflectors thinking and we don't think that cheese's it's were comfortable that. That the words that she use our words that were personal to her the fact that things like care and respect compassion. NO BO those of extraordinary words and certainly when you talk about their normal words. I would note that she did note that she was speaking before forty million people yesterday. And that her speech would be noticed by a lot of people and to think that you be doing anything that would be you know but that would be. Unnoticed it was news search news to the people pay attention to words. And the American people to focus on what her message to us you all the folks in trying to distort Obama's so respects. But again. There's a political. Tune into this whole. Issue and you know and certainly noted that the Clinton camp was forced to get it out there. Trying to say that there was something untoward about speeches that line trump gave. It's just another example as far as we're concerned that when we recruitment stood by female force insurers charged destroyed a person. But it's politics we recognize it orders to move. We're focusing on the message them alive trump gave us the American people focus we're very pleased. Oh. Absolutely. In who she did a tremendous job list this is the woman who doesn't speak in public very often. It but she wanted to speak she was and asked to speak she approached us and said. I want the United States knows that states to know the men well. Because they're always you know part of his troops which is its apartments it's who he is but the seen him on the campaign trail. And she said that it was important to her personally that they understand the compassionate side of cultural thing humans I don't show. And the man who spent you know all the time but she's known him tried to make people's lives better and making a difference of their lives. She communicated that beautifully last night. And in that nothing that someone who tried to destroy it. Story that works political two allegations can can distract from affected her speech was when pilots have the island convention.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Paul Manafort says critics are trying to distort the message delivered by Donald Trump's wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40698197","title":"Trump Campaign Manager Defends Melania Trump's Speech","url":"/Politics/video/trump-campaign-manager-defends-melania-trumps-speech-40698197"}