Trump clarifies whether North Korea will denuclearize

"They have to get rid of [them,]" President Donald Trump told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.
2:53 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for Trump clarifies whether North Korea will denuclearize
We have. The framework of getting ready. Two. No hit and the freezing the documents complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula does that mean. That the nuclear umbrella of the we have over South Koreans on the table for negotiating option and that means that they didn't get rid of their nuclear weapons we never even discussed yet they get get rid of their nuclear weapons Cilic and I think they wanna do it relatively quickly now we're gonna see him that is so what can matter immediately what their work with South Korea wouldn't work with Japan would that work with China. But. It really has been any credible elections you've set the bar for nuclear agreements by. Criticizing Iran reveals his worst deal and remain desirable meaning that any deal with North Korea has to be tougher than Iran deal. I don't think a deal could be softer first of what went up and 150 billion dollars K we're paying. Nothing from that standpoint there then. You will see what happens I think this going to be great partnership was. Japan and with South Korean president moon has been terrific. But they have to get eyewitness are obvious but they haven't given up all their nuclear weapon it although rupiah they will I think they well I really believe that he will have gotten to. No however short period of time yup shipments to dig keynote you know I mean he's dean who can be old place any sinister very quickly I think he's gonna start now. They'll be announcing things over the next few days talking about other missile sites because they were. As you know they were sending out a lot of missiles it was a period of time where I was saying. What are they doing every week it seems another missile from and they going to be getting would've sites if you can stop testing. Could step testing while he already has you know we have how many months hasn't been to a seven. Where there's been no missiles going and even noticed a lot like Arnold had up again oh he's committed to not do that it won't happen that won't be happening. He means he really wants to do something. I think terrific for the country and that's the only way can be at shelling has agreed to if well you know. If you look at. If you talk to the experts you can't just do it immediately forms takes anything really or somebody's at fifteen years if you go rapidly. But when you're in a process of doing it you really dismantling you know what you can't do anything during that period of time but they have a process for getting rid of nukes that does take a step like looking we'll get rid of them tomorrow just can't be done scientifically. And what they gonna do it didn't start immediately that really authorities that they blew up a site which was the real deal site that was their big site they've blown up. They getting rid of things that haven't been mentioned in the document they getting rid of certain missile areas and they're not going to be sending the dismissals up thinner Dorgan Snowe is that and confirm as well these additional steps. Said that the north Koreans are gonna announce these dish yeah that is going to be announcing a very shortly they might have denounced them already but this came that after we side we agreed to that also.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"\"They have to get rid of [them,]\" President Donald Trump told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55831532","title":"Trump clarifies whether North Korea will denuclearize","url":"/Politics/video/trump-clarifies-north-korea-denuclearize-55831532"}