Trump continues attacks on late Sen. McCain at Ohio rally

President Trump attacked the late Sen. John McCain at an Ohio rally Wednesday, saying "I've never liked him much."
2:46 | 03/21/19

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Transcript for Trump continues attacks on late Sen. McCain at Ohio rally
I'm John Parkinson in Lima Ohio and you're watching ABC news live president Donald Trump included remarks here and it taped and sexually play northwestern Ohio. But he couldn't stay on message too long quickly doesn't belong tangent to write and Senator John McCain is likely complaints about the late Arizona Republican. Trump came here to the Buckeye State today to help the economy and to worm infested facility with a and one of his pain has been pretty removed forty years. When you're beloved yankees this place so. And it. And I say no would not and now. You doing record business that job who has. This is the last facility that even makes tanks in the Western Hemisphere and the president took a victory lap after reviving the planet that nearly closed during the he'll vomit. But judging by his remarks the president continued to be distracted. Perhaps by the prospect that the more investigation wrapping up but outwardly trashing the memory of one of its top GOP rivals. Even though he's been dead for nearly seven months. I've never. Much hasn't been. I really. Probably never will not my kind of guy but some people like him and I think that's. After several awkward moments lashing out against McCain trump shifted back to take talk. It was built or service on these programs by you people. Are you people. But under the previous administration this tank factory in the last of its kind anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Came very close. He shutting down. Four straight years the number of US tanks. That were budgeted for upgrades was zero. Does anybody remember that brings you an accurate zero. There was a. As part of his defense budgets for 20192001. The president has requested eleven billion dollars to buy Abrams tanks. As both the Stryker combat vehicle which is also manufactured here in Lima. While the president likely discuss the intersection of economic and national security today. He also delivered remarks critical of General Motors which closed an automobile plant nearby Lordstown Ohio last year. What's going on which it moves get that plan to open or sell it to somebody and they'll open it. Everybody wants it sell it to somebody or opening ourselves get it going now. The president's trip to Ohio a key battleground state and that's when he won elections it's happening at a democratic challengers crisscross the country. In Lima Ohio I'm John Parkinson for ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"President Trump attacked the late Sen. John McCain at an Ohio rally Wednesday, saying \"I've never liked him much.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61831822","title":"Trump continues attacks on late Sen. McCain at Ohio rally","url":"/Politics/video/trump-continues-attacks-late-sen-mccain-ohio-rally-61831822"}