Trump expected to speak on acquittal Thursday

ABC News’ Johnathan Karl discusses how President Donald Trump has been mostly silent since his acquittal, but he will be speaking Thursday. What can we expect?
3:10 | 02/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump expected to speak on acquittal Thursday
All right let's bring in chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl for the latest from the White House and Jonathan. The president has been somewhat quiet since the acquittal vote he has been a little bit active on Twitter what what's your understanding of where his mind's at right now. Tom he is ready to go out there and claim complete and total exonerates you're following this acquittal. Is also ready to take on really go to war with those the tried to impeach and remove him from office. He has announced via Twitter this take a look the president said not long ago I will be making a public statement tomorrow. At 12 PM. From the White House to discuss our country's victory over the impeachment hoax so that is where you'll feel you will hear AF full on Donald Trump. Our counter attack he feels vindicated. But also my sense is gearing up for revenge John Mitt Romney and and the president have one of the strangest relationships may be. In the history politics at least modern politics. The Republican party's very much the prom party as you know what happens to senator Romney. Well Romeo was was asked about this right after he made his speech announcing his decision. And he said he fully understands that there'll be enormous consequences. He said consequences not just for himself but for his family. I said he talked to in fact two is fairly before you know getting them to sign off on this before he went out. To make the settlement but look he. Is about it fit and feel the full brunt of trump world you saw Donald Trump junior earlier today. Come out and say the trumpet that Romney should be expelled from the Republican Party and even the Republican national. Committee which is chaired by his niece came out way they are pretty stinging statement. Attacking Romney to. And chairwoman saying that she doesn't always agree with him as well John our take you back to last -- I know you were there in the chamber because because he was such another odd scene. We had the president not shake or appear not to shake speaker policies hand you have her with a curt introduction to the president and at the end ripping up the speech. All on national television and making faces behind him as he was delivering that speech John have you ever seen anything like this and an and when does this get fixed. Bullock looked good nothing nothing like us and we we. We had you know very divided chamber certainly one year ago with Donald Trump that's the only thing that's been close. It was particularly bitter time last year. And the Democrats. Would you know didn't applaud hardly at all walked out immediately after the speech was. Was over but this was something else not only what you mentioned a Tom each one of those things extraordinary. But also as the president was starting his speech you had the Republican side of the chamber are starting to chant four more years I mean it looks like. They were at a national political convention and over on the democratic side it looked like there were being held there against their will. By doing everything they could not to react to the present except when they were booing and hissing this is not the way a stake in the union. Is supposed to go it's certainly not the way a state of the union has gone in the past from any other president I've covered all right Jonathan Karl for us tonight at the White House John we thank you for that.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"ABC News’ Johnathan Karl discusses how President Donald Trump has been mostly silent since his acquittal, but he will be speaking Thursday. What can we expect?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68786111","title":"Trump expected to speak on acquittal Thursday","url":"/Politics/video/trump-expected-speak-acquittal-thursday-68786111"}