Trump defends conditions at border detention facilities

New reports claim facilities are experiencing outbreaks of diseases like scabies, shingles and chickenpox.
6:32 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Trump defends conditions at border detention facilities
Silly been keeping you updated on the major. Humanitarian crisis at the border multiple reports of children and migrant detention centers without parents living in overcrowded unsanitary conditions. On cold floors with little food and no water to drink or properly bays but there is one person who is defending these facilities. And that's president trumps I want to bring in Matt Gutman who is live at the border. Matt can you first just tell us where you are in what's going on there. That word rotate ace it just across from the Mexican side of the border in the United States. And behind me here is a detention facility run by ice subcontracted by company called core civic. There are many hundreds of migrants and side. And this is one of the places Kimberly where there have been complaints about inadequate food report treatment and abuse. Of inmates who are basically mostly migrants Seeking Asylum. So Matt I want to ask you on what basis is presidents from defending these conditions. Well he's not really did basing them on any specific. Reasons he's just saying that this is fake news. Filed a published by the New York Times in an effort to subvert. The Border Patrol. He says Border Patrol agents are acting. Splendidly that this is going just as he hopes it would but. They're so substance. Behind it really and that's because. His own government agencies DHS and Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection I've basically been saying. For six to eight months. That this is a humanitarian crisis that they are not able to cope with the massive influx. Of migrants and specifically children and that the Border Patrol stations where they initially have to house these children and detain them. Are not meant for kids they're basically jails they'd they look like drunk tanks inside and having been in one of them at click Texas. It's basically our central pod wit sells. Radiating out from aid and we're told the kids do you have access to this central area but. Really they're sequestered inside those cells and we saw old. Children inside as young as toddlers kids sleeping on the floor kids in diapers. Conditions they're obviously very difficult to see when you're thinking. Eight these are children. In jail like facilities and sometimes they have to spend. Up to thirty days in there the average stay. Two weeks ago was ten days it's been greatly reduced but still these are very typical conditions. Especially when you consider it these are children. Anywhere from five months to seventeen years old. Yeah it's unbelievable I'm just curious do we know if he's actually visited. Any of the facilities that you speak out here in Clinton now you're in California do we know he's gone to any of them. Well we know that he's gone to a couple of the areas. There Rio Grande Valley that's near McAllen Texas. A couple of others as well I don't know. If he's actually gone inside botched. Now the president is saying hey we should let the media in now we have been begging to get inside. And be able to fill inside for six months already. And a customs or border patrols been telling us that it's illegal to film inside because of privacy issues for the migrants especially when it comes to kids. But they have put out handout video showing the conditions inside in blur and children's faces which is obviously something that we have promised that we would do. And repeated requests had been denied to get access with cameras and sites are so far we've only been allowed to see the inside of these facilities. With. Pad and paper pad and pen. Caused a great deal of concern and suspicion on the part of the press and others. Hey Border Patrol what he trying to hide if you're not letting us in with cameras to show what's really going on inside Kimberly. All right Matt Gutman right there at the border thank you so much for the updates and to continue this conversation I want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House. Care is the president said he wants. The press to go and and see these facilities but president trump doesn't trust the press. Rights and he's already talking about the fabrication. That he says. Is that big New York Times report about the conditions in one of those facilities. The president for several days now had been forcefully defending the Border Patrol and pushing back on any suggestion. That the conditions at these facilities are less than perfect. Mean there had been an acknowledgment from the Department of Homeland Security that they're in a challenging situation as the acting DHS secretary Kevin not Coleen and put it yesterday. The for the president it's this is all fine and as you heard him say he went to bring the media in let them see for themselves. He also. That the remains are to that a controversy on Sunday when he said that the conditions in these facilities Kimberly. He says are better than what some of these migrants were facing back home because of the incredible poverty that they were coming from he says are actually better off here. All right theory interesting and another thing that he's talking about today Karen is the environment yes. A surprise in the president's schedule today. The president will be delivering remarks on with the White House is calling. America's environmental. Leadership. This is not a subject the president usually talks about of course critics pounced. Kimberly and senate this is the administration that pulled the United States. Out of that landmark parents claim an agreement. Not so this comes just two weeks after the White House the president and lay out their final plan for rolling back the Obama administration's clean power plant which is really this signature climate change policy of the previous administration. The the president's done a new plant because they say that that one was not good. And they were looking to make things easier for some of the the new coal firing plants across the country. Out the engine very differently here behind me here but is still that rainy here in Washington DC area was dealing with massive. Flash flooding today roads around the White House Kimberly were shut down because of high standing water. So certainly this is something it's getting a bit of attention on social media today that the president's talking about America leading on the environment. While there has been quite a dire situation in the nation's capital today. All right Karen Travers of the White House thank you so much we appreciated always.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"New reports claim facilities are experiencing outbreaks of diseases like scabies, shingles and chickenpox.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64197352","title":"Trump defends conditions at border detention facilities","url":"/Politics/video/trump-defends-conditions-border-detention-facilities-64197352"}