Trump Says DC Dress Shops Are Sold Out Before Inauguration

President-elect says there will be plenty of celebrities at his inauguration.
3:32 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Trump Says DC Dress Shops Are Sold Out Before Inauguration
We're ten days from the inauguration and it's not want you to know that despite the vocal opposition from a lot of celebrities they'll be planning a movie stars and entertainment stars attending. And he went on to claim it's such a hot ticket but that all the dress shop so solid out. And I said we should just five address that he would be comfortable and it. They seem businesses say he's. Misinformed and say they have planning a stop. And they're reference to address cannot make you laugh not only did you hopping humorous and onions stop at a cobbler on the way home. I know they exist but when you go over address he go shopping it when he said it means and he's like my grandmother was witnessed with not my an interesting aside. So does that mean there are no talks seen those left I mean not just that he's the let you haven't seen just anti. Now because king. Is gonna become after the signing up. I mean why else would even concerned about the dress shop yeah I'm upset that beyond saying the rest of the great strides do not want to. But money is that would be by himself yes. Based museum before I became whatever he is now. I got. Used to come on the show you know he's just talked to movie stars I went to his wedding had a lot of movie actor is there a lot of sports people. Not this wet and went Somalis wedding. That the second the second month of amity hundreds if not using the name Bill Campbell tumor. But you know would they didn't have wedding a cigarette and that what I was taking pictures of and then I got up to dance hey this what twilight let elusive. I went back to my table the film was taken out of the camera. Yeah yeah obsessed with celebrity KGB edition on sale yeah. People are he's a vampire doesn't show up on fail. Dow is upset he was part of the world I think he does care so much about celebrity. Yeah we just kind of obvious in his approach that's so anti celebrity but it's very clear what's going on throughout his aided what is at eagle so what he's wounded and maybe that's why he reacted the way he did the Golden Globes response that he got in while he's watched with upward again just seem so concerned about celebrity when he's got a lot of things that he should be thinking about. Ten days before you try to become. Karen cushion noble six. I also really used to be well liked and that won't like you're sad and I think. I know I'm not sure of the bats US that I love yeah it was a quiet but he hadn't had to even show up it's yeah. I think I was nobody and I'm saying meant I you know. He's had folks on his show right you know people are k.s and would gut you know that you say hello you be cordial. But I I don't think Mitt. It was like he would let all I can't wait to go down I don't think that is not like wedding hit not on the net. The car the birth served no permit has really occurred yet and that's he Ernie yeah yeah it had even Barbara Walters on this show said to him. Ronald McDonald's you sound ridiculous now and again says it can't.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"President-elect says there will be plenty of celebrities at his inauguration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44682480","title":"Trump Says DC Dress Shops Are Sold Out Before Inauguration","url":"/Politics/video/trump-dc-dress-shops-sold-inauguration-44682480"}