Trump Says Election Day Workers Need to Be 'Very Vigilant' With Voters

Donald Trump tells ABC News' Tom Llamas that "there is tremendous voter fraud" and he wants it stopped.
2:22 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Trump Says Election Day Workers Need to Be 'Very Vigilant' With Voters
Secretary of state of Ohio who's we your supporters says what you're seeing as a responsible because it may hurt the peaceful transfer of power are you will read. That if you protests and election result could lead to violence they'll actually I think it's opposite I think people want to see honesty in the elections. They don't wanna see people voting veteran alive and people voting five times or ten times like we have in many communities. And I think it's actually Communist I think I think we have to Chile via S. I think we have to be very vigilant and careful with people who voted people coming and devote. And an unregistered people coming it is illegal immigrants the right to vote in the coming and in voting. And you know at that surprised he has deceived all over the country but this tremendous voter fraud. And Wheatley won its can make a difference between winning and losing in and he crossed the line in the past with women ever I don't think so I have great respect for women I have tremendous respect for women. These people come up maybe for a little fame were made before some other reason may be because they're part of that Clinton Campaign. And I think a couple of them were involved somehow with the Clinton Campaign. The one that it met on an airplane thirtieth 35 years ago. I mean nobody can believe that's a believable story listen to that story. In addition to that there's even a witness but I mean can anyone really believe that nothing like it took place it's ridiculous. What is it slides can relies. And mediation be playing even US in his question the media should be planned but I don't mind the question because I like telling people. You realize it was fabricated stuff in all cases before you. You better and you could hear or not but before you got here may be runner on the time you got your there was a chance insight Paul Ryan Sox. Is Paul Ryan hurting you or helping. Well I don't want to be knocking cholera and I think he could be more supportive to the Republican nominee we're doing well I think we're gonna win the election do you think he wants you to win. Well maybe not because may be wants to run in four years or maybe does and I underwent could be just as no huddle I mean who can really know. But I know I'm I'm and his territory and the rule screaming for trump the head of the Republican Party just left me ship my hand he's is you can win Wisconsin. And I know what they would do very well here too and here but we do very well it's a great state with great people. They wanna win they want to have Supreme Court justices want to have their Second Amendment they wanna you know there's a lot of things it. They want that if Hillary gets it and it's not going to be that we.

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{"id":42869767,"title":"Trump Says Election Day Workers Need to Be 'Very Vigilant' With Voters","duration":"2:22","description":"Donald Trump tells ABC News' Tom Llamas that \"there is tremendous voter fraud\" and he wants it stopped.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-election-day-workers-vigilant-voters-42869767","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}