Trump expected to sign border bill and declare a national emergency for more wall funding

A national emergency has never been declared in this way before.
29:35 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Trump expected to sign border bill and declare a national emergency for more wall funding
Jittery welcome to the breaking news. On ABC's Devin Dwyer joined by our White House reporter Jordan Phelps happy Valentine's today to everybody out there hope you are. Surrounding yourself with some love on this a very. Busy Thursday here in Washington it does look like we have avoided potentially Jordan a government shutdown which is looming late tomorrow night. But we I don't think anybody can breathe a sigh of relief until the ink is dry on that bill which hasn't even been passed from congress. Yeah well love is in the air here in Washington Mitch McConnell saying that the president has agreed to sign on to this bill it doesn't. It's not perfect does nutter think he wants think he'll sign that and then he'll declare a national emergency according to McConnell. And that will allow the president to kind of get at supplemental funding he wants through the military and bypass congress. To get restaurants it a big step back and take a look at what congress is poised to pass today we understand. To keep the government running and to defend the border which has been such a contentious issue. Hot 1100. Page bill dropped late overnight these are some of the terms that those who bipartisan negotiators agreed to we know that the president is the only sticking point left. Both sides in congress have signed off on as you see here more detention beds more funny for ice. There's a key money one point four billion for border fencing which would kids construct 55 miles of barrier. Obviously they're adding some new technology humanitarian aid as part of this package. We've heard Jordan over the past you do there's some potential sticking point the president. Talked about them is potentially land mine and I can see is really the one that is holding this whole thing up he has kept his cards close to his vast. Which led to a sort of interesting moment this morning on the senate floor but the Republican from Iowa a front of the president Chuck Grassley. Just after morning prayers had this to say take a listen. Our lord. A man. Let's all pray that the president will have wisdom to sign the bill shall government doesn't shut down. A little bit of an. Impromptu prayer and there from the Iowa Republican it does appear at least right now that the president is inclined. To sign the bill we'll talk a little bit more coming up about what that means or what else he's talking about doing right now the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Is addressing these breaking developments let's listen into which is to say. And certainly want to agents. And John dingle today is also it day of sadness because it marks one year anniversary of the Parkland. Tragic if of gun violence. One year ago America's heart with broken by her mythic act of violence. And part thank wired it to today members. All right and this is seeing that the speaker is talking about some other things today which we'll have come at the shall monitor. Her press conference there see if she has any comments on these breaking developments Jordan let's take a listen to what they Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell just had to say. About what is happening right now take a listen to mr. cook. Had an opt editor's pick president trump and the I would say it all my college has indicated he's prepared to sign the bill. He will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time. And I've indicated to him that I'm going to prepare go to support. The national emergency declaration. Overall my colleagues. The president Wilson on the bill will be voting on it shortly. Some major development happening just now on this Valentine's a the president will sign the Bill Hill also do something Jordan that you done a lot of reporting non. Declare a national emergency at the southern border what does that mean. At it means that the president will find that extra funding through the military so he will bypass congress altogether now DeVon. We should note that this is all but certain tickets legal challenge is. The Democrats are gonna do everything they can to fight this so it's not clear that even though he's declaring this national emergency it will be allowed to go forward. But that's the action he's attempting to take. And I think we have a look at what the national emergencies act does it's a bill that was of course dates back to 1976 many presidents. Have declared national emergencies in fact 31 are still in effect right now. But as Jordan with senator will allow some flexibility congress usually appropriates the money but in an emergency presidents. Technically can do some shifting of those ponds it's gonna draw challenges here Jordan because of course. Part of this debate is. Is there really an emergency. With some important. That's exactly right we have seen national emergencies declared in the past but not for something quite like this so it's really tasking his presidential authority let's go to the Pentagon now where Elizabeth McLaughlin has been reporting on this from the military angle Elizabeth I know that you kind of looked at the budgets you've pored over the numbers we know. From your reporting that the president had asked the military brass to come back to him with estimates what do we know what what cash could be available to him what would the trade off speed. Yet Evans and Erica going to be a couple of different options here. And we know that they first started looking at this back in early January during the first national emergency so if he declares. A national emergency he's going to have to specify which title of the US code that he wants to invoke. And that'll determine where the funding largely comes problems of this is titled can't. That's going to use military construction funding it its title 33. Actually be using funds that are used by the army corps of engineer is and that's when you heard. The debate about whether he would pull some of the finding that has been set aside for hurricane relief in places like her Rico in Texas. So that's what's really going to be the most important distinction here if he uses that military construction fund title ten. That could be you know meet thirteen billion dollars that only two billion could be available it's still very unclear how much money as an obligated and how much he can poll. Instead baffle we're going to be looking for when he declares a national emergency. And we just came word from the White House torn Phelps has enforcer of the town president's spokesman mr. Sanders is now weighing in this loan this news she sang president trump will sign a government funding bill. And as he has stated before he will also take other executive action including and national emergency. To ensure we stopped the national security and humanitarian Christ says. At the border all right she's confirming what we heard from Mitch McConnell let's go up to the hill now work Ben Siegel has been tracking. The political reaction of this today and then I'm struck by the fact that so many Republicans including Mitch McConnell. Had been big opponents. Of a national emergency because they're afraid of the precedent this would set if the Democrat was in the White House. That's right some but not all Republicans I should say actually about five minutes go ran into John Cornyn and one of the top Republicans in the senate from Texas he's up for reelection in two years. And he was very noncommittal when I asked him if he supported this move by the president. As outlined by Mitch McConnell he says yes a learn the details about what happens because as Elizabeth was playing out there are lots of tradeoffs here equities to weigh. And it's a man is something that's very controversial among the ranchers on the border in Texas his home state. And there's also disaster relief money that went to his home state and construction for military projects things like homes for military families and other bays we for Richmond's. That would be taken away from if you put money towards the wall so lots of tradeoffs here and many many members of congress are armed are going to be looking at the fine print what comes out of the White House. And then real quick you were also tracking some efforts to date possibly preempt the president on some of these things particularly. Over eminent domain it Democrats border state representatives afraid that their constituents could see their lands seized. To build this wall what sort of efforts are four to protect that. That's right there's no question that this is where the the fight is moving on Capitol Hill now that the president. Has shown he's determined to make this move. Democrats in the house party put forward several bills. That would limit the the administration's authority to use certain executive powers and it would also give more money to landowners who are trying to fight. Any sort of eminent domain process in court it's not clear the senate would even pass these bills. But it shows that the the battle is now moving. To how to how to contest this executive action. All right Ben Siegel force on health thanks so much more quickly we Elizabeth back in the Pentagon Elizabeth I'll remind us also there are so many troops American troops deployed down at the border including now. Adam Kensing her congressmen Republican congressman headed that way to join as well he's a National Guard member. Remind us how many troops are there could we potentially see more troops. Going to join this effort. Well as just a few weeks ago that they spent thousands of more troops backed down there. And extended the border mission through the end of the fiscal year so through the end of September. It looks like the trip numb Bowles was saddle a -- about over 4000. Active duty service members. And then just as you mentioned there is a National Guard presence there as well that's been their last April and that's about 2300 people. Thank you Elizabeth for that reporting at the Pentagon got interrupted let's go back to Nancy Pelosi is winning now in this news. But it's important to note that when the president declares its emergency first of all. It's not and urchins what's happening at the border humanitarian. Challenge to us the president. It has tried to sell it though the two met him put putting that aside just in terms of the president making an end run around congress. Here he said. Let us respect what the committee will do and then walks away from it but any event. President is doing and rent congress about the power of the purse you've heard me say over and over again. Article ones. A legislative branch the power that hurts the power to declare war many other powers. I listed in the constitution. And of of course the responsibility to help oversight. So the president is doing and underground that. Alec it is we won't. Review our options food prepared to respond appropriately to it. I know Republicans had some and you said Bennett matter what they say. Because that the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency. It and it is in an illusion that he wants to condemn home. Just think of what a president. With different values can present to the American people like talk about national emergency let's talk an army. I am and that's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talking about challenging Jordan the president's move here we've heard from so many Democrats in the past few days. They are looking at all their legal options we could potentially see the House of Representatives led by Democrats now sued the president in court orders absolutely plus he's saying it's not an emergency as the president claims that it is she saying he's trying to do an end run around congress and they're not gonna let me do it part one of the people that will be leading a legal. Facing a legal contest from Democrats if this gets to court would be the new attorney general let's bring in our. Justice reporter Jack got to succeed jacket another big day on Capitol Hill and we also have a new attorney general a new man overseeing the Russian investigation. Just as this seems to becoming too had we think it's winding down so let's remind everybody who was confirmed today who is bill Barr. And what's his first task going to be when he takes over the Justice Department. So what if I of course is somebody's have the job before he served as attorney general. The for George Herbert Walker Bush back the first Bush Administration so. He knows the Justice Department he's somebody who blew you who really understands the institution is an institutional. But of course is first task is going to be dealing with a smaller report. But he's gonna get the confidential report from Bob Mueller what he does when that next is a real mystery now what he's indicated in his testimony is at. He's gonna follow the regulations he's gonna follow law and he's can file Justice Department guidelines. Which give some insight into really see just sort of what we Noory publicly but might not see anything about people who have me charged up to and including the president just take. Step back and this is the guy who's going to decide how much of them on investigation you're gonna get to know we're gonna get to now. On it isn't it also seen as an indication now that he's been confirmed. This is really sort of has everybody's radar south because 100 sort of indicators that we could be finally after two years coming to an end to Mahler investigation. Was the new attorney general. Exactly so his day has come. He's going to be the job we'll be so what are the call of an exact comes exactly we've we're very much in and in the hot zone. And we can anticipate a over the next couple weeks things are only getting hotter with each passing day. But of course sack back doesn't necessarily mean meanness reports can become public right that's it exactly right is it that the report under the regulations Miller's only obligated to provide confidential report to bar. To the new attorney general so what he does what it is is a real mystery at this point. And so it's going to be largely attended the regulations also allow it if it's in the public interest he can release a whole thing but here's. A lot of power to decide what a lot of lazy. Meanwhile the White House Jordan is firing. Missiles today. It seems like at the former deputy FBI director Andrew McCain someone who has been at the center. This investigation the Russian probe. He was fired at the urging of president trump the late last year and now later McCain is speaking out this week. Out and the president is not happy about it cirrus Sanders is not happy about it he's tweeting scare seniors putting. A statement saying that he essentially. Winging to an investigation that was unfounded of course there's congressional investigation Moeller probe. That would beg to differ with that being unfounded but. The White House not to plea. Fascinating figure Jack Andrew McCain someone and it helped initiate the investigation into president trump he's out with a new book. He's out with a big interview some of that has come out what are you learning about entering the cave we didn't know before. Well it's such things you know some things that we've seen so far from the interview that aired some excerpts have been aired on CBS we'll of course have on the view next week. But it what we're learning a little more detail about some of the things that we previously reported on like Clinton's meeting in the days after. The firing at James Connolly with the deputy regional rot rose's time and that the the idea that there is discussions of the 25 amendment of removing the president things like. The roses that wearing a wire now. The Justice Department has maintained that you know if those discussions occurred they're only in chest. And nobody ever took him seriously the clearly. And irritated. Past and he's not getting any Valentine's from the White House. Gary referenced in this day decked out there justice reporter thank you so much sir on this date 756. Drug administration. We're taking a big step toward a conclusion of that investigation thank you so much Jack. Moving Annan has some big news at in New York City today with the political bent to Amazon and may got company here in the United States shipper online retail giant. To Saudi Jordan they are pulling out of New York City after that hotly contested. National contest and where they would create thousands of jobs set up shop. They've now backed out in large part because of opposition from just a handful of New York City politicians. Yes some of the local politicians not necessarily pleased with how Amazon. Runs its company in what may be wanting a little more oversight into their business spending Amazon wanted to have now. In our Stephanie Ramos is there in an in New York City right now where this. It's where the reaction is continuing to pour out to Stephanie. We've heard from Amazon's they're disappointed we've heard from New York city's mayor who says what New York sees the tough place. You gotta be ready to fight in the game what are you hearing from folks out there on the streets. Astle is habitable many. Different opinions out here in Queens over Amazon's decision to not build here silver never it was just this past November. After a yearlong search when Amazon announced to be building its headquarters in Northern Virginia not far from where you arc. And here in New York city's Long Island City both locations. Set to receive a 2.5 billion dollar investment and the company promising at least Bonnie 5000 workers. Would have been hired and New York's governor of Cuomo saying that the company would have produced thirty diligent dollars in revenue for the state so. Here in this area we've sold into Kabul people who work of not happy with the decision in thereof are of course opponents in the area as well but. The company Amazon backing out saying it is not going to build here it's HQ two after some backlash from some people in the community city and state politicians. Opponents will work. Actually just wrapping up here they were. Holding up them signs earlier saying that Amazon causes homelessness. And causes family separations many of them that questioning why Amazon. Deserves three billion dollars in tax subsidy is a lot of them also questioning. Become it to you union labor at Amazon's environmental protection and its commitment to immigrant workers so. We also. Spoke with someone a Long Island City a business owner who's not happy about this decision at all he says. Having Hamels on here would have transformed. It not only this area but queens as a whole and New York City tickle. It is a. I think America's I'm here all the talk. Eight. History this street is legal as the mutineers is that the street with. Exactly if you guys have a actual audience the way of looking at this is that having his little press conferences at this little. Fancy park here go down to the actual site and see what basically we're left with now. Look we just cameras Bentley to the Ryder truck parking lot the bombed out cars and our neighborhood that is not shouldn't rule every year. We needed this over here we needed this. But this guy wants to like basically be everybody's best friend and the progressive side of things. With the national healthcare I want all that stuff to. Help paying for it but apparently I have to do it myself now according to this. So having an idea about pleased with the. And we spoke with Johnson just a little while ago he's got a barbecue place just down the street you can hear how passionate he is. About this decision and that not happy with it at all. And he says yelled they're obviously going to have to move on but an Amazon's decision comes after weeks of meetings with city and state officials no resolution Amazon saying. They're out. DeVon. Hey Stephanie Ramos force thank you so much out there were seen the statement here from Amazon about their decision to pull out. Long Island City queens and Jordan office is severely. Very passionate opinions there about this company and that gentleman mister French or that there resident business and was referring to a local. City councilman that had been leading the charge against Samsung there's. I don't think there's Mexican the united within bounds now it is that there isn't at silver lining another city out iron then. ABB wanted to join thousands of jobs on the way. Our resident Rihanna on a more thoughtful and reflective note this one your university anniversary. After that. Parkland Florida high school shooting the deadliest school shooting in American history seventeen students killed there are a lot of remembrance is taking place today. Around the country we see some pictures there a peace symbol. And at one gathering there have been moments of silence here is well most Parkland students. Who rose from that tragedy to lead a national campaign for school safety and gun violence prevention. I have gone dark today in remembrance of their former classmates we got a chance. Just a week or so go to catch up with two floor apartment students park in Florida students rather around that diet rich in Charlie immersed he'd asked them what they're thinking about. On this one year anniversary toothless. He reflections as were coming up on the on the when your mark. The hardest part of the leaders that it's. We've been working. I went straight from a friend's funeral to a living room floor to organize the march and that. I haven't stopped working sent straight we haven't sought for instance and young people around the country have its awkward sentence and so the fact it is it's been a year. Is remarkable the way that we have been able to accomplish so much of since so many lives and a range of states but passing over eighty different laws. And mobilizing more young people than ever before to say that this issue matters to us because if we're not talking about this but I talking about the problem that we can't salt. Rain and it's. It's really hard to feel like it's been a year you sometimes it feels like a week sometimes it feels like a decade. And all I wanna do every single day is continue to work so that I can honored those that we lose ups. And to be is it going to be tough on the fourteenth. I think it's going to be you know everyone's is meant to be careful it's just about you know making sure that families have what they need the support they need it. And then at the same time trying to make sure that he's he's still persists and that we need to fight fair oldest families in. The thousands of families each year that news feminists again. Art and our thanks to Matt Sargent charmer ski we talked to them as they were testifying before the house judiciary committee on the first gun violence here and hearing in eight years Jordan that bill passed out of committee last night on the anniversary. And so there's so much celebration of the progress that's been made in this conversation. One area disappointment has been our with the president and despite all those listening sessions. There has sorted penny a feeding he's involvement on this issue even as sort of a mouthpiece. To get something done. That's right the president had a statement today celebrating the tremendous strides that have been made on this issue. But DeVon funny as gun advocates would say that that is just not the case some of the president's most. Dramatic proposals he supported last year have since bond to the wayside he called for at the time raising the age limit for buying all kinds. I he even called for arming teachers I was really controversial proposal those have just gone dark damp. And of course the president did not make any mention of Parkland in the State of the Union Address two weeks ago either or gun violence or his proposals Jordan. Thanks for that note one group of people has not forgotten though the the tragedy at Parkland high school and that is other teen. I journalists all around the country that a band together for really unique project that has been unveiled on this one year anniversary it's called since Parkland since Parkland dot org. I they've documented the number. Astonishing number of children and teenagers killed. In the past year in America. Because of gun violence not just at schools but in a wide variety of cases and we're joined now by one of those journalists from going co Illinois Madison how many. 'cause she sent an eighteen year old student at the Illinois math and science academy also the co editor in chief. Her school's newspaper the Akron and Madison it's great to see you thank you for joining us. Today here in the briefing room via Skype. I've talked to us about the project what one impact has it had and you personally what did you learn from. So. I actually doing the exact because I live a decent until now it's a very. Generally sheltered area and even though I'm very close areas of Chicago where. There is known to be a lot of gun violence I had never experienced my cell. I feel very isolated from actually eat and so the opportunity to project like this put it to connect me. Chicago the hole and just other teen homeless something out it's really appealing to me and I actually learned a week ago after. Or. After getting the project for a little while that I had a relative who was shot and 1992 looked when he does I'm in Atlanta Africa going to try to connect him largest African American. And friend wrote a commentary in the Los Angeles Times about the shooting and she said that. Who me to me just say speaking up and teenagers need to be part of the conversation. Because they don't armor kits to die tomorrow. And more kids didn't die that day after that. After that and the day after that and years and decades after that kids are still dying today. And that even though I don't think and human that the time I think the meeting that I don't have to do with this president is to just. It part of that conversation and eternity is my where it's and the power my writing. Try to eat the sorry something more accessible something we're human to people would see that that kids are dying even if it's I was apartment on the news that it's a really big. Problem and that that's a need to that we need to look at it and we need to really try to figure out will be kingdom. Now Madison you wanted to get involved in this as a way to connect with your community you say at. How do you feel I ignore school do you feel like there is adequate school safety. I'm that. I think in my school. I think so yeah I think the bottom. Me. It's just. Aren't just like a personal thing just. No Ghali going to school every day knowing that these things are happening and I don't even know if it's just not our policy but it is just more on a personal level. Just not not want to have that feeling every single day maddening that this project. No edge is absolutely a powerful project a project for sure. I was really struck by it and you personally Madison wrote three dozen. By my count profiles. Of teenagers who were killed in the past year what what impacted the net. Now have a new person and some very difficult to write those we can see them on your page here. It was really difficult I don't I don't want the kids at a credit arousing treat market and Heatley shot until. Here's three months old and I hadn't realized at that time. After that he does not only the youngest child that I had written about it that the evidence. Childhood diet and carried your get a gun violence. And I remember just looking out his smile. His laugh. You know she Africa act gonna happen experience and I remember there's another girl in Addis interests and his tenure is a little too little. Chicago. And I thought pitchers are turning out the slick. Crazy curly hair and it looked at my hair out of your little and I just kept thinking to mess up and a thundering. Triggered analysts like night and older than it currently and it clicked the really Monday questions like Sally. You know. Well what kind of closing at an airman or older but experts are they gonna wanna do it gets its the little each killed. That we're just yes just like the bigger picture like there's so much just you never know about what these kids could have accomplished Olympic then. And took the loss that not just next. Totally inexplicable Madison high Hamid Oakland co Illinois hats off to you and your fellow teen journalists. For highlighting so many americans' lives lost in the past year due to gun violence it since Parkland. Dot org it's a fantastic website go check it out great tribute to those people also a reminder. How much work we have left to do you think you Madison for that. Before we end the show today just some breaking news in from the White House we talked earlier in the show about potential legal challenges Jordan a to the president's declaration coming declaration of an emergency order. For the southern borders are Sanders now responding to that seen the White House is prepared. To tackle and address any legal challenges but she said there shouldn't be because congress should be doing their job. No surprise there but I. That's not surprising to see Sarah fighting back they were obviously prepared for the national a lot of time thinking a lot for sure I'm a lighter note today we leave you with a little bit of Valentine's Day political fund we know that many view our political junkies. Perhaps it has spilled into your love life are Allie Smith caught up with. Matt excuse me Melissa hop leaf from OK cupid the online. And their pursuit of luff take a look. So when things we find fascinating OK cupid is the role that politics is playing in DD four millennial specifically. So we've been around several years so we followed. The important the politics is played. Even before he hits and Matt tray and and what we've noticed is for Milan heels millennial women in particular. Politics has never mattered more than it does now. There's been a 1000% increase for example on political terms I'm your profile. You what we think is happening is were severely hot political time. Where the stakes still very high and what we've noticed is if you were among money for your twenties you're gonna use TV to show how you feel and and also to Seton all what matters to. Birds of a feather flock together I got. And not in the world of politics and love I mean I would say it would make for great conversation to sit down with someone at the other the other part I know I don't. Cookie cutters ever had a good conversation and relationships we'll see. I hope you have a good Valentine's Day thanks for joining us here in the briefing room on ABC news lie that joins back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time Richard Jordan Phelps with a son Devin Dwyer. We'll see you next time.

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