Trump doubles down on immigration in first 2020 rally

President Trump says ICE will deport undocumented immigrants and a House committee holds a hearing on slavery. reparations.
25:29 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Trump doubles down on immigration in first 2020 rally
Everybody welcome to the briefing room I'm Devin Dwyer great to have you with us on this Wednesday here in Washington a busy day we'll get to. A closer look at the first reparations. Hearing on Capitol Hill and more than a decade and its world refugee week were out at. Some restaurants here in Washington DC the nation's capital that are paying it forward. It's in the millions of refugees around the world on the stay but first some breaking headlines today. Starting with a big news out of the EPA today a major roll back of coal fired power plant regulations and their pollution the trump administration. I just a little while ago ended a requirement that the plants make efficiency upgrades same coal remains essential in this country. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the move quote outrageous dirty power scam there will endanger hundreds of lives and lead to greater greenhouse gas emissions. All were on Capitol Hill president trumps former longtime advisor hope hicks is refusing to answer questions today about her time inside the White House. House Democrats are interviewing hicks is part of their investigation in the presence alleged obstruction of justice and the Russian investigation. The president tweeted all of this is quote extreme presidential harassment. Instructed hicks not to answer any of their questions frustrated Democrats on the committee tell us blanket executive privilege does not apply to her. And finally the president's big plans for the fourth of July had been unveiled now it includes a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and some additional fireworks. Here in the nation's capital the event is being dubbed salute to America includes music military demonstrations. And fly overs including one by yes you see it Air Force One that'll be a first critics are saying the president risks politicizing. The national holiday. Well if you caught any of president trumps big reelection kick off from Florida last night. You might have thought you were watching a campaign rally from 2015. The president went on the attack against Hillary Clinton talked about her emails of course. Late chance about the border wall. This is all part of a big kick off planned by the president now as he surge is in the campaign season and our political director Rick Klein is here. Rick it was sort of. The John who felt like a total last night what was your big takeaway from this he's still running against Hillary Clinton out of the chance that the feel whole of the lock it with felt very much like 2016. Also striking is you can't say it enough this president is setting up very very strong strong man in in what he's jousting against talking about. The Democrats as un American as being I against your way of life trying to dismantle the constant. Not run on your record the president's got some some pretty good accomplishments the economy is important to hear a lot of appellate he will run on that but I think you when you realize is that for him the politics of grievance or front and center and even when he's on the inside he is the run against those on the inside to there was a lot of talk about draining the swamp and and beating the system and how the system essentially rigged all of that was back it's an intriguing twist. And I think he was trying to draw his supporters into that by saying look these Democrats are trying to take away what we have accomplished so. It he he is looking forward a little bit but. Menace a lot of we litigation as 116. Re litigating immigration as well top campaign is 12016. In the first part of his presidency he was whipping up the crowd and illegal immigration hours after tweeting plans. That he's gonna send out ice to deport millions. We are making progress like nobody would believe. Way to you see some of the things that you're going to be hearing about over the next two months we believe our country. Sit via sanctuary. The law abiding citizens not for criminal aliens. We will all ways. Support and protect. The heroes a vice Border Patrol and law enforcement. Generally throughout our country. So that deportation threat had a lot of people talking yesterday. And or for more on this or want to bring in our former. I DHS official ABC news contributor John Cohen joins us on the phone John. What are that's about it the impacts that the president's threat of mass deportations is have been end. Whether it makes law enforcement. And easier more difficult no difference in the end by the president making these claims. City guys that there's so much to unpack. The tribe just spiritually statement that you were at you know law enforcement of the July hadn't eaten red over the last 48 hours. Our concern on several arms. First. It is clearly an opportunity used law enforcement operations. To advance political objectives. Not something that wrote that always make one for the professional uncomfortable. Secondly you know it's who highly unrealistic that we are actually going to see an effort. To round up a million people the resource. That would require. Just aren't present in the federal government that that would probably are gonna see some type of oppressed and accept and what I want horsemen are concerned about that is that. First we hear from the sector comments asserted it already don't have space. In detention facilities. They've or perhaps for an emergency appropriations to expand the state simply because of the surge of up people at the border. So where are they going to put people that they round up. I do that interior sports but also that conduct that type of operation they're not all ice personnel and other law enforcement personnel from other responsibility. Many of which are dealing with much higher risk issues such as they're going to be calling people out joint terrorism task force that. We're going to be calling investigators away from investigating. By its transfer of sensitive technology to country North Korea and Iran. They're graphical. Investigators op gang task force not go after criminal. To go after people you know which. Our noncriminal aliens who are subject into parts Haitians are here I've been here for a long period of time work pay taxes. Who contribute to the economy. Art and artists simplistic about our lights out from an operational perspective there's there's so much long list what's being proposed. That you're really state and local law enforcement for salon talking in very concerned. Yet even some but we're hearing and armour reports of flu from within the agency of concerns about that policy and how realistic it actually is the president saying he actually wants to deport families. As well even as today we know that the congress looks like it's gonna pass on this emergency funding that the president's asked Ford house these people but. John before we let you go I want to ask you about some new numbers that are just coming in from. From the transactional records access clearinghouse at Syracuse University this is an. I think tank up there that actually tracks immigration. Court cases and and some of the claims being made your you're our viewers are senior on the screen. Of the 47000. Newly arrived families that were detained at the border M released. As of may 2019 about 86% of them showed up. Actor initial court hearing according to court documents 99% of them show up if they actually have a lawyer. On that runs totally countered some of these claims the president's making that one reason these mass deportation seem to happen is that there that people flee and disappear. They had this administration for troops over two years has used inaccurate information. Chase support their political immigration and border security agenda. Yeah its but the bottom line is. Our objective analysis objective statistics power. But those who are here. Those who have immigrated here even those that are here illegally do not tend to commit crimes. Yeah me. We tend to contribute to the economy. They and not to be involved in terrorism. Ad where any given the opportunity. Suit comes through the immigration process they do show up a court. Conditions have. Seriously deteriorated. The southern border an enlarged heart back deterioration that direct result. The policies and app or other administration and the White House but. But the article Homeland Security. Analog worker wrestled and they are in an untenable position each and every day because the policies and programs they are proposing not only. Do not work you know that because it is he was going on the border. But may opt out. Undermine the ability of law enforcement to take meaningful action against dangerous criminals are because they don't we sources from enforcement efforts that do work. Jon Cohen ABC news contributor former DHS official John thanks for your perspective on that and Rick wasn't just immigration the president was whipping up the crowd about last night he was also going hard on his favorite topic the Muller probe the witch hunt house Democrats investigations of him let's take a listen now and erection. And after two years. One point four million pages of dot com news 500. Search warrants. 500. Witnesses. 2800. Subpoenas. And forty FBI agents working round the clock watch that they come up with no pro. And the fact that glad our great attorney general to determine. No obstruction. The Democrats don't care about rush they only care about their own political power. They won after my family. Mike Bay's Mike findings might employees. Almost every one not that I've ever know no work work. But they are really going after Hughes that's what it's all about that about us is about you. So this opening messaging Rick is about a presidency under siege it's a big play to the base try to fire everybody have. What's less clear to me is that this will have any. Grab on the middle of the political middle in this country what's your sense of of how this messaging need I'm under siege help me. We'll plated a political mettle. It won't I I'd amid hard pressed to find argument where that where that works and look. Find you find your voter somewhere that voted for Hillary Clinton last time this is now open to voting for golf club I just don't think that universe exists in a large number so it's about keeping the base it's about keeping it. On board the people that voted form last time. This is a base election and I think full size would probably concede that point I think he sought. Pretty starkly with the president. Makes the whole argument about the trying to take away from you he voted for me last time vote for me again to affirm that and to make sure they don't take what we've done together away. Meanwhile speaking of the taken away House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to walk a very fine line on impeachment because she is very. Aware of the politics here used to have breakfast with policy this morning the group of reporters. She sort of changing her tour a little bit she says she's not gonna read the redacted minimally redacted Muller report which she said she didn't need to do she says. The evidence for impeachment is growing every day. And here's a little bit what she told you and others about the case for impeachment which is billed. At every day we see more so why would we stop with their left strong case if you going to go down this path. You gotta go down this path yet to make it so clear to get with us that this already but I say all the time so much awareness in Atlanta may be on the phone is going. If you going to go down this path. You have to make sure that the public has an understanding. Why. To rethink odds are now. Even as she inches rhetorically a little bit more. Towards the impeachment crowd do you think that that we could be headed towards opening impeachment. Proceedings. I don't think so I think he'll easily get a hold firm yeah I think she also said that she doesn't feel any additional pressure from her members on this and most of the people who would be knows on this amongst. Among Democrats are people and marginal districts the majority makers the people that that hinge either way also key districts. For trump reelection efforts so I'd I think she's actually trying to rob o'clock in a sense that she is. Banking on the fact that right now it is a fact that they don't have enough votes there to either open impeachment inquiry or impeach or. Convict in the senate and she robot censure she ruled out what was seriously oh and while there middle ground right now and I think the calculation here is that anything short of conviction or removal from office will be. Will be held up by president of as a victory he'll call it is operation. You'll see what they try to get and they couldn't get me you know will only further. Drive the the fervor there and so instead they're looking at election is 1617 months. And I think that for I think Nancy Pelosi wants the focus the energy and attention they are so. I yes I if she says there's more out there every day but I think she sort of has to say that I I do not see impeachment happening this along with Nancy Pelosi isn't out. Right you heard it here require political director thanks so much for governor Rick appreciate seeing you. Next chance at big question that came up today on Capitol Hill the one of whether the United States government should pay formally compensate. Descendants of slaves and Jim Crow in this country give reparations to those descendants it was the first time in more than a decade a hearing on the topic was held on Capitol Hill. Here's a little bit of the debate. While emancipation. Dead bolts at the door against the bandits of America. Jim Crow which the windows wide open. And that is the thing about senator mark sells something. It was a 150 years ago. It was right now. This hearing is yet another important step in the long in heroic. Struggle of African Americans. Q. Reparations. For the damage is inflicted. By the sleep meant. HR forty calls for the establishment of a commission it does not call for checks. We trivial eyes reparations. By saying that his urges. African Americans that want to be paid like say that I had broken hearted and angry right now. Decades of living in a community where you see how deeply unfair. This nation is still too so many people who. And individuals to any communities have been disadvantage. To their parents history arrived this way or the color of their skin and economic stats total impairments including mile. How suffered decades due to mass incarceration the manifestation. Of modern day slavery. We're gonna star power on the reparations fight there let's bring in now ABC's Matthew van from Capitol Hill who was covering the hearing today Matthew. Thanks for joining us OK give us a sense of what advocates for reparations are actually asking congress to do here. Bulls have in this hearing just wrapped up a couple of hours ago but what we did see today. Was momentum for a bill that Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas proposed. Which would expand. Who looked into reparations and look at issues of slavery and the legacy of Jim Crow in this country. Com now at the moment that bill has about fifty co sponsors. And you know as well as I do that there's going to be a lot there's need to be a lot more momentum. On such a bill to even bring that to the full house floor for a vote. Amidst all the opponents and critics and ready risen up against some. For yet there's even been in pretty healthy debate within the Democratic Party and reparations and far from a consensus about how to move forward. So we'll see where that had that spring and now a different perspective on on this Hannah Michael joins us she's one of the Georgetown University students. Who was behind that campaign a little bit earlier this year to get the campus there the students to pay more tuition to create. A reparations fund for those descendants of the 272. Slaves that helped bill Georgetown Hanna thanks for joining us. How important is it for you to see the US congress take actions. On reparations. I think it's very important and I think I just absolutely necessary for CB institutional in Shas and institutional knowledge meant. And did to be a lot of corporations and thinkers and lead to invest extra parents you what specifically declarations and look like a house you. Move forward with restarted justices in the framework of reparations. One of witnesses today at the hearing and an African American. Day and picked by the Republicans to attend said that. Reparations would be quote an insult to black Americans by putting a price on the sacrifice of slavery. Do you think it would be an insult me anyway. The re not. I thought to this topic is more ash reparations or payment of the Jack. It's not meant to you. This numerous as saying that the amount got is devoted to operational where she is and you race those in the country eat. The horrors of slavery absolutely wash and there's no thought there's no fiscal amount than ever current. I'm but I just thinking of financial commitment is necessary each and Annie we're sort of justice where does on top of reparations because our financial commitment. I really enable us actual work to be dining need these that would need resource. SN and Matthew this idea of the financial commitment as well as the symbolism. We're we're both sort of agreed upon really out of this hearing by advocates but there were some opponents who said both of those things but the symbolism of an apology in the financial. Component are necessary they are unreasonable. Here's a little bit of what senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had to say about that. My view. Do feel. Original sound of slavery like the president. No one. Responsible. All things corporate logo pretty hard to figure out who. Matthew those comments by McConnell really intensified the debate today. Absolutely and adding on to those comments from McConnell today were senators Lindsey Graham and John Kennedy. Who say that it's nearly impossible. Two allocate monetary reparations to the countless descendants of African Americans. Who are descendants of slaves so that. Opponents and all the criticism Shirley is mounting. It has been for quite some time now. Yeah and Hannah we heard today at this fascinating conversation at this hearing about. I'm the awkwardness some of the witnesses brought up the awkwardness in discomfort that white Americans feel when the topic of reparations come up. You had so many conversations with your white classmates about this topic I know we caught up earlier this year on campus what. What are those conversations like what did you learn in having conversations about reparations which are white peers. Mean aren't. Well I learned not. Everyone has the capacity to practice and that he never has the capacity to you. I am I Don not ability to practice entity in the context of -- the scene activist and I was involved and I didn't recognize that once students where. There are aliens foreign and then to treat and to. They're given extremely creative license to think about what reparations means and what it means in the context of their own snow hill street I think that's really. Where people made the most progress being does daily laugh I am connected to this history in his legacy regardless of whether or not I recognize and actually is illegal in sport so I think really allow the people opportunities to heat and sun giving them the resources necessary each and also on displaying different race that people can act on the information they receive from those resources. I'm really is the best. And Ford an informed people. Him more information more facts more empathy I think could do all of us some good Hannah Michael from Georgetown University thank you so much and our thanks again to Matthew van for his reporting from Capitol Hill. We'll finally today a new report from the United Nations is revealing the staggering. Impact of global war persecution and conflict. A record seventy million people were forced to flee their homes all around the world. In 2018 becoming refugees it's the largest number ever reported by the United Nations from Syria. To Venezuela the flows of asylum seekers even here in the United States every slacker and record levels is this is. Our refugee week here in the United States in our Mona coasts are the is out and meet on restaurant here Washington DC where a number of chefs in this city. Are trying to reach out to those families in those refugees and do them some got him on a. Pay DeVon that's right I'm inside me Don restaurant right now it's one of the five DC restaurants taking part in a lunch series. Put on by the nonprofit tables without borders this week is really all about showcasing the culinary talents of refugees and asylum seekers and proving that cooking is universal even if each meal is not. At. The smoldering stunner of the American melting pot stands DC's meet dawn restaurant. Very welcome mangan in the name made on me insight Central Square. I think this idea of having this giant thing in the middle for Hewlett kind of gather around. It's very I'm quite what we're trying to convey. We're on any given night diners can experience the flavors of the Middle East and North Africa through a lot of like talking saying we kind of stumbled on this idea of cooking food sort of from Morocco to Iran and kind of all the countries and between. But this week executive chef Joseph Madison sneaking into flying here for guest chef John Deutzman Dolan. I want to because then that I can fail I'll come to. Cool the Afghan refugee taking me Don further down the silk road and still piecing authentic cuisine from his native home. And for this but a couple of football awards. Suspicion and then by some cup ops. The collaboration almost a year in the making is the brainchild of Sampson growing and Sarah Abdur-Rahim the conflict came actually. Over dinner table with my co-founder Sarah. Did you founding peoples without borders to parent asylum seekers and refugees experience in the culinary arts with finding DC's most popular restaurants. Would restaurants of this caliber it's really awesome to have those you know. Few days in the kitchen learning from the head chest on how it works. Back before the open flames shot in the John describes cooking. That's his first love. Sending just himself Tenet Ellis thought the cocaine relented because my favorites. Skills to cope all the time and I need to know all about the corps how to code before it's. He already has several years of professional experience under his belt when he his wife and two children were resettled in the US. And as a challenging. For the first time Mia here you know. We need to know about not things slowly slowly adopt that we know about the culture we know about the society you know above everything up. The opportunity he says allows him to share a piece of home. Because new neighbors. Well coached and. Boston's Gerald says tables without borders complements the restaurants mission of breaking down cultural barriers. Using the power of a shared meal. Why didn't as. Various official rests on this official authentic and posted them in that case is real defense I don't ever that's thrown into the. Now this program goes until Friday if you were hoping that tax and it's not an accident. I'm sorry to say and that this event is a fully books but DeVon don't worry tables without borders says they plan on bringing the concept back. Cancer really neat concept it's great to hear those personal stories and actually see the food connection the food Isa the let's get I got to get over there remained on its it looks like a great place them on of course our hobby think you so much. For that shining a spotlight on the importance. Of refugees and those families on this world. Refugee week thanks G to her should also say just as a footnote the United Nations says in this new report that four and five Jeff refugees or displaced. Offer at least five years and been greatest number of refugees in this past year came. From Venezuela which of course we've been covering the crisis down there here on the show thanks for joining us on this very busy. He Wednesday here in the brief him on Devin Dwyer Washington we're here every day at 3:30 eastern time you can follow us on the ABC news at this laws on. Well coup apple TV and a everywhere else you can find. ABC news and ABC news live hope to see is actually tomorrow.

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