Ex-Trump campaign manager to surrender to feds

President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Manafort's longtime business associate Rick Gates are expected to surrender to authorities today in connection to the Russia probe.
5:15 | 10/30/17

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Transcript for Ex-Trump campaign manager to surrender to feds
This is an ABC news special. Now reported George Stephanopoulos. Good morning were coming on the air right now because ABC news has just learned that special counsel Robert Mueller has filed his first charges. In the Russian investigation first charges filed against Paul man a fort. President trumps former campaign Tracy and lasted right there last year during the campaign. Serbia's campaign chair for three months want to get all the latest from our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas in Washington Pierre. That's right George official Washington was holding his breath but sources with direct knowledge tell ABC news that former truck campaign Sherman. Palm mad at fourth and one of his associates Rick gates have been told to surrender to federal authorities today. This would be the first fruit of special counsel Bob Rose five month investigation into whether anyone from the trump campaign colluded. With the Russians in the 2016 presidential election. George we believe that this is. Tied to. Whether his financial dealings were somehow tied to questions not directly related to the collusion issue but we are waiting to find out what the specific tart. He's Elliott had business relations of the room with the Russians for many years before he Henry gates joined the campaign want to bring in Jon Karl. Right now John this may explain some between storms we've been seeing from president trump over the last. Few days this is big this was a man who was president Trump's campaign manager back in 2016. And Rick gates was an instrumental deputy in the campaign as well. This is a big deal he was the chairman of the campaign George somebody. Instrumental intro clinching the Republican nomination ran the Republican Convention. Four then nominee Donald Trump candidate Donald Trump Rick gates is somebody who stayed on the trump came panic trump campaign. Even after man a port was fired over the summer and also was with the trump transition team and the trump inauguration. Team. Us of this cuts very close although the charges themselves may be related to Mann reports business dealings and not anything to do with the campaign but remain a very close to the president. No question about that admirably go back to the timing last year during the campaign meant a foot actually left the campaign. Just days after several of these business dealings were revealed including payments he may have gotten from Ukraine. Yes and at the time I was told by senior officials on the campaign that was very much. Part of the reason that did metaphor was fired not the only reason but a big part of the of why manna for was fired because of that cloud. Put George this is a this is a big deal although I I have to tell you the trial. Legal team in advance of this has made it clear that even if something like this were to come down this is not a surprise that manna for would be. Would be at the top of Muller's list for an indictment. But the argument from the legal team is. It even if this were to come down that it would not necessarily have anything to do or would mean there do you have anything to do with the trump campaign or with the president. Well then and then it said that's clearly what they would say but you know one of the things we've learned with all of the investigations all these special counsel investigations they started in one place. Often end up someplace very different. No question and you war starting at a place. It is incredibly close to the president of the United States this was the chairman. Of his campaign. And Rick gates not as major figure in the campaign. But a prominent figure in the trump campaign. Who stayed even after. Metaphor was fired going to bring back Pierre Thomas Fuller more on this Islam pier we know that special counsel Mueller. And we don't know all the details of these charges specifically right now we know he's hired a team. It includes experts in money laundering. These are experts in money laundering white collar crime. People who have experience in taking down a members of the mafia organized crime in George less give a little bit of perspective here. Metaphors has been in to cross hairs for months back in August the FBI conducted a raid at his residents in Alexandria. They showed up. In side of his apartment. With a swat team tactical team to collect the evidence it was a clear sign that he was someone that they had intense interest in him that this was serious business. And can end here on his own bid metaphor is a pretty big fish is chairman as Jon Karl said of Donald Trump's campaign the bequest would be now after this indictment. Do they use that pressure to get him to talk about other activities in the campaign. To get him to talk about the president. Again this we believe is tied to financial dealings. You are required under federal law. If you're acting as a foreign. Agent for foreign government to notify federal officials. Of your activity we know that of Matt afford amended some of his records to indicate some work that he had been done. Those cases aren't typically always prosecuted. But in this case with the stakes being as high demand has been under incredible. Scrutiny and now he's going to placed face pressure like he's never seen before too. She first charges are in recession counselor Robert Mueller first charges filed against trump campaign chair Paul Mann a port. And his deputy in business partner Rick gates we have a lot more on this all day long at the latest news and abcnews.com right now. When return natural regular programming for many view that's Good Morning America. This has been a special. From EB.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Manafort's longtime business associate Rick Gates are expected to surrender to authorities today in connection to the Russia probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50808275","title":"Ex-Trump campaign manager to surrender to feds","url":"/Politics/video/trump-campaign-manager-surrender-feds-50808275"}