Trump criticizes condemnation of Saudis over Khashoggi disappearance

The president said the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia is stronger than ever.
1:41 | 10/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump criticizes condemnation of Saudis over Khashoggi disappearance
Today more grisly details from Turkish officials about what they say it was the apparently barbaric death of journalist Jamal could showed he. An anonymous Turkish official tells the New York Times and on are you recording shows that he was dead within minutes. ABC news has not seen or heard any of the reported video or audio and the president says he hasn't. Either we Massport if it exists actually get that exist probably does possibly. Until now president tramp has been reluctant to go as far as some Republican senators. Witty and he didn't come out not slot Wednesdays and some GOP leaders calling for swift punishment will sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia instead president Tran does seem to take the saudis have their work and and sent top diplomat halfway across the world. To me making some on and crown prince Mohamed and online secretary of state Pompeo. Pushed back against the notion that he was in any way letting the saudis off easy saying it's not about the benefit the down. Waiting for the investigation to be completed they promise that they would change that America. But what does the US do if Saudi Arabia is behind as anonymous Turkish officials have claimed since the very beginning according to president trump. The relationship looks stronger than ever. There an ally and tremendous purchases. Not only military equipment but other things. But the president adds answers are coming seen. I want to find out what happened. Where is the fault. And we will probably know that by the end of the week when secretary of state Pompeo lands back in DC he's expected to brief president trump. About the Intel but also hope percent of the answer is he got from the saudis and the Turks. Only Hector eighty Phoenix assemble.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"The president said the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia is stronger than ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58568952","title":"Trump criticizes condemnation of Saudis over Khashoggi disappearance","url":"/Politics/video/trump-criticizes-condemnation-saudis-khashoggi-disappearance-58568952"}