Trump chips away at Biden's lead in Arizona

Joe Biden still holds a large lead after the latest count.
1:55 | 11/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump chips away at Biden's lead in Arizona
More votes are coming in they're coming in now on the state of Arizona let's go get those. From what Johnson went. George were just looking at these numbers right now again these are from Maricopa County the most populated county in the state. And once again Donald Trump is chipping away at Joseph Biden's lead bit by bit Biden right now state wide is up by about 43000 votes. He was at 47000 votes just about twenty minutes ago statewide Biden is leading about 50% to 48 point 6% and again. There are still some results trickling in from some of those other counties so that has been shifting as well. Around 200000. Outstanding ballots still statewide. So once again the margin shrinking but just a little bit because if you look at what's left of those remaining ballots president trump still needs. About 60%. May be even more to be able to overtake Joseph Biden down this final stretch. We're still trying to look and see what's outstanding in Pima County. That's generally a county that leans Democrat Tucson and canal county one that the Republicans have pointed to know. And so if there's some balance shifted there that could make the difference down the stretch but I can tell you that the clock is ticking here. On president Donald Trump in the state of Arizona. And regardless what happens if you look at a big picture this was a solidly red Republican state for so many years a Democrat has not won in a presidential election here since 1996. Before that you go all the way back to 1948. Now with the shifting demographics increasingly Tina population people moving here from other states like California. This state is becoming solidly purple and not just for this election but the foreseeable future. If you look at the senate races well mark Kelly is trending a little bit higher than Joseph Biden so potentially we could have two senators from Arizona going to at a senate. For the first time since 1953. As well George would certainly Johnson thanks much.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Joe Biden still holds a large lead after the latest count.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74059921","title":"Trump chips away at Biden's lead in Arizona","url":"/Politics/video/trump-chips-bidens-lead-arizona-74059921"}