Trump embarks on high-stakes foreign trip

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Katherine Faulders discuss what to expect during Trump's first foreign trip, which comes after a whirlwind week in Washington, D.C.
8:39 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Trump embarks on high-stakes foreign trip
Hey guys on an Abbas here live in New York City check out president trump is on its first. Foreign trip he has left the White House he's on Air Force One and eight heading overseas for ten days and some key meetings. With them big US allies. Joining us from the White House north want to talk about that trip also a crazy week of news here in America after all there is. Catherine I do it today happy Friday. Happy Friday. As you said the president just departed after chaotic week of news chaotic indeed I think the cries of happy Friday are resonating across Washington but I don't they. Yeah exactly a district you've got. Something that this trip if it would be a big trip for any president at any time. But he's got a lot going on back here what's at stake on these next ten days for our president truck through right. As you mentioned a big trip for any president especially. Donald Trump right now announced he's hitting this is a nine day trip he's hitting five countries he's going to meet with some most influential leaders in the Middle East and Europe in. As you said the stakes are much higher here it's it's a symbolic trip he's visiting the homeland of of three major religions but. This it trip comes after you know of a crazy two weeks in Washington firing the act behind. FBI director of the act allegations that he revealed classified intelligence. In the Oval Office and of course the the new and news regarding former national security advisor Michael Flynn and that he. Told cone needed to go easy on in the former FBI her to go easy on when and that investigations so. Honest tricky well absolutely it confront all of the fallout from this. Cree this chaotic atmosphere that he's created domestically. And you'll you'll face that at overseas as well and his first. Stop is in Saudi this is where. He'll be face to face with leaders of these 54 Islamic countries he's expect it to deliver this. Call two Islamic terrorism this is senior administration official tells us an of course. What we will what will be brought up a lot we will be hearing about is that. Call on the campaign trail his Muslim man to to ban all Muslims from coming in. To the country it's been taken off his his campaign website just about two weeks ago but we would hear about that we will hear about the travel ban he is expected error is expected to. Probably reception there but but as you know this trip is has very high stakes for a minute if peeking get through it and at the White House will be how well let's bring some of this down a little bit that first stop. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia going to be meeting weighed on C leaders at the kingdom but also as he mentioned as a huge summit. All of the major leaders from Muslim majority countries safer if you will be there. And that the question here is really how are they receiving the president's trump because as you mention this is a man. Who ran on very strong language during his campaign wanting to ban all Muslims and entering the US. But these are also leaders who were exactly happy with the Obama administration. That's right and the co to ban to ban -- those from the United States that will be something that that is brought up but on the as you mentioned. He approval rating. In Saudi Arabia he's expected to have a warm reception. With prime minister Netanyahu. In Israel's chief of a Donald Trump is is far superior to the former president Barack Obama because of his. Strong. Is strong rhetoric against the ring and now that have a wrinkle there with hat is. A behind the scenes the Israeli intelligence officials are are expressing concern. About that revelation of classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office that was intelligence. From Israel. On paper days they seem to not be having a problem with. But but but that's right hit his reception over there from those leaders and leaders of Saudi Arabia and from Israel he he's expecting to get warm reception wasn't about that it is senior administration. Official tells us this saying I am talking about the media narrative going into it and how will bring up those past comments that he made. On the campaign trail in the officials say that his approval rating is kind of an act you know he he will have a warm reception from the countries. Over there so they're going into it and with with a positive outlook but at what they do say. It's interesting here is that he doesn't he's not expected to make any dramatic. Decisions like like moving the and. CAA in Israel. You know one of the things folks have been saying in sort of getting ahead of what we critics back from the next niners ten days is that basically if he can make a whole trip without a major disaster. That in and of itself might be considered at six faster back. There. I think that that's fair to say and that will be considered a success of he can make it the entire trip without quote the disaster as you know. There's possibility that at Khomeni testifying on the hill that will be while on the president is abroad but. What. What's that he does still have access to just Twitter account. Tell you I'm going to be firing off some weeks now there's not much access. That the press have much access to is expected to deliver a speech and open precedents. The traveling press will be it kept pretty much away from him so not too many times not too many chances to two ounce the president questions he's not expected to happen. A press conference over there so. I I I think agree with our line of thinking that benefit make it through. Without quote disaster it's 60 and of course the stakes are much higher. Up for this trip as well given all the domestic. Crises he's facing over here yet will be keeping an eye on this matter account fresher. But let me ask you about that figure you're there you talk to these folks in in the White House and inside those circles. All the time it's not being a free two weeks I mean speaker Ryan just admitted as much. A very clearly in an interview he gays and clearly it's it's been about two weeks for mr. trump. Some of the things he is stumbled across in the last couple of weeks we'll come back to face and hear it from the things on the campaign trail he had a tornado when he was running for president he'd meeting with NATO leader in Italy and Brussels. How are folks in the White House just generally these days are they this fear it is it's sort of keep your head down and work mode what's going on. Behind the scenes. I think it's a little bit of that this year David definitely the word to describe it and and keep your and it worked I think. I think let them the president hands and his comes seen people. Other advisors who worked for them as you know it's been a definitely in a rough two weeks with leaders struggle with this lighthouses than passage this house. A statement today release is different from a statement the president makes which is different from what all of the surrogates say and and this is happened with. Nature crises when they expire in the FBI director. Or intelligence. In the Oval Office as as you you probably remember from reporting that night that they Adam. You know colony was. Fired everyone was running around here statements that mean Ali's that would then when the man opening down. Reports on their hiding in the woods he's hiding an emergency Lebanese actually is right over here in between the causes. But it is the mentality here. Is a little bit of sigh of relief for the people who are staying home here. To it to get the legislative and upon the agenda back on track frankly vice president this year. He's going to be having meetings on the hill and next week he's going to be big budget meetings just right across that. Way there at the while the president is a ride on but I would say that. Is there is a little. Some some dispirited. Behavior going on an eerie within the comps up anyway. And we kind of an eerie feeling over here today when we when he thought in the president's had set himself that. He probably wanted to announce the FBI director before this trip. And we've worth thinking me in announcement coming today and an out birthday they didn't announce that an eyewitness that they possibly when an ounce on the foreign trip because of the cast a cloud over the trip and focus on. So we have another ad. Maybe ten. Eleven days before we hear. Me they're keeping you on your toes there after earth lot Lawrence at the White House thank them at have a great weekend and you sit.

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{"id":47517830,"title":"Trump embarks on high-stakes foreign trip","duration":"8:39","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Katherine Faulders discuss what to expect during Trump's first foreign trip, which comes after a whirlwind week in Washington, D.C.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-embarks-high-stakes-foreign-trip-47517830","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}