Trump denies 'temper tantrum' during infrastructure meeting

The president tweeted Thursday morning, "I was extremely calm in my meeting with Pelosi & Schumer."
4:17 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Trump denies 'temper tantrum' during infrastructure meeting
And guys move one to Washington and meeting between president trump. Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on infrastructure in didn't go well at all. The president then held an impromptu press conference after the meeting was over in it was followed by rebuttal from speaker Pelosi so take a lesson. Walk it in happily into a meeting. I walk into. Look at people that I just said of that. I was doing a cover of I don't do cover ups. I truly believe that the president has a bag of tricks in the White House as a bag of tricks that they saved for certain locations. They aren't necessarily apply to the occasion like there and distraction McCain says he's mastered distraction we will all agree on that. That's something he does well to distract. From problems that he hands he changes that tries to change the subject. I read a wanna go to Karen Travers at the White House Karen obviously lots of tension between those two. I'm what do we know about what happened inside this meeting in and where do we go from here. I can really was pretty wild here yesterday at the White House as we were eight expecting the Democrats who arrived here for that infrastructure meeting the White House are telling reporters to get out to the Rose Garden immediately. I did not bode well for an infrastructure meeting we certainly weren't expecting the president to come out with democratic leaders and announced some major breakthrough. We can only mean that he was looking to vent. Sources tell us the president with in the cabinet room for less than five minutes he didn't sit down he didn't shake anybody hand and it was Arnie set up in the Rose Garden for him to come out and slammed Democrats and their investigations. Yes the president has said that he cannot work with Democrats if they are going to go down two tracks at the same time he says the investigation tracked. And the investment our policy track they have to pay its one or the other. Doesn't bode well for the next eighteen months here in Washington certainly doesn't bode well for infrastructure which is essentially dad but other policy issues and not clear whether or not the president. And the Democrats are to get back in the same room and talk about anything they could work together on. Another big thing Kimberly today the president is defending his reaction to this we call the president an angry and that pollute these comment about the cover up. Pushed to over the yet well the president tweeting just few minutes ago I was extremely calm yesterday. He blamed the media for what he says is fueling a rage narrative but again Kimberly sources tell us the president was very upset yesterday in. It was clear to anybody who was watching him I was in the Rose Garden yesterday he was very fired up. Yen so I'm just curious what people on your radio calls were asking about specifically when. And regarding this inner action. The question now is where they go from there I mean the president made it very clear the day after the Democrats and one house in the mid term elections that. He's headed you're gonna pursue investigations which was inevitable they were campaigning on it he would go into what he called a war like posture while still we are he's in that posture. He insists he's cooperating with Democrats but they are blocking investigations are blocking requests for information in inquiries. If the president says he can't work with the Democrats while they're doing investigations. A hiding if anybody guesses to what's actually happening here in the capital. For the next eighteen months. Yen in the meantime trump is set to announce I knew a bail out plan for farmers. The president hitting until I deliver remarks later today about his administration's support for farmers and ranchers and we're expecting in here to announce. What could be a fifteen billion dollar plan to help farmers who are really impact hit hard hit by the president's ongoing trade war with China. So be the second time in the year Kimberly that the administration. Has set aside emergency funding for farmers last year it was twelve billion dollars this could be fifteen. There was a big backlash last year on Capitol Hill even some Republicans specially from the midwest said. Farmers don't want to bail out they want relief from this trade war they want the terrorists to be lifted. Of course this comes just two weeks after the president and put more terrorist increased tariffs on Chinese products he shows no signs of backing down from that site. I right Karen Travers at the White House thank you so much for the updates we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The president tweeted Thursday morning, \"I was extremely calm in my meeting with Pelosi & Schumer.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63231153","title":"Trump denies 'temper tantrum' during infrastructure meeting","url":"/Politics/video/trump-denies-temper-tantrum-infrastructure-meeting-63231153"}