Has Trump Been Compromised by Russia?

Questions surround unsubstantiated claims regarding Russia.
7:35 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Has Trump Been Compromised by Russia?
Not all loud Donna not adjustment rob Lyon I'm substantiate. It. Collection now researching mammals claiming Russian operatives up. Compromise in financial and personal info oh. That they can used to blackmail him now we can get into specifics when I do have a fat yeah. You know because he's being showered with allegations right now. Exist a golden opportunity. For at Democrats thought I. Our world would he be able to Clinton on his legs. Now and award gave to get the Morningstar. You know what I'm you know we sit there on says unsubstantiated. But you know I do recall Paul. That win. The on the days when they were saying you know Obama is not an Ottoman art camp he's. He's not he's not yet he's. Part of that the he's almost lock or he's part of the Taliban. You warrants. Substantiated. Sure fake news and yet they more with the yeah yeah. So what would it ironic as ten well I. I. A little late I am I running shoes on the Russians and the Balinese league's nonsense they're saying no none of this is June on yeah this is true but you know property where. Being the Russians are saying it that I act I think that. Being the ex CIA acting director things Michael morrow said this morning that they do appear to be intelligence reports. From an M I six British intelligence officer and so while they are unsubstantiated. And un sourced are unconfirmed. I think what we really need to be concerned about is the fact that our now future president could possibly. Be at that you know at has compromised by our Russian adversary and they could have information. That could I guess. Black now what is the thing like let's so I know I have a source I can't name what is. But that we'll all know I'd buy out wave and he's the former MI six agent power over the eight went back. I'm not my source. Says that he owes the Russians a lot of mind like Hampton billion dollars or something. So now he has this area so he becomes. President oh my god. I doubt. Because it yeah as day follows night that's gonna happen I know that. So he becomes the this is the leader of the prewar they can't make that stop you. And dumb and the Russians are can blackmail him about the boycotts for example in the all of the stuff that we've been doing what's the word I'm looking sanctions the sanctions right so he lives the sanctions. Because otherwise would not get chip soc and and that's why. There's a problem that's exactly why there was a problem to clarify our. Eagle Tina saying that this is a collection of research and memos ABC news as saying this is unconfirmed un verified as explosive but unsubstantiated allegations. With happening set you have to say that because the stuff is unverified. If any of this is true and is found to be true and the FBI is currently investigating if they're doing their job this is very problematic because the allegations are. That there was collusion between the trump campaign. And the Russians and if you remember a lot of people that opposed Hillary Clinton oppose start because they felt that as a result of this email leak that she was potentially. Compromise that there Chris worth and untrustworthy and not only that but there could have been foreign involvement in all of these questions conservative rose which I think we're justified. Came up now many of those people all of a sudden don't have a problem with any of these stories you know what. Question everything right now everything that comes out you need to question and you need to let investigators do their job the topic is Kelly AM went to President Obama. This has gone to top officials queens yeah investigating game went to mislead and it's not like they just found out they have they've known this president's theme how else Jim thinks yeah awhile you don't need it it doesn't matter if. This is true or not for this reason I am not a proponent for fake news and lake Chad thank you read deeper in the act as as just. Moral people not just news people are idea people we all know the truth. But if for 12 Donald Trump finally gets the severity of letting a foreign power come in and now the stories against him I think it would be worth it because right now Russia is proving. How easy it is to divide this country you plant one seed in Nichols like wild aren't everyone jumps on her forehead against that's the biggest problem is that we are. We aren't one unit right now they can popping in on any party with any information out divide us off. The tweet bike by trump got alarmed me let's do his treatment he heat without. A key in the midst of all this happening he tweets out. Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponent is a total fabrication. Other not cents. May don't quote wash up don't I rush I am very. I like I'm aggressive admit. To. Gathering. Anti semite for male pill that perhaps man let's leave your cat and can't. I said she said it's nonsense from the Internet but previous to that trump said to get the press reading into next. Now I'll let you aren't there beyond this that the saddest thing about all of mess is people. Jumped on. What they thought was happening with Hillary Clinton without any factual information anyone know yeah does anyone know lowly. They're given this past and what was not really worried how well here's the deal. It what I am taken it like it might be we'll. And I don't want you. Compromising my country for your guy I'm not happy. I don't want to work when we. Sarah and went outside I would die out with a lot of the out lap won't witness then I want would Julian Assange does WikiLeaks leaks I don't think that's. It is speaking to the Republican Party now. Show your patriotism now and be impartial on this particular topic this is this is back. How far they've got snapped this is sort of the equivalent to that this is market that. You had a Acco rubio during the campaign when stuff was coming out from WikiLeaks that was opposing Hillary Clinton or or unveiling stuff from John connect casino he was saying. Don't give this a time of debt. Because in doing so they're acknowledging the right of this person and a son. To potentially threaten our national security and maybe something he lead to something you liked but something else he leaked to something that could potentially. She had a it's cry and I don't like Hillary Clinton how to private service she would have played it isn't so what. What's interesting though you you mention that Kellyanne Conway said this is his junk on the Internet and I think buzz feed who actually released this. Collection of memos have come under a lot of heat they're seeing. You know that that is not what it what a journalist that's not what journalists admits that if we want no this isn't what it's unclear what day blitz him he almost set the bar. You set this up. You said this is mission trust all is well now we trust this yeah it's you it's not good for the goose and not the van and a right.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"Questions surround unsubstantiated claims regarding Russia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44713758","title":"Has Trump Been Compromised by Russia?","url":"/Politics/video/trump-compromised-russia-44713758"}