Trump Campaign Turns One, Sanders to Address Supporters on Livestream

ABC's Rick Klein gives us the latest on the race for the White House.
12:12 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Trump Campaign Turns One, Sanders to Address Supporters on Livestream
Rick break down for us what's the latest on the NRA Donald Trump. I'm in the White House response to that. Donald Trump the rate curve ball at the NRA yet maybe he was a beatable they it was it was so unexpected the NRA it just endorsed. Donald Trump trump talks about the full time as possible when it champion he is the Second Amendment protecting gun rights. And then the tweet says Donald Trump often does he sets the policy in that we can says. He wants to be talking to the NRA specifically. To figure out how to make sure the terrorists and those on watch list do not get guns. What's interesting about this is that and NRA official had just met with Donald. A few days earlier phone tower there was no mention of that according to the New York Times. The NRA didn't know that we're gonna have another meeting Donald found nothing has been scheduled yet today were taken totally aback by that told where's. They were caught by that that we unclear what exact policy we're talking about is just let the tweet stand out there. But it does seem to put him. At odds with the NRA which says no we don't want terrorists that have guns we want to make sure that due process is followed for Americans so that someone is on a watch list is different than a criminal charge they have some records that go before judge. But that. That the bill that they have been championing so far. Is so stringent according to people on the other side of this that it would make it essentially impossible for the justice department for the FBI to waive its off someone getting on without actually charging them. With terrorism. Or with planning to commit terrorism so you wouldn't get people like the that the the shooter in Orlando caught up in that so. This is because this is such a hot button issue in any involvement by presidential candidate means something but for trump to hit it at this angle and dot not toe the party line as he often. Does not do it's that take more of a populist maybe maybe it's a common sense approach to say of course terrorists should get this. This has Capitol Hill royally. It is it is in live in the debate that is ongoing right now in Washington. Rick speaking of the presumptive GOP nominee. We wished him happy seventieth birthday earlier this week and today is another milestone of sorts it marks one year to the day. Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy. For president first of all. I can't believe that was a year ago of the year that was back when they're on that. Fifteen other candidates I mean when you look back at the last year he and you can you even believe what happens. Well it also marks the single the end of the single you're right in most long most consistently. I do professionally. So there's that there's a happy anniversary for everyone and I I would say a very humbly up not alone in this count everyone's been wrong about him so consistently. It was viewed as kind of a joke at first. You you went down there we've ever that escalator ride that line via. The lobby of tower. And that did initial screen he had against Mexicans and say you know talking rate December's insult or people that now in this. Sound bite. There it what was remarkable to me of many things remarkable one of them is that. He's stump speech kind of sounds a lot like it did a year ago there were new elements to it. He is obviously embellished on aspects of it we hear about Muslim man it's all month in. But the core of what Donald Trump was talking about a year ago as the core of what he talks about now and he he had a sense early on. Before he made that asked the letter right where he gave that initial speech that went wildly off of all of what he was supposed to do well prepared remarks. He had a sense of what was driving the American public that time the yanks the anger anxiety. The anti immigrant fervor. Would end up being anti Muslim fervor as well he I think there was shades of all of that and then initials B so. He has been you know more consistent than just about anyone in terms of what his speeches sound and the fact that we recognize that in the other sixteen Republicans and recognize that until we too late to the rail this nomination is a testament to. If nothing else the his ability to put a finger on the pulse even if it's Italy also the American people so I you know looking back at the last year. You know I was I went to the first beat you in Iowa which I believe was the day after that that initial speech. And that the rule was was electric with anticipation just hours late but it was around a celebrity now. When it didn't realize is that he would take that celebrity to connect in this this rule weight would vote in Iowa and elsewhere. And powered through I'm among those who did not think he is serious and for the nomination worth a 100% wrong that. You definitely were not found in the minority here Rick when it comes that will say I think I was right there along with you. We wrong sir cliff good to say that if it. We if they were wrong but I'll let me ask you this so a lot of talk about Donald Trump let Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders that whole soccer is still currently burning. He's still on this thing I know he's going to be speaking tonight with. Some of his supporters on what we know about this. Well it's much more keeping with Bernie to communicate his message directly as a word for a minute news conference or even at a rally he's. Ask people have house parties talk about the next steps in what they all the political revolution. I'm interested now in the semantics they the word choice will be critical here. I don't expect that the the words I'm suspending my campaign for president when dropping out of the presidential race we'll ever escape Bernie Sanders lips. But. That said he has essentially suspended campaign activities. In part because it or off the campaign. There's no there's no voting laugh so he's not showing up anywhere any easier than not and something we'll taking notice he's not in Washington. Where the scent is engaged in is going to be he's gonna miss those votes despite even taking a bunch of criticism over that so he is home in Vermont recouping and and readjusting and every Powell rating his political strategy he is not actively campaigning for president. But how he frames the fight ahead if that becomes at all battle for delegates super delegates that's a different way to cast it. And if he just says look we hear about the platform and about keeping the message alive so. I think those words will matter. Are reporting this does not suggest that he will formally drop out in any way or offer his formal endorsement for Hillary Clinton. I'd be surprised though he didn't talk about the need for the Democratic Party to unite to defeat Donald Trump doesn't mention Hillary Clinton. Does he say he's no longer actively campaign goes I think of the key questions that we're here tonight. Every every fifth birthday because we talked about this before that in the longer he continues to talk about the revolution in and the fight I mean you mentioned the word right there yourself. Well the longer that goes on them. Hurt the Democratic Party moving forward in the general if he takes this all the way to Philadelphia without saying I am endorsing Hillary Clinton or I am suspending my campaign. Where if that leave the party. It depends on what revolution he's talking about. You're talking about a revolution inside the Democratic Party or broader political revolution across America that would be needed to be L prop. If he continues to attack the Democratic Party talked about a fixed and rigged system. Inside a Democratic Party. You're right on the he's gonna he's going to be having supporters even more fired up. Going into Philadelphia I feel like they were cheated many of them do feel that it's real it's not it's not fate this is that a a true phenomena in this country they feel like. The system is rigged inside Democratic Party. If you know channel some of that same language into the general elections say look we have a chance here to complete a political revolution. Well inside and outside the Dem party that involves influencing what the party platform processes our leadership. Of the party is it also involves making sure we defeat Donald Trump that's the balance that he asked the fine and I'll tell you it's not perfect. But I'll Democrats are much more optimistic that they'll get to that point that Republicans are. Optimistic that they're gonna get to a point of comfort around their vomit. So you're gonna choose to be one party or the other even though there is the second and at many other Democratic Party side I think you Republicans would say. The Democrats have a better shot at party unity going into the conventions and beyond. What I feel like Bernie Sanders is going to be campaigning on inauguration day. Yes they're going to be edit a think and speak on what a rip out I don't wanna go back to the NRA and it units in the votes I'm that are that the that could happen today. Oh we sure they're gonna happen today as far as any type of legislation movement on gun control. Well is an agreement in the Senate's it is to see the votes through. Doesn't mean I'll pass in fact I think it's unlikely that your gonna see anything meaningful happen. There's a lot of apparel attracts going on but. If there rather extraordinary 24 hours and when you take in tandem what Donald Foltz said about the NRA and then he overnight yeah I don't wanna call the filibuster may be a full of Foster. Is is a more appropriate term for what they tried to do they were trying to block a piece of legislation to force a vote on. Gun control senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut leading the charge is joined by a whole. You know murderer's row of Democrats out there overnight it was. An hour and Chuck Schumer Dick Durbin among that they they brought out they came out to the floor and they they they show pictures of gun violence victims. We've seen the cover of the Boston Globe today in the tweaks that they're doing now on it rolling basis of victims of gun violence since the assault weapons ban. Expired more than a decade ago so well the countries engaged in this debate right now the question. Always comes to help political leaders that yes this and I don't think this is the day we go to C. Substance back. You see some votes and see kind of testing out again but they you know they as they set about president. President's visit part of this becomes kind of sad repetition as well we sort of know how this movie's. Right and one last thing rate yeah act. At I think it's a hot that we talk a lot about the NRA. In this debate. We're about Donald Trump and having this you know media that could mean a lot with the RA. But it's not the NRA. Who drops the bills in the legislation yes there you know gun lobby but you think if I that we talk so much about the NRA and is it because of so much power they have on. I'm Republican and other congressional leaders. There's no doubt that they have almost a salable legislation but I think that actually mrs. A couple of key points one is there is pushed back to the Michael Bloomberg. The Brady campaign there is money it even follows the efforts to move in the other direction the money hasn't mattered. And the reason for that is that this is not become a voting issue in this country yes 90% or so people favor universal background checks. But very few of among that 90%. What's the vote against the politician solely because of their position on guns drawn background checks you have a ticket not just as a money issue. Or an issue you care about make it a voting ballot box issue. And that gets into another point which is that a lot of the the support for gun rights in this country has to do with things that are larger than done this cultural. It's socioeconomic. Its regional its geographic. The Vermont is a great example of very center for a lot of others in the campaign but Vermont this kind of at a loving state. There a lot of hunters and outdoorsman there so gun controls a variant popular places like Vermont even though that's one of the most liberal states in the country. Similarly there are big pockets of and will leaning states the upper midwest and Pennsylvania that have in New York State upstate. There are lots of gun owners and people that protect gun rights very much and it's not because. None of them are supporting terrorists that. And none of them want to see terrorists get guns almost done we'll we'll we'll talk about it initially that. But they do believe deeply that there is a constitutional right to take carry firearms owned violence the purchase them. And that it should be able to buy the bonds that they want and it becomes a freedom issue. And and and lesser until. Those direct communities are impacted by it or people on the other side of this are able to to bring their voices often vote in the same kind of numbers that they felt pollsters. You're not gonna see changes. And in to meet you talking about an RA contributions and and gun lobby he. Misses a good portion of its not just the money money via minor part. If politicians thought that it was a political upside in supporting different kinds of guns controls it would buck the even in very reds parts of the country. It's not just about dollars and cents so I think focusing on that this is a larger dynamic that's actually work. Mad at ABC's Rick Klein joining us from Washington DC with some. Sobering but excellent palace that thank you so much for your time Rick way.

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