Trump: It 'doesn't matter' what McGahn told Mueller

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the president claimed former White House Counsel Don McGahn "may have been confused" during his Mueller testimony.
4:04 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Trump: It 'doesn't matter' what McGahn told Mueller
I write we begin with an ABC news exclusive hour George Stephanopoulos and thirty hours. Over two days with president trump and in that interview the president said that it doesn't matter what his former White House counsel dom again. Testified during Robert Mueller is investigation. And that he may have been confused to take a listen. Born I was over the fire moment. I never suggested firing moment. Excuse I think it would thesis just a matter. That was to show everyone. What a good council he was why would data we have an honest there's no good lying under oath to do why would you answer wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer. A read a line bring in Karen Travers at the White House some. Caron the president refused to speak to investigators. But he doesn't seem to be side talking to George it. And George asked and that wiry answering these questions here when you would not go before Robert Mueller and his team of investigators. And the president says because he saw all other things that it happened he when he get tripped up in his statements that people were going to be looking to catch him in something. But that exchange there Kimberly about Don McGann is going to catch a lot of attention on Capitol Hill. Democrats in the house want to get the former White House counsel before lawmakers to take questions the White House has told him not to do that. And now you have the president essentially saying they Don began with the lying under oath. Because that's what he told the special counsel and his team Donny and said in many hours of testimony it's right there in the Lawler report. That the president on multiple occasions asked him to have Robert Mueller fired heard the president say right there that did not happen and he says he doesn't terror would Don McGann said. Because it doesn't matter. And Carrie Ann people are still a little bit alarmed about president Trump's comments Orion. He lacks an interference. That's just not something that we can gloss over so what do you think about that. Yet there is quite a bit of backlash on Capitol Hill yesterday about those comments Kimberly. Democrats no surprise pounds Nancy Pelosi said that they were appalling comments that part of a pattern from the president. A making of holing statements. And Chuck Schumer the Senate Minority Leader said this is undemocratic and un American you didn't have some Republicans say that they did not agree with the president's take on what would happen if you've got political opposition research from the foreign entity. Lindsey Graham a very close ally of the president says that he doesn't want to set the standard of that and have that be the marker of what should be done. This meantime Kimberly you didn't see some Republicans. Isn't covered to the president trying to point the finger at Democrats Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DNC. And also saying that the president's made it very clear that he does not want to see foreign countries interfering in American election process. And in other news we of course know that stare Sanders is now. Leaving her post do we know why. She think yesterday that it's been quite a run a very hard and challenging run and it's time to spend more time with her family she's getting moving back to her home state of Arkansas she does have three young kids under the age of ten she's been doing this job for nearly 2 years and it's morning noon and night especially with this president. Who is tweeting until late at night I has certainly we've reached out to Sarah Sanders at all hours of the day to ask for comment or explanation. It's a grind that's it she says now of course there's a lot of buzz about potentially. A political future for Sarah Sanders she hasn't said that specifically the president said it for her and think should be a great governor of Arkansas. Now the question is who would replace Sarah Sander as if anybody does. She haven't had a briefing now in 95. Days so there isn't a traditional Press Secretary here doing as traditional briefings. Perhaps the president bring somebody on to fill that role lose more like what Sarah's been doing and acting as an advisor and counselor to the president. All right lots of news there want to thank Karen Travers at the White House we appreciate. You joining us and guide if you wanna see the full interview with George and presidents from -- an air Sunday. At a PM and 7 PM central on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the president claimed former White House Counsel Don McGahn \"may have been confused\" during his Mueller testimony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63717715","title":"Trump: It 'doesn't matter' what McGahn told Mueller","url":"/Politics/video/trump-doesnt-matter-mcgahn-told-mueller-63717715"}